Friday, June 17, 2011

Here Is Wisdom - Them or Us

This is 30-minutes of bonus footage that didn't fit into the main movie.


Anonymous said...

B SIDES !! yes !

Sibyl Hunter said...

New Endgoal: To cease being a segment of a universal Encephalopod larvae and morph into a timeless mercurial blob. Nice!

Anonymous said...

Vio - I do not think people REALIZE how much effort and time it took to produce this quality film production .. and all for free to watch .. I can only imagine what you could do if more people would donate .. yet the dead do not have a problem shelling out 15.00 to see a minddumbing mainstream major flick .. Vapo

Anonymous said...

American McGees Alice

Nick said...

What if each of us holds just only a part of the absolute truth therefore each of us is only a one tentacle. So to overcome evil we must gather ourselves and create one (octopus) but with respect of each individual (tentacle).

Fitzy said...

Thanks Vi0latoR, for a monumental and epic piece of work, it was timely, rich and full of unexpected synchs. 'Here Is Wisdom' is a beautiful production, thanks for the long hours you and your collaborating team spent, and thanks for all the attention to detail, the care and the generosity of spirit placing this in the open for free. Much kudos and bravo that man!

Unknown said...

Anon, ;D

Sibyl Hunter, Hm! Reminds me of Neo getting covered with the mirror when he's being unplugged from the Matrix.

Vapo, Oh yeah, this was some work for sure. Just rendering it out to iron out problems with the sound was like 30+hours! I wouldn't have made this quality of video without previous generous donations which went to the computer, but I'll keep cranking videos out regardless. It's a labor of love. :D Thanks again for your support!

Anon, never played that game. Is that a tentacle coming outta the wall in the first pic?

Nick, Similar to how Grant Morrison described it, the single hand which appears as 4 separate entities (the fingers) when it pierces the lower dimensions: the collective consciousness we call god, perhaps?

Fitzy, you're welcome! ;) The 'collaborating team' was just me, but I did have some influences noted in the end credits. When I get around to it, I'll put all my videos on-line as a torrent (plus the Stynk Hole vids I did :D), so... stay tuned for that!

... said...

Very intriguing video to watch. I really enjoyed the way everything sync'd together. Am I allowed to say that I just don't understand the 'simile' squid and human thing? Are we saying that the aquatic aliens are our ancestors and that we are going to evolve into them? I'm not sure! Anyway, it's difficult for me to take in the Grant Morrison stuff I have to admit. Are we all part of a whole and moving through dimension? Forgive me for not understanding what these people are trying to communicate. Off-topic - I never noticed how the twin towers are in the background of that MIB scene with Smith as the squid holds him upside down for a few seconds and it appears like the falling man next to the towers...just a weird observation...I never noticed the towers before.
Thanks for these videos, please keep doing what you are doing.

aka Marie

Unknown said...

Marty, going with Grant Morrison's theory: there is one giant baby organism growing/evolving in higher dimensional space, and we are all part of that organism, except that we appear to be separate because we are in lower-dimensional space and we can't see all the connections. And each person is a "process" of moments in time that represent growth, so that if you took away the dimension of time, you would see yourself as a baby in the hospital, a body in the cemetery, and every stage in-between, all connected like one long snake. Putting those two ideas together, each person would look like a tentacle connected to the same higher-dimensional creature which would look, to us, like an octopus.

I posted this on my link to this video on my blog's facebook page, it's a comment by someone talking about a drug-induced experience he had: "once, in a lets just say 'visionary' state of consciousness; i was shown an entity that looked like a brain, the two halves of the brain can only be described as psychedelic cephalopods, there were more than one of these entities, but i was given to understand the particular one i was being shown, contained or generated our universe; my desire to know understand or interact with the entity was rebuffed with the understanding 'it is enough to know we are'. cop out? who knows? there is just no reasoning with the octopus gods from the void."

Basically, in this view of things, the universe is the higher-dimensional brain, or it is a dream being dreamed by the giant brain, which looks like two octopuses making up the two hemispheres of the brain.

Yeah, I always notice the towers there, didn't think about the 'falling-man' image though; interesting.

Anonymous said...

Vio - Always feel free to let me know what you whatever you need in future productions ..


Anonymous said...

You should definitely check it out

onequalreason said...

Mu humble THANK YOU Vi0latoR, and collaborators for this amazing piece of intervention.

Dream on...

one reason
all is equal

Anonymous said...

"all is equal"

I get bodily sick when I read stuff like that.
No, all is NOT equal, you smug, comfortable, well nourished first worlder. Get a taste of suffering and say that again.

I´d rather not "dream on" but indeed you will... forever comfortable in your eternal smugness.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. To close this morning's "dream", I had telekinetic mind powers that I used to levitate my mother and father and Diana, respectively, from their comfy chairs, out of their tireless slumber, "you believe me now, bitches?".

I woke up thinking about what a bitch it is to court the fair one of three...

Then thoughts segued to the Dolphins, how working to-get-her, one thumping its tail stirring up the seabed to fashion a circle cloud of sand, while the rest of the Dolphin buddies catch the fishes in their gobs as the fishes literally leap out of the water into waiting mouths not to evade the perturbation but up and out of the water being the clear path of least resistance to them.

Then I had flashes of the Dolphins getting hooks hooked in their bellies from the fishes with hooks in their gullets not to mention the fishes with hooks in their gullets and "products" being swallowed by our bird friends in the sky.

Wait a second... what was the dead Princess of Wales doing lazying on my living room sofa.


What are you saving up to be.. Jewish?