Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Dinner With The Celtic Rebel - Part 1

"If you make yourselves into sheep, wolves will eat you." - Ben Franklin

"The end is not coming, the coming is the end."
- Sex and Death 101

It's time for yet another installment of My Dinner With The Celtic Rebel (click for his version of events), hurrah! This is the second to last of these podcasts, though it may be interrupted by an emergency session of holiday podcasting if we get around to it. Once again Alex out-did himself with excellent music, and even audio clips this time, so give it a listen:

download link (~105 minutes)

twinkie really looks like a penis!

Don't get confused, the stuff below is a picture:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Holy Mountain - Albedo

"I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance." - Socrates

"The point of philosophy is to start with something so simple as not to seem worth stating, and to end with something so paradoxical that no one will believe it." - Bertrand Russell

"In philosophy, it is not the attainment of the goal that matters, it is the things that are met along the way." - Havelock Ellis

The introductory scene for this movie features the director and writer, Alexander/Alejandro Jodorowsky playing the character of The Alchemist (which he will be called from now on). The Alchemist is in the process of ritualistically cleaning two women. The process involves makeup and hair removal which he does with very smooth and deliberate movements. He acts as the zen-influenced Japanese might, where one meditates in every action with no-mind, or total awareness on the subject at hand. The next time we see The Alchemist is when The Thief reaches his tower in the center of town, right where I left off at the end of the first part of this series: Nigredo. For this and the next post I'm going to refrain from too much speculation and let you, the viewers/readers, make up your own minds as to what this stuff means. The tarot cards seen further down are especially interesting. Then the last part of this series, "Rubedo," will be all ViolatoR, baby! (That's me, incase you didn't know.)

The Thief and The Prostitute with chimp/Pan have walked out of the desert into the town. Here they find the town's people gathered for a possibly Christian meal of fish. They are all at the base of a tall red tower, and at the moment, they are all staring upward as a large golden fish hook is lowered from the only opening in the tower. The hook carries a small bag with a solar symbol (circle-dot, also the symbol for gold) which is filled with small pieces of gold. Someone takes the gold and places fruit on the hook as thanksgiving for the gold. The Thief takes this oppertunity to ride the hook back up to the tower's port-hole to murder who ever is in the tower and take the rest of the gold.

Once he reaches the portal, The Thief steps inside the circular opening to find a thin paper veil between the window and whatever lies inside. He pierces the paper-hymen with his phallic-representing knife. Once he knows it's thin and easily broken, he steps back then lunges forward through the veil into the arched room of The Alchemist.

Readers might recognize this scene from various synchromystic videos. The room its self is painted with bands of the colors of the rainbow. The arched roof of the room might also indicate rainbow symbolism, and that The Thief has "gone over the rainbow" upon breaking through the veil. As a matter of fact, the soundtrack for this part of the movie has the song: "Rainbow Room." The Thief progresses from red to violet which represents a vertical movement of the kundalini through the chakras. He is following the rope which is attached at one end to the large golden hook, and at the other end, dissaperes under the trilithon-shaped (two stones topped with a lintel, like at Stonehenge), or maybe pi-suggestive chair which The Alchemist sits upon.

original aum/om symbol

The rope, to me, feels like a spiritual umbilical cord, similar to the hook and anchor which I discuss in Opening the Stargate.

The back wall of the arched room is a golden yellow color, possibly representative of a sunrise where the sun, half over the horizen, forms a golden arch/half circle. There is a raised platform of 3 steps upon which sits The Alchemist, between two goats and two pillars, one black and one white. To his left is a 2-humped camel making it a East-Asian camel as opposed to the Middle-Eastern variety. To The Alchemist's right is a naked black woman covered in esoteric tattoos and silver jewlery, who will be known as The Written Woman from here on out.

anyone care to translate?

The Thief makes it known he plans to attack The Alchemist, so The Alchemist movies, in his typical deliberate fashion, to face The Thief. The fight is decidedly one-sided as The Alchemist appears to be trained in Tai Chi. It's been said that it takes about two years to master any martial art's style, while it can take 20 years or more to master Tai Chi, but it is the ultimate fighting style once mastered. The Alchemist disables The Theif by touching certain chakra points in a specific order. Once paralyzed and unconscious, The Written Woman lifts The Thiefs hair from the back of his neck to find a large tumor there. She slices it open as blue liquid leaks out. The Written Woman pulls out a blue-goo covered squid (?) from the tumor in the back of The Thief's neck and seals the wound with a touch.

Whatever the thing she pulls out is, it reminds me of multiple "pod people" type movies where humans are infected by a parasite which controls their actions. Or, perhaps, even the millenial Y2K movie Strange Days, where a "squid" is a device which uses electrodes to record and play back memories, so that a person can take a "memory vacation" similar to Total Recall's memory vacation business "Recall." Speaking of which, Total Recall's Arnold Schwarzenegger plays character "Jericho Cane" in millenial End of Days (same name of the protagonist in Dwane Johnson's movie script, "The Power," which his character writes in end-of-world movie Southland Tales), which brings us back to where we started when the death of a "Jeriko One" is the spark which ignites the end-of-world(-as-we-know-it) movie Strange Days. The tentacled thing that was in The Theif's neck may represent the pre-programmed behaviours that society sticks in all of our heads. Over-indulgance (in alcohol in his case), devotion to political and religious institutions, and a lust for money. The Alchemist then awakens The Thief by activating his chakra points again, whereupon The Thief no longer feels like attacking The Alchemist.

The Alchemist then says to The Theif: "Do you want gold?" And The Theif replies: "Yes." Next, The Alchemist and The Written Woman take The Thief to an octagonal fountain with a baby hippopotamus in it and give The Thief an extremely thorough bath/baptism. Much attention is paid to the end of the "human stargte." The hippo may represent the Egyptian goddess of childbirth. Taweret/Taueret; so, this is The Theif's re-birth.

Next we enter the Alchemical Room, where more practical alchemy takes place. The room is shaped like a hexagram (heart chakra) with a circular area in the middle where the alchemical apperatus is located. There is a dual-flame athanor/oven/furnace which may be based on a "pelican" design, though usually more complicated designs are left for the flask or retort (usually made of glass, or sometimes clay). Pelican flasks have two "arms" which feed back into the body of the flask, and they represent the idea of a pelican feeding it's (dead) young with it's blood (to give them life). There is also a pelican walking around the room to let you know that there's some serious alchemy going on in here!

The pelican pecking at it's white breast (to get pieces of fish that fell in there), looks like it's biting it's self to get drops of blood with which to feed it's young, and this may represent the "reddening" stage in alchemy where the white material becomes red. The pelican also represents the stage of multiplication where the power of projection is multiplied (the ability of the Stone to turn base metals to gold). The glass retort is cleary shaped as an egg, and this is what it represents: a "hermetically sealed" vessel of creation. Even the athanor/furnace is called the "House of the Chick" indicating the egg symbolism is fitting.

Many of the deifinitions of alchemical symbolism which I used are paraphrased from Sorcerer's Stone by Dennis William Hauck, including this quote here: "The mountain is a symbol for the athanor, since the perfection of the metals takes place under the guise of Nature within mountains." The anathor(furnace) is the mountain, or rather, The Holy Mountain.

When The Thief enters the room, he is given a glass jar to "relieve" himself into. His excrement is collected in it and carried to the alchemical apperatus where it will under go the same change which The Thief will undergo. Traditionally, any external progress in the Great Work will mirror internal progress of the alchemist himself.

"A soul cannot develop and progress without an appropriate body, because it is the physical body that furnishes the material for its development." - Franz Hartmann (quoted from Secret Teachings of All Ages) When the website first opened, one had to answer a riddle before gaining access to the site. The riddle was:
"The key to life and death is everywhere to be found, but if you do not find it in your own house, you will find it nowhere. Yet, it is before everyone's eyes; no one can live without it; everyone has used it. The poor usually possess more of it than the rich; children play with it in the streets. The meek and uneducated esteem it highly, but the privileged and learned often throw it away. When rejected, it lies dormant in the bowels of the earth. It is the only thing from which the Philosopher's Stone can be prepared, and without it, no noble metal can ever be created."
Here's a more concise version of the riddle:
In speaking of the Philosopher's Stone, recieve this stone which is not a stone, a precious thing that has no value, a thing of many shapes that has no shape, this unknown which is known by all.
Nobody was getting into the website though, but some answers were pretty close; things like: consciousness, light, love, god, aether, blood, quintessence, etc. Dennis Willian Hauck says in his book that "even such answers as urine, menses, manure, and dirt would be considered by alchemists to be fitting responses." The correct answer is, of course, the prima materia, or First Matter. He goes on, "even things such as urine and manure also have a ring of truth in talking about the First Matter, since they are things associated with the life force that humans tend to reject or not want to touch. Similarly, the whole concept of the First Matter has been rejected by modern civilization."

"It takes a seed of gold to make gold," and all things have that seed within, the prima materia.

The Thief is made to sweat out his "mercury" which is recycled in the flask until a pure bowl of mercury fills before him. I covered the idea of the extraction of the spirit and soul as steam in my post, Purification: "But the philosophers have described this 'spirit' and this 'soul' as 'steam' (...), and as there is moisture and dryness in man, our work is nothing but steam and water." (Turba philosophorum, Berlin, 1931) I connected it to the symbol of the dove which "signifies the change from the Black Phase to the White Phase," or Nigredo to Albedo. The excrement in the glass container has been on fire (like The Thief) and changing through various states. It sits over a bowl of red liquid, as opposed to the blue on the other side. This may represent the Red Stone and Dry Way/Path of the Great Work, which I believe is the quickest path to the Stone. Next, the liquid extracted from The Theif is collected in a heart-shaped container and added to the excrement which changes through several more phases of liquids and solids such as crystals until it becomes pure gold. The Alchemist: "You are excriment. You can change yourself into gold."

The Thief exits the egg of transofmation and is presented with a vesica pisces shaped mirror called a "looking glass." The Thief sees his reflection and immediately breaks the glass with the lump of gold that used to be his feces. He's exited the egg/ego and no longer is self-obsessed.

compare to "fool" tarot card later on

Next, The Thief and The Alchemist are in a room of mirrors with a small stone obalisk/pyramidion/capstone type object in the center of the room. The Alchemist says: "You broke the looking glass. Now break the stone," and hands The Thief a silver hatchet which The Theif uses to no avial to break the stone open. The Alchemist takes the hatchet and breaks the stone open in one light hit; revealing a hidden crystal sphere in the center of it. (See the image in lower-left of below picture.) He says of it: "This stone has a soul formed by the work of millions of years."

Recently, television station "SyFy" (Sci-Fi) released a two night miniseries, "Alice," which was a new interpretation of the "Alice in Wonderland" story. The world of Wonderland is run by the tyrranical Red Queen who desires only to feel the good all the time, and to accomplish her goal, she extracts positive emotions from enslaved humans from the "real world." These people are called "oysters" because of the "pearls" they carry inside them. The pearls are the emotions, but they are extracted through the soles/souls of the feet. At one point I believe a person who wakes up during the process says "my sole(soul) hurts." The vampiric theft of emotional energy spans several belief systems going from shamaic beliefs to even alien conspiracies. Some believe that our pain is felt as pleasure "through the looking glass" where everything is inverted. So, these entities attempt to cause suffering here so that they feel pleasure there. Fear mongering in our world may be feeding the chtchonic beings of the Otherworld. Careful with what you're sending out into the (Other)world!

The clear crystal "soul" of the stone may reference the book, Mount Analogue: A Novel of Symbolically Authentic Non-Euclidean Adventures in Mountain Climbing. A quote from the novel: "Its summit must be inaccessible, but its base accessible to human beings as nature made them. It must be unique and it must exist geographically. The door to the invisible must be visible." The novel also has a spherical crystal which is called a "peradam," an "object that is revealed only to those who seek it":
One finds here, very rarely in the low lying areas, more frequently as one goes farther up, a clear and extremely hard stone that is spherical and varies in size - a kind of crystal, but a curved crystal, something extraordinary and unknown on the rest of the planet. Among the French of Port-des-Singes, it is called peradam. Ivan Lapse remains puzzled by the formation and root meaning of this word. It may mean, according to him, “harder than diamond,” and it is; or “father of the diamond,” and they say that the diamond is in fact the product of the degeneration of the peradam by a sort of quartering of the circle or, more precisely, cubing of the sphere. Or again, the word may mean “Adam’s stone,” having some secret and profound connection to the original nature of man. The clarity of this stone is so great and its index of refraction so close to that of air that, despite the crystal’s great density, the unaccustomed eye hardly perceives it. But to anyone who seeks it with sincere desire and true need, it reveals itself by its sudden sparkle, like that of dewdrops. The peradam is the only substance, the only material object whose value is recognized by the guides of Mount Analogue. Therefore, it is the standard of all currency, as gold is for us.
So, this "Soul-Stone" is the equivalent to "Gold" which is the end-result of the alchemical work. Mount Analogue (and the peradam) "can only be viewed from a particular point when the sun's rays hit the earth at a certain angle." Kinda like a rainbow, huh? "Peradam" can be arranged into the anagrams: "A Red Map," or, "Read Map." Adam of the Bible means "red earth," so the red map of the red earth is Adam, the human microcosm, and we "Read (the) Map" to find the treasure, per Adam. Interestingly, the peradam has already been seen in the movie as it lies at the end of the necklace of The Prostitute (who walks around with an ape "ancestor" of Adam/Man: "This stone has a soul formed by the work of millions of years".

The Alchemist takes The Thief into the Tarot Room and tells him, "The Tarot will teach you how to make a soul." There appears to be 12 large Tarot card paintings on the 12 walls of the room. These are all original Alejandro Jodorowsky paintings, as are other works of art in the movie, and are presumably designed based on his intimiate understanding of the original Marseille's Tarot. Here again we can see his use of red and blue to indicate duality.

I'll let you guys meditate on the paintings without my interference. The floor of the room has a lotus with a triangle with a circle in the center. The Theif lays on the floor while The Alchemist adorns him with 4 symbolic items representing the 4 suits of the Tarot. He lays a Wand/staff between The Thief's legs to represent a phallus, and says, "To know." Then a Sword along the spine (in front) with the words, "To dare." Then a Cup/chalice in front of his heart with the words, "To want." And then a Pentacle/disk upon The Thief's brow with the words, "To be silent."

Next they are in the same room which now has a vulture seated upon the back of an bull or ox which has a symbol drawn upon it's side which seems to be the Hebrew letter Teth which means: serpent. (I mentioned this symbol in a previous post: The Journey Back Home.) The letter is also under the belly button of The Written Woman, perhaps as a hint of the kundalini. On the Andean festival of Yawar,a condor is tied to a bull, the condor represents the Andean people and the bull the Spanish. The bull struggles until it dies and then the condor is set free to fly away symbolizing the freeing of the native Andean people. The Alchemist explains to The Thief, "The same force the vulture uses to seize the ox, is needed by the ox to receive the vulture." (At least that's what I heard through his thick accent!) Sort of an equal-but-opposite reaction there. The vulture has been shown by me in a previous post (Opening the Stargate) to represent "the power of reconcilliation (after the serpent who represents dissection). In Alchemy, the subject of the work is first broken down into its individual parts, purified, and then put back together in a more perfect, or more evolved state."

Continue this series with part 3 here: The Holy Mountain - Cauda Pavonis

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My Dinner With The Celtic Rebel - Part 0

This is the third release of mine and Alex's podcasting (see his post: here). Alex jumped ahead(back) to part zero, so there's still a part one coming. Be sure to listen to parts 3 and 2 first (they're counting down, well, at least until now).

"Once you label me, you negate me." - Kierkegaard

download link (63 minutes)

"Everything is bullshit." - ViølatoR, of The Stygian Port

Friday, November 20, 2009

My Dinner With The Celtic Rebel - Part 2

Yes, there's more, and yes, it's just as strange. So sit back, kick your feet up, and enjoy our continued ranting. Oh, and do listen for the many voices of Alex. He's scary good at some of his voices... perhaps, a little too good? I'll be keeping this supporting post small, with just a few pictures mostly, though I think Alex wants to steal more of your life force by focussing your attention on his blog :D (Click for: The Celtic Rebel's parallel post)

download link (86 minutes long)

Synchronicity/Synchromysticism often highlights themes in movies which may or may not be deliberate. Many themes I've mentioned, such as "sex & death," the hero-villan dicotomy, and probably also X-Boxes, are all clearly put in there for specific reasons. However, there are some very clear connections between things which I have a hard time believing was done deliberately. Either way, "synchromystics" are clearly the best movie watchers out there - I mean, we get way more out of any moive (and TV shows and books) than just about anyone else, whether or not we're seeing "the plan" or actual synchs.
"Nobody, I think, ought to read poetry, or look at pictures or statues, who cannot find a great deal more in them than the poet or artist has actually expressed. Their highest merit is suggestiveness." - Nathanial Hawthorne
Alex's charge of Jordan Maxwell "working for the team" sounds a bit too close to "playing for the other team," or turning from straight to gay. Who knows if a media personality is really "working/playing for the other team"? People are too paranoid, with good reason for the most part, but if they help you grow/learn, then use them until they start to hold you back. The problem is getting stuck in a mind-frame and not moving on/growing.

Correction about Slumdog Millionaire: I said the whole game was controlled, but the host tried to control only the last question, from what I remember anyways. I got a bad memory so forgive my little mistakes :D

Later on, Alex and I talk about the "pearly gates" and the gates of hell. Alex's idea of turning the Gates of Hell (anus) into the Pearly Gates (via a salty load), reminds me of this quote:
"By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise" - Adolf Hitler (German Chancellor, leader of the Nazi party)

"There's no turning back once the gates of Hell are closed!" - Evilspeak (1981)

Futurama: The Farnsworth Parabox

a fractal grid is infinite

Newcastle, the only beer for anally focused synchromystics!

pentagram = anus

not attractive, does do anal

peer into your future

Correction: I said "Christian" in Moulin Rouge was played by Jude Law, but it's actually Ewan McGregor. Sorry, Ewan!

See: Lipsynchs: Vulva Stones for more on the "cloven hoof" symbol.

Correction: I said "Monlith on Mars" when I mean the one on the Moon, but there actually is a monolith on Mars, or rather one of it's moons (Phobos), though it's not part of Arthur C. Clark's books. Sorry Arthur :)

nothing to see here, move along

Stay tuned for another installment of "My Dinner With Alex."

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My Dinner With The Celtic Rebel - Part 3

Alex of The Celtic Rebel blog and I, ViolatoR of this blog, got together over the phone for a couple of nights last month and yammered on at eachother in the hopes that other people would find our random musings interesting or at least mildly entertaining. This is being released in tandem, or "stereo" as Alex says, so be sure to check out Alex/The Celtic Rebel's supporting post for this podcast as well: click me! Turn up your speakers too, because Alex got carried away with seemingly half of his record collection being sampled in this. Also, my voice is like 1% of the volume of Alex's voice, and even after normalizing the audio I'm still pretty quiet. Listen to it first before reading the post or the post might just look like gibberish to you. :D So, without further doodoo, here it is:

"It is quite possible that societies - much like individuals - collectively repress information, concepts, and ideas which would produce high anxiety levels if dealt with consciously." - Wilson Bryan Key

So we start attacking Jews pretty early... Don't you miss those great racist jokes of yor? My aunt, upon learning that there will be Obama Christmas tree ornaments, had this to say: "Oh, so now it's legal to hang a nigger?" Now that's funny! (No, I don't share my aunts vocabulary, but I can appreciate her humor without sharing in it.) You can agree or disagree, but once you start legislating what people can think, you've become a Nazi (National Socialist, aka: "Progressive"). In a free world, people would be able to think about things in whatever way they wanted (to be as "racist" or "anti-racist" as they please), but in the "modern" world the Thought Police outlaw and restrict free thought & speech (and as shown in Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four: speech is thought). I'd rather live in a world where people had a choice to be who they wanted to be, because once the choice is made for you (socialism), there's no point to living at all. Besides, my family gives it to me pretty good for my "Jew nose" which is quite distinguished, though not as "Jewish" as some. Of course, my mom's maiden name is on a list of Sephardic Jewish names, so there may be a reason for my protruding facial feature. So, the bottom line is that if you make fun of me you're anti-semetic! Oops, I failed the intelligence test. Maybe I can parlay my Jewish features into an acting gig, since apparently talent seems to be a distant second to the friends and family (and Temple) connections.

you gotta lick it before you stick it

Nicole Kidman, mmm mmm, what an ass. But seriously folks, she's got nice legs too. Umm, where was I... Oh yeah, Nicole is the female version of Nick/Nicholas, and Nick is a nickname for the Devil/Satan/Lucifer. The Devilish symbolism seems to follow her through her movies (by design, most likely), and Alex tells me all about what he saw in her recent movie, Australia. The name Nicholas comes from Nike ("victory of the people") and laos ("people"). Below, St. Nicholas, the patron saint of children, sailors and merchants, Greece (sorry Alex!) and Russia, who is the basis for Santa(Satan) Claus, stands next to a bathtub overflowing with naked young boys. Yup, that's St. Nick for you.

The logo used on some of the posters for Australia feature a red "A" with the horizontal bar repalced with the word "Australia," a word with 3 A's in it. But, the red "A" looks more like an inverted red "V" without that cross-bar. V is 6 in Hebrew gematria, so if we turn all the A's into V's, "Australia" now has 666 in it. Speaking of V's, the old alien invasion television series, V (for "Visitors") has been remade recently. The logo is a red V.

Australia is located (far away) "down under." The parched desert of Australia/Oz being "down under" brings to mind the classic vision of hell. The last human city of Zion in The Matrix is located far below the surface of the earth, where it's still warm. And as I like saying: Zion is an anagram of "In Oz." Nickhole Kidman is going In Oz, way down under (below the surface of the earth). The Southern Hemisphere of earth has the lower Tropic, known as the Tropic of Capricorn. It is also where Australia is located on the earth; this is Oz, Never-Never Land, and Wonderland (where everything is inverted: up is down). When compared to the microcosm of the human body, the top is the good/light part and the below parts are evil and dark. And down under there (where?), in your underwear(!), is your ass. The dark gates to your/the bowels (of Hell). This tropic signals the sun's arrival in Summer for them, while those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are entering Winter Solstice. Nicole's character desires a "Capricorn mare." Mare is Latin for "sea," and related to the Goddess and waters of Chaos, and the dark spots on the icy reflective Moon, former cheif of the planetary deities, who was called Sin/Sinister. The Moon is heavily cratered.

the land of oz and emerald city/pandemonium

The Rainbow Serpent is the serpent of creation in Aboriginal mythology (or of Gnosis in the Garden of Eden). The Lord of earth is Satan, or Saturn, the 7th planet connected to time, death, and lead which is transmuted into the rainbow Stone of Wisdom. Lucifer's Emerald (colored) stone fell from his crown in battle with the Archangel Michael and fell to earth and became the Grail among other objects. The Stone from Heaven would have created a crater when it his the earth (or an Emerald City of Oz) and is related to the bowl shaped volcano tops, the craters on earth (a large well preserved crater is Wolfe Creek in Australia, and featured in the movie Wolf Creek which I mention in the podcast), and craters on the moon. The "Krator" jar was a Grail shaped vessel in Ancient Greece, and is related to the idea of the Holy Grail in some art. Below, the Rainbow Serpent is seen over a "crater" of a volcano. Recall that the volcano is related to the source of the human soul in Scientology when alien bodies were dropped into a volcano in Hawai'i and then their souls moved from there into early humans. (See Land of The Dead for more)

rainbow(serpent) over the emerald stone and its crater

Moving from Nick-hole Kidman to Little Nicky:

nicky inside a man-hole-stargate-rectum

Adam Sandler and his "666" and "9" numbers made me think of the sign for the constellation of Cancer, from where the Tropic of Cancer gets it's name, which looks like a 69 or 96.

Alex mentions that Anna Farris in House Bunny gets kicked out of the Playboy Mansion because at 27 years old, she's too old to be a bunny. 27 years old is the odd age at which many famous people have died, and is also known as the Return of Saturn, and Saturn is Satan.

I noticed after hearing the final version of the podcast, that Alex specifically asked me if I "wanted to get into Jennifer's body." Meaning the movie of course, but I'm wondering now if he wasn't subconsciously probing my desire to "break my dick off in that ass"? Jennifer's Body is about a extremely materialistic whore who becomes a succubus/suck-cube-us after being tossed into a whirling vortex portal with a mysterious end-point. The Material (energy) "grid pattern" of The Matrix is known to us in the form of "X-Boxes." The X framed in a square, or by it's self, is seen all over this damn movie. Mostly the ones not framed in a box, which some think is a reference to the original Scarface movie which uses the X as a sign of immenent doom to the person it shows up around. It's on par with the Truman Show, seen below being trapped in such a grid pattern. The idea of the grid is becoming much more obvious lately, as several news items Alex has shared with me can attest.

truman's universe

The "box" (formerly the "boob tube." Hear anyone say that recently? No, I didn't think so.), television with its endless anal-focusing programming, makes an apperance in this movie as well. Programming within programming: the fractal grid.

In Jennifer's Body, we learn in the opening narration that hell is a teenage girl's body. Well, we're all trapped in material bodies, though mine is not a teenage girls, that's the personal hell of the narrator, Needy, Jennifer's friend in the movie. Actually they are BFF's or "Best Friends Forever," signaled by their BFF heart necklaces. Needy tears off Jennifer's BFF heart in their struggle. The act of doing so appears to drain Jennifer's power, or causes her to not want to resist anymore.

The necklace has a diamond on it, which will come up in a future podcast-post, but suffice to say that diamonds are useless carbon rocks which have six protons, nutrons and electrons: 666. Jennifer is played by Meagan Fox, and FOX = 666 in english when reducing to a single digit: F-6, O-15, X-24. This was mentioned earlier with the "Foxtrot" dance in Australia. My post, Virgins, Vampires and Vagina Dentata, opens with a discussion on 666 and the letter V for Vampire (V=6 in Hebrew). Below is a great screen capture (of many which Alex sent me) which shows the sexually fatal Jennifer giving us her best vagina dentata impression:

Another Crab/Tropic of Cancer synch comes up when Jennifer lures Needy's repressed homosexual boyfriend to an abondoned indoor pool (a dried up vortex?), where we can see a crab painted on the pool wall next to Jennifer's leg. There's also a seahorse which has come up in Black Dog Star's research. Hmm, Sea-Horse, and sea is mare in Latin (and a "mare" is a female horse). So with the Seahorse and Crab painted together in this scene, we have a "mare-horse," and a crab which is the symbol for the constellation and Tropic of Cancer. Thus here we have a Tropic of Cancer/"Cancer Mare," in Jennifer's Body, and in Australia we had the Tropic of Capricorn/"Capricorn Mare." What the hell is going on here?

Below is an obligitory "wonderland" symbol where the camera is drawn into the reflection of a character, usually into a mirror, to signal to the viewers that we have "gone through the looking glass." I couldn't even begin to list the number of movies that this symbol is in!

It's about as abundant in films as the "X" symbol, and another symbol which I've noticed is on the rise for the last few years: regurgitation. Find me a movie made in the last 5 years that is aimed at the largest demographic of movie patrons which does not feature throwing up in any way, and I'll send somebody to your house with a giant novelty check for a million dollars!

Needy cuts and X into Jennifer which reminds us that hell, the grid, the Matrix, is a teenage girls body, and is a microcosm of the larger energy grid around us like the dome in the Truman Show.

red x

Jennifer is sacrificed by a up-and-cuming (oh, that's where that phrase "came" from!) soft-core wuss band (Part wimp and part pussy. They do become HerO's afterall). They slice her up and toss her into the town's (Devil's Kettle) mystery vortex waterfall. Unbeknownst to them, sacrificing a girl who is not a virgin can have dire consequences. In this case, it turned a whore into... a whore. Spooky, 'eh? Jennifer may have just drained the money, time, and energy of her men before, but now she finishes the job and kills them altogether.

Above we can see the famous vortex of the Devil's Kettle town being "probed" by scientists with orange balls. I've mentioned oranges before in relation to the sun, so this vortex is sort of a black hole swallowing up these suns/sons. It is mentioned in the narration that the vortex's end-point is unknown, hence the probing, but the end of the vortext is found by Needy by the end of the movie where we can see some orange probes and the knife used in the sacrifice.

Needy gains the demons powers during her struggle with Jennifer, and so by "modulating her-self to the frequency of the hellish matrix" she can now pass through the grid, much like the idea of field modulation in Star Trek which allows weapons to pass through energy sheilds. She is seen in crossed-leg position known in meditation and practices of personal enlightenment (wearing the same color as the probes, and bunny slippers to boot), and is floating in the air before passing her-self through the grid-window and then the grid-fence, then finds the exit for the mysterious vortex, the stargate, and is free now.

She picks up the sacrificial knife and goes to pay a visit to the band which sacrificed Jennifer. They are staying in room 922 of their hotel. 9x2x2=36, and if you add everyone number from 1 through 36 it equals 666.

The song playing when the movie ends is by Hole, I'm sure The Celtic Rebel can tell you a thing or two about holes.. In the credits we learn that this movie was written by "Diablo Cody" (pen name of Brook Busey-Hunt who also did Juno. Side note: "Juno" is the name of the case worker in the afterlife for the dead couple in Beetlejuice.) "Diablo" means Devil, and "Cody" came from a trip to Cody, Wyoming. Wyoming is where the first national moument, Devil's Tower, is located.

Since I'll be mentioning the number 42 in a few paragraphs, let's end this section with a picture of a checkerboard phone from Jennifer's Body with a "242" on it:

For the topic of Sex & Death, Alex brought up the movie Dead Girl. The movie features a group of guys raping a zombie girl found chained in an abondoned mental hospital. That's about it for the plot. Anyways, zombies are known in England as "the Zed word," because they don't say the letter "Z" as "zee," but instead as "zed." In Pulp Fiction, "Zed" is an ass-raping redneck. So, Zed/zombies is/are being connected to Zombie-Vampires (or Vampire-Zombies? Same thing anyways), and the pervasive theme of anal sex, gayness, and Sex & Death.

In the scene where Bruce Willis says "Zed's dead," he and his wife are leaving their motel room, and in that very room, above the bed, is the exact same painting of a beach scene found in the afterlife waiting room in the movie Beetlejuice! (Huge hanks to Harry for donating this screen capture to my email inbox!) Also, Bruce's character is a "dead man" for screwing over the gangster who bet on his boxing match.

bruce gives us his jesus impersonation

"Zed" is also the name of Sean Connery's character in Zardoz where he plays a geneticaly engineered mortal who was made to kill humanities survivors after an apocalypse. But the true purpose of the genetic engineering was to produce a perfect human (Zed) who could infiltrate the land of the immortal humans called Eternals. Each part of the Eternals land is called a Vortex (Recall the vortex/stargate of Jennifer's Body (both literal and figurative!)). Not only does Zed penetrate their Vortex (he is the only person in the Vortex who can get an erection, because immortality has reduced the Eternal's desire to mate), he breaks through a plastic material described as indestructable, and he also breaks open the barrier of the Vortex so that his fellow men could come in and bring death to the Eternals. These matrix/grid-penetrating themes will almost certainly come up in future podcasts.

The "Valhalla" quote from Network which we play is only one of many, many, great lines in that movie. The idea of a "collective," programmed by the media, is really rubbed in during some scenes of that movie.

watch it, then kill your t.v.

Recently it was discovered that a rainbow is made not only of light refracting at 42 degrees, but at the range from 40 to 42 degrees. These numbers are often interchanged in religious text. Both are significant, but it is interesting to find that the angle of 42 degrees is the angle at which the red band of the spectrum is found. Below, in the Battle Royal poster, a large red X is seen behind the number 42. The movie deals with a "most dangerous game" theme involving Japanese highschool students. Recall in Jennifer's Body that Jennifer is "x'ed out" by Needy before Needy kills her.

Well, that's about I all wanted to say in reguards to the podcast. Here's a picture of cute pink animals:

pink is the new brown


What are you saving up to be.. Jewish?