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Adventures Across the ∞th Dimension

All of this has happened before, and it will happen again.

the owls are not what they seem

Author Mike Clelland, on his blog hidden experience, investigates the synchro-oddities of what he dubs "The Evolutionary Triad": a three-stage evolutionary process which is depicted specifically in two films which opened very close to each-other, Planet of the Apes and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

He quotes abductee Ray Fowler's book The Watchers,

Are modern humans some sort of genetic alteration using a chimpanzee fetus? If we go one step further, are the gray aliens a genetic alteration using the human fetus?

We are presented with these triads:

2001: A Space Odyssey: Ape-Man or proto-human, modern Man, and future Man or Star-Child
Planet of the Apes: ape-like unintelligent Man, modern Man, and intelligent Ape-Man

His take on these two movies is that Planet is an inversion of 2001: one begins with a stargate and one ends with a stargate. In one, man has devolved into pre-intelligence while his experiment, the ape, has evolved to fill man's shoes. In the other film, man clearly comes from apes made intelligent by outside agencies, and continued meddling with man's DNA leads to near godhood at the end of the film.

There is no shortage of theories on the genetic manipulation of human beings, and maybe it's a little bit of egomania to think we couldn't have possibly come from these dirty stupid animals, like the unintelligent-humans in Planet of the Apes. Then again, there are plenty of questions about our evolution, including the sudden rise in brain size during a relatively slow evolution. The heads of modern white males are also increasing in size. Perhaps other heads are growing too but the research hasn't been done. I can tell you my nephew with Aspergers syndrome has a massive dome-piece, and I heard the screams from my poor sister when she had to push it out! The reason for our intelligence is our long gestation and infantile growth period. Other animals pop out of their moms ready to traverse the Savannah, but a baby human is completely helpless. We are essentially premature births, and because of that, our heads can grow larger once outside of the womb, and we can spend more time learning with less reliance on strong animal instincts, ie: no longer relying on the reptilian brain.

Extrapolating from that idea, we can assume that a premature human (who started as a premature ape), could evolve into something with an even more massive cranium, such as the stereotypical "grey" alien. In fact, it is thought by those who study the alien phenomenon that these aliens are inserting their babies, for a time, into human hosts and retrieving them before the pregnancy becomes too obvious, where they continue to gestate in an artificial environment that allows such expansive growth with would naturally be restricted by the vaginal opening and the space available in the human womb.

the wandjina of australia's aboriginal mythology

The aliens most common to earth, human interaction, conspiracy theory, and UFO pop culture are the: greys (tall and short), and the reptilians (both native to earth and alien in origin). Also, there are plenty of humanoids, potential hybrids, and potential genetic sources for humans if not the greys themselves.

Mythology is filled with serpents, and even a few instances of large-headed and large-eyed beings, though they are far less prominent than the reptile archetype.

the ugliest kings of earth, or something more sinister?

Just like alien visitors and channeled messages, I can't give any answers and those ideas I do present are probably as real as the movies I'm referencing, which is to say, real in a sense. I mean, the movies, or the information, does in fact exist and it does change people's lives. The conclusions are up to you, but I recommend not taking the information to one extreme or another, and keep in mind that they always, always, mix truth with lies.

When looking for an explanation, we might turn to channeled alien beings, such as in the below video. A man under hypnosis recalls childhood trauma at the hands of the greys--his dead mom in attendance--and then later at 16 years old is afraid of the second species to contact him, and in adulthood has grown to like the second species of alien which he channels in the greater part of the video, and who refers to himself as an Elohim; one of the species who made Man in their image, as the polytheistic version of the story of Genesis tells us. (We are given two versions of our Genesis in the bible: In one "God" makes us in his image, and in another "the Gods" make us in their image.) I recommend skipping past the first 20-30 minutes if you decide to watch this, his Kiwi accent, loud screaming and overall poor quality make him impossible to understand. Once you get into the channeled information, the story is pretty typical. 

channeled information, hoax, or channeled hoax?

An interesting point in the video is when the hypnotist asked why the man was frightened by the 'good' aliens when he was a teenager. The response went something like "If I gave you a full-grown dragon, you would be afraid of it, right? But if I gave you a baby dragon which you raised to adulthood, you wouldn't fear it." I wonder why this Alien-Angel compares seeing him to seeing a dragon? It reminds me of Arthur C. Clarke's book Childhood's End where the aliens look like our depiction of the devil, and therefore they have to be careful about how they approach man without scaring him off. You're familiar with the devil, I'm sure, the guy usually depicted as a serpent or dragon.

I happened across a link today to a thread on anti-open-discussion website Above Top Secret. (Ok, that's not fair. I guess there are a handful of people there who don't spend all day derailing and trolling threads.) In it, the thread author presents his view of the alien phenomenon, apparently originating from a dream-dialogue he had experienced spanning three episodes over four weeks, or it is possibly a hoax, or possibly both. The story begins with the Big Bang where multiple parallel universes were created, potentially infinite, but only so many "earths" harbor life, or intelligent life for that matter. Continuing with that in mind,

From what I have been made to understand, on one of these worlds, during what we call the Silurian Period, life left the sea and had the beginnings of intelligent thought. The fossil records of that world show how these creatures made nests on the beaches by manipulating their environment. They also made what look like catch pools to harvest other sea creatures. They were the top species. Eventually they grew and changed. They evolved. Today, they are known as the Greys.

It took them longer to learn the sciences, well, longer than our own species. They did get there eventually. And one of their greatest scientific achievements was access to other dimensions, other “Earths”. Here they found that life was special as more often than not, the other dimensional “Earths” were completely devoid of life. That spark, that chemical reaction that started it all just didn’t happen on some worlds.

Another thing they found was that intelligent life is rarer still. It was about 50 million years ago that they found another species showing intelligence (sorry humans, not you). On another Earth, there was no mass extinction of the dinosaurs. One species showed rudimentary intelligence. The Greys started working with this species.

It wasn’t long before this reptilian species came into their own. They were groomed and guided by the greys. They soon learned most of the grey’s knowledge and science. They were close to becoming their equals.

However, the reptilians were becoming more and more disenchanted with what the greys had done. They felt that they were not given the opportunity to evolve and learn on their own as a species. They say that the greys forever changed who they were as a species. Their freedom of choice was stripped from them early in their development.

This did not preclude them from continuing to learn the sciences brought to them by the greys. It wasn’t long before they too were able to cross dimensions. And it wasn’t long before they too found a species showing intelligence. They were on an Earth where reptilians were wiped out millennia ago. This did not help their attitude.

The reptilians saw this new species as one they could shape into their own universal views. They proclaimed themselves as gods and used this new populace as slave labor. They felt the labor performed by this species was adequate payment for the sciences they were taught (agriculture, writing, math etc…). The experiments conducted on this species were to further scientific advancement, or at least that is what the reptilians told themselves.

It took the greys a few centuries more to finally arrive in this dimension. They were not pleased. From the greys point of view, the reptilians were doing to the humans what the greys had done to the reptilians. That is the reptilians were abnormally shaping the humans. They were not giving them the opportunity to become their own species. The reptilian view was that humans would have never amounted to anything had they not helped.

This is where the first battles occurred between the grays and reptilians. Eventually the greys won and the reptilians left our world. The greys also took some of the sciences taught to our ancestors by removing books and individuals who had this knowledge.

One other thing that was decided is that while we were to be left alone, we were also to become a grand experiment. How does a species left to its own devices develop culture and civilizations. How do they manage as a whole as well as individuals?
Those of you familiar with alien-lore have probably heard the idea that the reptilian aliens are not genuine aliens, as they are actually another intelligent species evolving in parallel with humans, though in this story, they are evolving on a parallel earth and cross-over from time to time. An article from last year has just popped up in my facebook feed today which spoke of the idea that intelligent reptoids may rule other planets ("other planets" why not this one, at least in a parallel world? Maybe parallel Obama sometimes overlaps real Obama giving us the "shapeshifting" image? Kidding!). 

There are interesting mythological parallels to the idea of man coming out of another animal, such as the Jonah and the Whale story, the heraldic Biscione symbol, or the tales of Jason and the Argonauts where Jason is consumed and regurgitated by a giant serpent.

Jason is attended by Athena, a goddess who, like other female gods, is often depicted with an owl. The owl symbol, mentioned by Clelland and others, appears in UFOlogy as an eerie connection to the large-headed and large-eyed grey aliens. This idea shows up in the alien-themed horror film, The Fourth Kind, where the owl represents a kind of "screen memory" blocking out exactly what it was that was seen. My cousin has seen a very large white owl stalking his neighborhood, and even attacking his sister, and there are other stories of owls behaving strangely or appearing in place of aliens in the recollections of abduction events. One could easily get carried off into conspiracy-culture with mention of owl symbolism, so I'll leave it here and let those so inclined spend the next year or so of their lives looking at pictures of the Bohemian Grove.

While the grey alien might look like an owl, it feels like a fish, or at least according to accounts of abductees: the grey aliens are squishy and extremely weak. They are also thought to be essentially biological robots, though this might be a misunderstanding of their emotionless presence; either way they seem to be even less capable of living on land as humans. The aquatic-ape theory holds that humans evolved from a semi-aquatic ape, which would explain our noses, skin, subcutaneous fat, controlled breathing leading to speech, and other factors which are hard to explain from a strictly monkey-based evolutionary process. Maybe or maybe not, but perhaps on a parallel earth an intelligent species evolved directly from an aquatic or semi-aquatic animal. Dolphins, mammals like us, seem to be very close to humans in emotions and intelligence.

I want to again quote the ayahuasca vision from the book Holographic Universe. I originally presented the below quote in my article Land of the Dead, which has served as inspiration for much of my later 'work.'

In 1960 the American Museum of Natural History sent [Michael] Harner on a year-long expedition to study the Conibo, and while there he asked the Amazonian natives to tell him about their religious beliefs. They told him that if he really wished to learn, he had to take a shamanic sacred drink made from a hallucinogenic plant known as ayahuasca, the "soul vine." He agreed and after drinking the bitter concoction had an out-of-body experience in which he traveled [to] a level of reality populated by what appeared to be the gods and devils of the Conibo's mythology. He saw demons with grinning crocodilian heads. He watched as an "energy-essence" rose up out of his chest and floated toward a dragon-headed ship manned by Egyptian-style figures with blue-jay heads; and he felt what he thought was the slow, advancing numbness of his own death.
But the most dramatic experience he had during his spirit journey was an encounter with a group of winged, dragon-like beings that emerged from his spine. After they had crawled out of his body, they "projected" a visual scene in front of him in which they showed him what they said was the "true" history of the earth. Through a kind of "thought language" they explained that they were responsible for both the origin and evolution of all life on the planet. Indeed, they resided not only in human beings, but in all life, and had created the multitude of living forms that populates the earth to provide themselves with a hiding place from some undisclosed enemy in outer space. 
After this concatenation of visions was over, Harner sought out a blind Conibo shaman noted for his paranormal talents to talk to him about the experience. The shaman, who had made many excursions into the spirit world, nodded occasionally as Harner related the events that had befallen him, but when he told the old man about the dragon-like beings and their claim that they were the true masters of the earth, the shaman smiled with amusement. "Oh, they're always saying that. But they are only the Masters of Outer Darkness," he corrected.
It should be noted that the winged serpents actually looked like coils of DNA, though at the time the shape of DNA was not yet known or not widely known and so the anthropologist did not make the connection at the time. So, did the Reptilian "aliens" fiddle with our genetics are the above channeled information, dream information, and ayahuasca-induced information suggests? Facebook friend Christopher Myers once challenged Graham Hancock on his disinterest in the ancient alien hypothesis (of which Hancock was having none of it), by mentioning to the author that humans, out of 24,750 genes, possess 250 unique genes which have no terrestrial origin.

I may have confused everyone by starting this blog post with an owl reference, but I can assure you it made sense in my head. I watched all of Twin Peaks recently, where I got the phrase "the owls are not what they seem," where owls are linked to what seems to be alien abductions. An owl shows up, there's a bright flash of light, and like an X-Files episode, someone comes wandering out of the woods two days later. There is also mention of the Air Force UFO debunking project, "Blue Book."

Currently I'm working on my chapter for the Contact book by Project Psycube, and in it I quote a DMT trip, 

This mad ball of fantabulous trippy energy, slowly receding but still there like this massive party, these fucking little crazy little gnomes, yeah that's why people talk about gnomes or elves, spirits whatever you like to call them but they are there, that is their world, do you know what I mean? I mean you talk about your trip going to the land of the gnome king, you know, fairies and pixies and gnomes and elves they're all real, they just live in different worlds...
The connections between UFOlogy and psychedelics has not gone unnoticed, as there are many common elements including Mantis and Reptilian entities. I bring up this quote, however, because I was reminded today that in the movie The Labyrinth, the Goblin King shape-shifts into an owl. I also find it interesting that, as a self-described "night owl," I tend to be most active during the hours when both owls and big-headed aliens are stalking their prey.

the owls are... goblins?

Going back to Mike Clelland's evolutionary triad, where are humans headed in their evolution now? He points out that the Star-Child suggests a larger-headed phase ahead of us in evolution, as if the greys represent our future. Did we come from greys, via reptilians, and are going back to becoming like the greys ourselves? Going full-circle, as it were; completing the mythological cycle.

Apropos of pretty much nothing: in my Land of the Dead article, as well as in The Journey Back Home, I bring up Crab symbolism, and then I read today that the Cancer constellation is represented by the Ouroboros, the serpent or dragon who eats it's own tail.

The constellation used to be the point of the summer solstice in the Northern hemisphere, and as such was considered to be the "Gate of Man" where our souls came through into our physical incarnation. A poetic image, which includes the idea that we come into our individual "shells," like the crab, which are our bodies that have many limitations but allow us to grow, learn, and evolve. It was also, due to the diminishing sunlight from that point forward, considered to be where the sun entered the Underworld.

On a personal note: I do a little pendulum divination thing to determine the number and sex of the children a person will have (1 girl and 1 boy for me, I think). I combined this with automatic drawing so instead of using a pendulum, I used a pencil on paper. Well, after the "girl" and "boy" images were complete, the pendulum/pencil made the "null" pattern meaning "no more kids" (it doesn't move when prompted) but on the paper it wasn't just sitting still like the pendulum should, it actually drew what I can only describe as an infinity symbol and an Ouroboros.


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