Sunday, June 5, 2011

Here Is Wisdom - Feature Length Video


Atareye said...


I feel different after watching this. I feel better. I feel hope again. This is the spirit I thought was lost. This is the feeling the original Synchromystic videos used to give me. At the end of the media retort is this purity. The way you compiled this video with its narrative and silent breaks kept my attention captivated at a time when I am having an extremely difficult time to focus on anything for longer then 10 minutes. Maybe this is it. Another wave of enlightenment for all. Kyles talk with strange eye yesterday and now this.

So thankful.

You are a true alchemist Jerry.

mace556 said...

same here, what a beautiful video! It far exceeded my expectations...

Thank you so very much Jeremy!

Unknown said...

Jon, ;D Glad to hear of the positive effects. And that even someone with difficulty focusing watched it all, I was worried about that.

mace556, You're welcome ;)

Chis KirKpatrick said...

dude I totally watched it all but have nothing intelligent to say at this moment. Congratulations on a fantastic presentation. I'm gonna go be depressed for a while and watch it again later.

Marg Verite said...

good Job. The Tom Cruise, suicide is "cool" stuff reminds me that the CoS gives orders to their operatives to terminate themselves if they are caught for fraud - cf Steven Fishman files. Thanks for that ending. It made me look into Fishman again. Also, the Arnie Swartxngger gave me some clues how folks are "turned" - - " THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN CONTROL PEOPLE IS TO LIE TO THEM." ElRon Hub Baard.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff! Might comment further later but so far[part 2], good stuff! Only downer is that the music is a little loud in comparison to the speakers, a common illness to this type of video

Anonymous said...

This is only an analogy

"All" of our Reality is Daath Dream by a Greater mind, you along with everything in this world is not "Real" but a manifestation of this dream. Your whole life you have been living inside this mind's dreams unaware that it is dreaming you not you dreaming it. Unification represents the point when you realize that not only are you a part of a dream but within the dreamers mind and thus a part of it. Once you awaken to this fact you can grab control of the dream and dream your own dream. Just like with a "Real" dream if you wake up inside your dream you become the Dream master and a world of Play opens up for you.

How you awaken to this fact is up to you
I call it a dream {ONE} day but then next I call it a simulation while others call it a creation. You have to come to "Truth" in your own way and then learn to hack at the very core of your reality / simulation / dream / creation... And there is only {ONE} way to over power the dreamer dreams to become the dreamer!

Unknown said...

Chris KirKpatrick, hey there stynker ;) Thanks for dropping by.

Marg Verite, yeah I've read the same for mind-controlled victims, called the omega bomb or green bomb, for Dr. Greenbaum. I'm kinda hoping there's a more non-literal use going on here. Thou the line fromLimitless could be interpreted either way: "this choice would at least be mine." And after saying that he decides not to jump.

Anon, yeah the sound is completely different on my 2 ancient pc speakers than it is on my tv. I exported the movie at least 15 times trying to make it sound ok on good speakers, but, after about 30 hours of just that, I finally went with "this is good enough!" Though sometimes the music is intended to be loud to cover sounds that I couldn't remove from the audio tracks.

Anon 2, Thank you for that ;)

Unknown said...

Oh yeah, did anyone watch the last part all the way through the credits...?

Anonymous said...

great video describing our "beast" nature, the box (x, cross, cube, etc.), and hell. i also enjoyed the numerology relating to number 1, 2, & 6. of course this info led me to a sync almost immediately after viewing your film in the movie "malice"... "god... in operating room number 2".

but what really resonated with me was the idea that some of those "[r]evolvers" choose to stay behind in order to help others progress as an act of true selflessness. to me, that is the purpose of life. in the midst of all the hell, helping others without expecting anything in return is a priceless gift.

keep up the excellent work, jeremy. btw, i loved your synopsis on "the holy mountain". this film you made was equally, if not more, powerful.


p.s. not to be a snob, but i think a follow-up film is in order highlighting a/the "solution". using film (which you so rightly equate with modern day mythology), a cinematic illustration of scenes/stories hinting on nearing/achieving that spiritual existenZ... a sort of "how to" if you will :)

pavman said...

a mind bender - great video
I need to watch it again

Anna said...

this was a great video, i enjoyed watching it, thankyou Jeremy :)

Anonymous said...

Vio - First I want to thank you for the credit .. I appreciate that. Having reviewed it over and over, I have to say this is TRULY a must watch production and appreciate the hours it took to make it .. keep at it .. you will always have my support .. move over MGM .. Vio Reality Productions is going to take you out ;)


yourcharacterisyourfate said...

we are indeed all co-creating reality. The moment we realize that the puppet master looses the strings attached ... Great movie stygian, melancolic, poetic, inspiring, and revealing.

Anonymous said...

a relevant article: Diamond Planet Named Lucy

also, saw the telling film Stone with roaring cameos by a red-haired lucy/lucetta (jovavich). she portrays a sex addict devoted to her convict lover (norton) willing to do anything to get him out of prison. but, beneath that story, she serves as both a guide and captor to spiritual evolution in the material world (at least, that was my interpretation).

keep up the great work,

Kyle said...

Hi Jeremy heard you on the Celtic Rebel show and decided to check out your film. It was fantastic and really gave me a new energy, hope and purpose for all the research I do and for the way I live my life. Thanks again and I wish you all the best.

... said...

I really enjoyed this too. I agree with raffi about a 'solution' video...that would be helpful, the escape route so to speak.

aka Marie

Unknown said...

raffi, Heh, interesting scene. Notice that Neo is plugged into terminal number two when he dies and is resurrected. Indeed there are many theories on some groups of souls coming here for the purpose of reminding the rest of the souls about where their home really is. Believe me, if I knew a full-proof method that would free all souls from the matrix, I'd be selling some books about it. :D I think when your evolution is complete, you'll know.

Pavman, thanks, I do recommend seeing it at least twice. I know my mind gets going with videos like this and I can miss things the first go'round.

Anna, hey sexy. Glad, I can entertain. ;)

Vapo, Heh yeah, I forgot you had donated because I took so long making the video, so you were almost left out! :O "Vio Reality Productions" :D I like that idea!

yourcharacterisyourfate, yes, that scene from The Lathe of Heaven in the credits tells it all. Thanks for the comment. :)

raffi again, wow! A diamond planet. Reminds me of Arthur C. Clark's third book in the Space Odyssey trilogy where when the new sun "Lucifer" was created out of Jupiter, the planet's giant diamond center was shot out of it. I have Stone but haven't seen it yet. Thanks for the heads up.

Kyle, thanks :)

..., thanks. I'll think about it...

Anonymous said...

that was fun. this is for you.

Unknown said...

Anon, cool, thanks!

Alex Robinson said...

Ok, I can see why that was so long in the making! That was really well done - almost mesemerising in parts.

I think you could make it big Jeremy, but I wouldn't recommend it :)

Very best to you & your world

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the credit. Very deep and fits in with the general place I'm at much more to learn...this is a great piece of work...all I can offer you is more "Encouraging Words"...


Unknown said...

Penisless-Alex, Hahaha, thanks :)

Brian, thanks for those encouraging words. Reminds me of Fight Club: "You have to know, not fear, that some day you are going to die."

Sibyl Hunter said...

Wonderful work, Jeremy. I feel great knowing that we're all seeing and experiencing these same revelations apparently at the same time. This is exactly the point I've reached in my conscious expansion. No more fear. No more riding the fence. Just sitting atop the X-Box waiting for something to happen?

Anonymous said...

Sibyl - Your blogspace is very good .. but making a comment is a short of impossible ..but maybe you want it that way .. anyway nice site.


Anonymous said...

Some food for thought.

What is consciousness?
You are consciousness. Consciousness is the capacity for experience.
Do you have an experience?
If the answer is "yes"; you are an experiencer.

You are not your body.
You are experiencing yourself as a body.
But it's only an experience.

You have identified yourself with the experience.
You have forgotten that you are an experiencer.

You have identified yourself with the dream.
You have forgotten that you are a dreamer.

In fact, the dream and the dreamer are one.
They are mirrors of each other.

A dream cannot exist without a dreamer.
A dreamer cannot exist without a dream.

What is the "universe"?
The "universe" is an experience.
You call this experience the "universe"
But the universe is only an experience.

An experience cannot exist without an experiencer.
An experience can only exist in relation to an experiencer.
Just like a dream cannot exist without a dreamer.

The "universe" is a dream.
The dream we call Maya.

A dream cannot exist without a dreamer.
An experience cannot exist without an experiencer.

The universe is an experience that we call the universe.
The universe cannot exist without consciousness.
The universe is an illusion, consciousness is a reality.

A dream cannot exist without a dreamer.
The universe exist only in relation to us.
The universe exist only in relation to an experiencer.
The universe exist only in relation to us: the one cosmic consciousness.

When did the universe begin?
Remember the universe exist only in relation to consciousness.
An experience (dream) exist only in relation to an experiencer (dreamer)

When did the universe begin?
You ask the wrong question because you are not enlightened.
If you are enlightened, you will ask:
When did consciousness, "the capacity for experience", begin?
For "the universe" can only exist in relation to consciousness.
An experience (dream) exist only in relation to an experiencer (dreamer)

The universe is a mistranslation.
When you say "universe", you actually mean "experience".
The universe is an experience in your consciousness;
It exist only in relation to consciousness.

Space, matter, distance, speed, time only exist in relation to consciousness.
The universe never began. Consciousness is eternal. Time is an illusion.
Space, matter, time, distance... is an experience.

We only know what space, time, matter, distance, beginning,
Because we have experienced it!

Everything begins with an experience.
Then we know something about it.

Space, matter, time, distance, speed, form, beginning, middle, duality...all exist in consciousness.
But consciousness is outside of them all.
They are all bi-products consciousness.

Space, matter, time, distance, form, beginning, ends, stars, stops, are all illusions within consciousness.
But consciousness give rise to them all.

Consciousness never began. It is outside of time.
Time is something that exist within consciousness.
Consciousness itself is outside of time: it has always been.

Every experience: matter, space, time, distance, duality, beginning, created within consciousness.
But consciousness is outside of them all.
Your dreams have space, matter, time, beginning end, creations...
But they all are created by the dream, by consciousness.

Kathy said...

Hi Jeremy, I just got around to finally watching your video and am impressed! Great job....and thanks! =)

Immortallywounded said...

Great film Jeremy. I've seen a lot of projects made in a similar fashion in the alternative media(using films clips to tie together a train of thought or theme) but it took a movie buff(and quote addict) like you to really do the "genre" justice. The pacing and timing of the "score" that accompanied the clips were excellent.

Personally I don't think you owe us any solutions in your next film project, if you choose to make it. Just make something with less than 2 year incubation time and I'll be happy. What I would like to see/hear is you going on Kyle Hunt's show to advertise this film and expound on what was presented here and in the deleted scenes.

Unknown said...

Sibyl Hunter, Heh thanks, I think a lot of us are riding the same wave somewhere...

Anon, thanks for letting everyone read that!

Kathy, Hey ;) glad you liked it.

Immortallywounded, Haha, yeah, well I did move to another state and not have my computer set-up for a while! :D Good idea about going on Kyles show, might just do that. I'll prolly do a few smaller videos next, nothing too big on the horizon for now.

Anonymous said...

"When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice." -Cherokee Expression

Occult Mosaic said...

Guess I didnt comment the first time, but good work, keep it up.

Eugene said...


The masters pay is the work itself.

Anything more would be slave wages.

One fell down and when it came to it felt a thousand times better.

Aleph says hello.

Since you made 9 pieces of 8 maybe a fraction or two wouldn't hurt.

Kinda like how when you blow out the candles on the cake you do spit on it and some candle embers do blow into the sweet goodness as well. You could call this cake .. mud and spit that makes one see.

Anonymous said...

"2 divided by 3 0.666
666 number of the devil"

entering 2/3 in windows calculator



David D. said...

Outstanding movie - I finally found someone who truly understands cinematic mysticism. You did an amazing job - thank you so much for this encouraging film!


What are you saving up to be.. Jewish?