Thursday, August 20, 2009

Here Is Wisdom

or, Showier Deism

Update: I've since greatly expanded on the below video into a full movie length video delving into related subjects in much more detail then a 10 minute youtube video would allow. Please check it out in 5 parts on my vimeo account here when you get a chance.

This post is just meant to compliment my first video project - yes, it was about time wasn't it? Due to technical difficulties, any videos I make will be few and far between. I actually built my computer probably right before Window$-XP was released (9-10 years ago), so as you can imagine, it's pretty much dinosauric by current standards. I have to compile all the bits on another computer which I only have limited access to. So, hopefully nobody wants me to continue making videos and I can just forget about it, otherwise I need to build a new computer soon!

For this experiment, I decided to cover some themes already discussed here, specifically those in my post The Numbers Game. I also wanted to see how the medium of video would allow me to possibly present the information in a way which might have more impact than tiny white text on a black background mixed with some large pictures in-between. I'm still learning how to use the program (which is technically a music making program, not a video specific proggy), so don't expect to be blown away. (Boy, the quality really suffers during the upload process! I guess the computer I had to use to make the videos (which is 4-5 times faster than mine) is still not good enough for quality videos.) The "Special Features" are found below the movie.

"Study your math, kids. It's the key to the universe."
- The Angel Gabriel, in The Prophecy

So, here's the movie until it gets removed:

done? good, now watch it again!

In Pi, there are two sets of "216" numbers. One was shown in the video, and incase it was hard to see, here it is again (along with the second "216 number" from the movie); the extra 23 and 32 are marked in red, along with the vertical 666:



I had to cut this bit out to keep the length of the video below 10 minutes, so continuing from "If you add every number from 1 thru 36, it equals 666." The Magic Square of the Sun is numbered from 1 to 36. Each of it's 6 rows and columns add to 111, and 111x6=666. The Magic Square of the Sun also has another numerical relation to 666. There are 9 "squares" of 4 numbers each, all adding to 74, 9x74=666. I haven't done a synchro-wiki page on 74 yet, but here's on one 47 if you're interested.

9 x 74 = 666

After Pi came LOST, which many think is a representation of Purgatory, Hell, Heaven, or even a video game. I've seen a speech given by one of the writers for LOST who explained his writing stratedgy with a sealed box with a question mark on it (meditate on that!). The previous season ended with the indication that a couple of ancient gods are playing some sort of game against eachother. It seems reminiscent of the movie The Nines, where, if God was a 10, the protagonist was a 9 and had created 90 parallel over-lapping realities to play around in (in one, he was a video game designer, and a creator of a television series in another). He is one of the "gods" who had forgotten where he came from, and became stuck in his fantasy world. In one scene, he sits at his table with a painting of a 72 behind him. The numbers add to 9 of course, but it's an interesting number to find, along with a "17" hit in the movie as well. (Check out 17 at the synchro-wiki) There's some audio clips from The Nines in my video incase you were wondering why I mention it.

The Prophecy starred Virginia Madsen (Virgin Mary?) who was the wife of Jim Carrey's character in The Number 23. The Prophecy is about a second angel war in heaven over the angel's jealousy of Man and his soul. The indication is that Man is even better than Angel. Some theories of "Man's Fall" (Lucifer's Fall From Grace and the Fall of Adam) have Man as Gods brother and equal, who fell in love with his reflection in the watery veil of the chaotic waters of creation, and then fell in and became trapped in ignorance (the Stygian waters erase one's memory of past lives).

The Truman Show is quite explicit about (True)Man being trapped in an artificial construct which conspires to keep him trapped. The Celtic Rebel realized a very important symbol, I think, when he first brought up the "X-Box" symbol found in movies and television. In fact, if you become familiar with seeing the symbol (just like when you buy a different car, then suddenly seem the same model car everywhere) you will notice that it is apparently in every single movie and television show ever made. It's not always a simple byproduct of human construction techniques, sometimes it's just seemingly randomly thrown in there. Anyways, I've been seeing it as a symbol, possibly a hint (like "Look for the Nines" in The Nines), or perhaps just the "bars of the prison," reminding us that we're trapped in the Matrix of matter. And, in The Truman Show, the X-Box is literally every-fucking-where. In fact, the huge dome which contains the microcosm of Truman's world is covered in x-boxes as part of the construction. It seems more symbolic when one realizes that it's actually not the best shape to use in the construction of domes; per Buckminster Fuller.

Is this not just the perfect picture:

truman's universe

The 6th Day opens with the "Phoenix Pictures" logo. The logo begins with the striking of a friction match. A friction match is known as a "Lucifer." Lucifer is Latin for "brightly shining" and is synonymous with Venus, the light bringer, the brightest "wandering star" second to the sun (Sirius is the brightest fixed star, and may be connected). After this "light-bringer" rises the sun, which then fades out into a flaming phoenix-shaped logo.

Next is the opening montage which explains the events leading to the future setting of the film. There are two dates shown, 02/23/97 and 06/26/00. 0+2+2+3+9+7=23, and 6x2x6=72, a number which I left out of the video. 06/26/00 might also be "6 times two 6's," or 6x(6x6)=216.

The precession of the equniox takes about 25,920 years, changing where the pole of the earth points, which star is the northern star, and which constellation the sun rises in on the spring equniox. This cycle is broken up into 12 "Ages," each lasting about 2,160 years each. 2160 = 72x30, 216 = 72x3. The earth takes 72 years to travel one degree in the Great Year. Interestingly, 360 degrees divided by 216 = 1.666 [repeating decimal]. 36 and 216 seem more related than I initially thought. 36 x 216 = 7776.

Somehow, as usually happens, while I was looking deeper into "Adam Gibson" of the 6th Day, and trying to find a good transition into the next part of the video, I found out that Adam comes in two flavors, a Spiritual Adam and Earthly Adam. Dwaye Johnson, whose played a "Jericho Kane" just like Arnold, was also twinned in Southland Tales. There are also numerous other examples of "twins" of the protagonist, though often it is the "good twin bad twin" dichotomy, or the ever popular hero-villain dichotomy where the villain claims that he and the hero are essentially the same person, though perhaps on opposites sides of the spectrum (see: Unbreakable).

The image of "Adam Kadmon" as the Tree of Life, and Jesus as the Tree of Life, fit nicely as I transitioned into The Prisoner.

tree of life

Below, Touchstone Pictures shows a lightning bolt striking a blue sphere, posibly representing the spheres on the Tree of Life which are known as Sephiroth. Jerry Bruckheimer films logo has lightning striking a bare tree which then fully sprouts as if it's been given life from heaven. This reminds me of the Tree of Life symbolism in Sublime (see: Purification for more).

touchstone pictures & jerry bruckheimer films

The intro the The Prisoner begins with a view of the clouds and the sound of lightning and thunder. This fades into future prisoner "Number 6" driving down a long lonely road in his Lotus 7 single-seater sports car. He is the Lotus Born Babe, or Harpocrates in the Egg. When you first see his car, he is leaving a deserted airfield and headed into the city.

With a couple (possibly symbolic) exceptions, the number 7 does not show up in the Village. The series was intended originally to have 7 episodes, but ended up having 17. This is important, because in the last (originally, 7th) episode "Number 1" is finally revealed.

(Future prisoner) Number 6 goes to his place of employment, into an underground parking garage, down a long tunnel, through double-doors marked "WAY OUT" and into the office of his employer. (I say, "future" Number 6, since he's only an unnamed British Agent at this point, and not yet "Number 6.") He slams down a resignation letter, says some angry, but unheard words, and storms out. Behind the desk of his employer are two maps of the world (two worlds?). He then heads home and prepares to leave on an apparently much needed vacation. Meanwhile he is "x'ed" out of the system, and his file is put in the RESIGNED box. The large "X" over his picture, made with smaller x's, forms a nice X-Box image and alludes to his predicament.

Number 6's address is #1 Buckingham Place, London. Anyways, a hearse drives up to his house and a man dressed as an Undertaker (as in, he takes you underground) steps out and up to the door. He gasses (future) Number 6 who passes out in his house only to wake up in a perfect replica. He goes to the window and is surprised to see that through it is not the familiar city-scape, but The Village.

groupies love the cock

The typical farewell of The Village is the phrase "Be Seeing You." It hints at the ever present surveillance of all the cameras in the Village/Prison. It also highlights the single eye which indicates the "Eye of God" symbolism we're all so familiar with; as seen on the back of the dollar bill and elsewhere. I hinted at this symbol in the title of recent post: Bee Seeing You Through the Veil. As noted in one youtube video I saw about symbolism used by FOX News anchors, the "OK" handsign connects the thumb and forefinger leaving the other 3 fingers upright. The gives your (right)hand the shape of a lowercase "b," or a "6," or three 6's since it's with 3 fingers.

Continuing with the analysis of the intro, Number 6(66) enters the headquarters of Number 2, the day-to-day operator of The Village, and demands some answers. Number 2 tells him that they want information, information, information. They want In-Formation; they want him to be in formation, to follow the group, to get-in-line, etc.

Number 6 asks: "Who is number 1." Number 2 replies "You are Number 6." YOU ARE number 6. Who is number 1? YOU ARE.

"6 of 1, and a half-dozen of the other." (6+1=7, the Holy Number) Number 6 is awarded the gift of meeting Number 1 because of his ability to remain rebellious. Number 1 has a black and white (duality) mask on which Number 6 pulls off. Underneath that is an ape mask. When Number 6 rips this mask off the face of Number 1, we see that Number 1 is Number 6, the Prisoner.

There was one who arrived there.
He lifted the veil of the goddess.
But what did he see?
Wonder above wonder,
he saw himself.

In at least one episode, Number 2 sits at a chair with an Eye-in-a-Pyramid shape to it. In fact, the sides of the chair seem to indicate the other two iconic pyramids of Egypt. The Eye of God, the Eye in the Pyramid, the Eye of the Illuminati is "Me, Myself and Eye." You are the Eye/I in the pyramid, the "I of God," "I and I," "I AM."

Robert Anton Wilson said something about wondering what the whole #23 thing was until he realized that the 23rd Psalm is about living without fear. I'll add to that, living without fear of death:

The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters,he restores my soul.
He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake.
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil, for you are with me;
your rod and your staff, they comfort me.
You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.
Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.


What are you saving up to be.. Jewish?