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Eggtoplasm in sHell

Your faithful guide to the underworld was fortunate enough to participate in a West Coast Synchromysticism Summit and The Radio 8-Ball show, hosted by Andras Jones, and attended by a handful of "syncheads" (I'm keeping that word even if no one else does, and making a few more of my own), along with a few witnesses to our collective madness. (Observers help with creating reality, I've read.)
I also got to spend a whole day with most of them while attending the Bridge Benefit Concert at the Shoreline Amphitheater. The third and last day consisted of a breakfast at the Cock-A-Doodle (I had an omelette, not the sausage) and a brisk walk to the Greyhound station so that the canine psychopomp could bring me back to the underworld.

Check out the Always Record podcast for the audio from that event which took place at The Monkey House, the house-slash-venue owned by Ira Marlowe whose music provided the answers and syncfodder. (Direct links: part one, two, and three. Podcast links are for download, but you can right click and copy the link so you can stream it in an audio player if you so chose.)

If you are not already familiar with it, Radio 8-Ball is a radio show hosted by actor and musician Andras Jones where the querent poses a question which is then answered by a song picked at random: the "Pop Oracle." This video is a good quick introduction, and you might want to watch it before listening to the audio. There should be video on some dude's iPad of us doing the show, but I don't know if it will be posted online, so use your imagination. (Imaginal me is taller and better looking by the way.)

I had to overcome my fear of people, places and things (basically: nouns) just to make it as far as attending, but then Andras threw me into the ring as one of the synchead interpreters of the Pop Oracle's musical answers and I had to overcome some serious anxiety. Anxiety which caused me to break down into tears once during a science class demonstration of my styrofoam and pipe-cleaner plant cell, to nearly fail English and have to repeat the year because while I had done a great book report, I didn't present it to the class, and also responsible for a myriad of other embarrassing events and missed opportunities in my life (blonde chick who was in my Sociology class, I wanted to be with you, but I couldn't show it!).

Thankfully the audience was small, enthusiastic, and didn't know that I was terrified that I would throw up all over my custom Stygian Port shoes. (I have Etnies skate shoes with "Stygian" stitched on them. Nerd alert!) My brain tends to scramble when I'm put on the spot 
— I sometimes say that if you just stopped me on the street and asked me my middle name, I wouldn't know it — so my syncromystic interpretations suffered from my inability to be mentally spontaneous and to pin down the overwhelming clutter of movie references and get to the damn point. I won't make up for that and reinterpret anything, because I'm lazy, and you know that. One thing I do regret not mentioning though, is that Truman's favorite show, inside the Truman Show, is called "Show Me The Way To Go Home."

The cute bubbly blonde (not the one from my Soc. class, but I'm easy), nicknamed 'Special K', whose song-answer I had to interpret, was the polar opposite of me and really enjoyed talking. I think that helped me just sit there and look dark and mysterious, as her stage presence thankfully took some of the burden off my chest and kept the vomit off my shoes. All in all it went really well and I'm already hoping we can all get together again sometime soon, and with even more fellow-travelers! I mean synctravelers! Ok, it doesn't always work.

Go here to listen to/download Ira's song Ship In A Bottle which is what the Pop Oracle gave as an answer which I then tried to interpret for my cheery syncvictim Special K.

A couple of the attendees, Melissa and Colin (website: Living In The Movie), wrote about their syncexperience and how it fits into the greater narrative of their lives, and you can read that here.

Day 2 in syncheaven was spent at the concert mentioned previously. It was a sunny-side-up kind of day and I had the opportunity to see lots of musical acts I was unaware of, I learned (and dominated) Chinese Poker/Big Deuce/whatever it's called, and I got to just enjoy hanging with like minded people who seemed less frightened by my Asperger-induced rants about movies than do most people.

I don't really pay attention to real-world syncs since I'm so rarely in the real world, so when I was on Radio-8 Ball via Skype after returning to the comfort of my hell, and Andras and Alan asked me about the day of the concert, I started rambling about divination instead of regaling you with tales of wild synchunting. I may have also told everyone to experiment with Ouija boards. Hopefully Captain Howdy doesn't make you all vomit pea-soup if you do, but hey, that would kinda prove my point wouldn't it? There's something to it, magick with a k, and it's out there waiting for you to test it out for yourself. You can download that podcast by clicking here. The Sync Book website has also laid out the timeline of events on this page here.

And that brings us to the golden center of this protein filled article. In the above interview I detail some methods of divination which were practiced by members of my mom's side of the family. She's from Ecuador and apparently this stuff is fairly common in South America, but she also comes from a very Catholic family, and married into another one, which makes me the black sheep I guess! The main thing I wanted to talk about was my experiences with egg divination. First, we'll take a journey to back when people only came in two dimensions and had animal heads...

horus being born from osiris inside an egg

Egg symbolism is as old as symbolism itself; one of the more ancient themes which can be found the world over. Sometimes it may be the Mundane or World Egg dropped into the pre-creation waters of chaos by the divine bird, and other times it may simply be the idea and number zero. I'll quote from volume one of The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky,
Whence this universal symbol? The Egg was incorporated as a sacred sign in the cosmogony of every people on the Earth, and was revered both on account of its form and its inner mystery. From the earliest mental conceptions of man, it was known as that which represented most successfully the origin and secret of being. The gradual development of the imperceptible germ within the closed shell; the inward working, without any apparent outward interference of force, which from a latent nothing produced an active something, needing nought save heat; and which, having gradually evolved into a concrete, living creature, broke its shell, appearing to the outward senses of all a self-generated, and self-created being — must have been a standing miracle from the beginning. 
The second reason for its having been chosen as the symbolical representation of the Universe, and of our earth, was its form. It was a Circle and a Sphere; and the ovi-form shape of our globe must have been known from the beginning of symbology, since it was so universally adopted. The first manifestation of the Kosmos in the form of an egg was the most widely diffused belief of antiquity. As Bryant shows, it was a symbol adopted among the Greeks, the Syrians, Persians, and Egyptians. In [...] the Egyptian Ritual, Seb, the god of Time and of the Earth, is spoken of as having laid an egg, or the Universe, “an egg conceived at the hour of the great one of the Dual Force.” 
As said in the Vishnu Purana: “Intellect (Mahat) ... the (unmanifested) gross elements inclusive, formed an egg ... and the lord of the Universe himself abided in it, in the character of Brahma. In that egg, O Brahman, were the continents, and seas and mountains, the planets and divisions of the universe, the gods, the demons and mankind.”

Egg divination, as demonstrated in at least one video I've seen on YouTube, can be carried out pretty much like any other object-based divination, such as reading tea leaves or the patterns in the intestines of disemboweled sacrificial victims. Obviously, some forms of divination are more convenient than others! I
f you so desire, you can follow my instructions at any convenient time and ask your question and use your intuition as to what the result tells you.

For the traditionalists, there's always the method outlined in the Grimorium Verum grimoire:
Take the egg of a black hen, laid the same day, break it, and remove some yolk. You must have a large glass, very fine and new. Fill it with clean water, and put the yoke into the water. Put this glass in the sun at noon in the summer, and the director of the operation will recite the orations and conjurations for the day, such as is found in the Clavicles of Solomon, where we treat amply of the aerial spirits. Stir the water with your forefinger. Let it rest a moment, then look at it through the glass without touching it, and you will see signs of that which you wish to know.

(If you like that, there's also a magickal working which will allow you to travel at the unfathomable pace of 20 miles per hour. Ingredients include, but are not limited to: 2 ounces of human fat and an ounce of natural mummy.)

In today's fast paced low attention-span world, where most apartment managers prohibit owning a black hen, the practical magickian requires simple, easy to follow steps and readily available ingredients. For this operation you will only need a clear glass filled at least 2/3rds of the way with water, leaving enough room for you to crack a single egg into it, and the egg, of course.

There's no need to remove some of the yolk or stir it with your finger or pose the egg any questions. I don't ask the egg anything (and the egg demands nothing), because like the other form of divination I mention in the podcast, it will simply work without any pomp or circumstance. Specifically, this method of egg divination will show you at least one major event in your life in the coming year. There are some signs and symbols to look for, but for the most part it should form a shape you can interpret for yourself. If it forms no shape at all, you better have your Last Will and Testament in good order. Egg results like that are why I'm the last person in my family with the huevos to still do this.

What I do is prepare the glass of water on New Year's Eve, and on midnight that night (easy for me as I'm always painfully alone) or noon the next day (which is probably more convenient for most) you crack an egg into the glass and let it settle. You can leave it overnight, but it really only takes maybe an hour or two for the egg to fully 'form' within the water, and it can and will break apart the longer you leave it sitting there. Plus, the glass may get moved and change the shape, or some hungover partyer might try to drink it! I'm now in the habit of sketching it out and taking lots of pictures so I can study it after the fact. So, as you are hopefully still reading this increasingly massive blog article, I will present you with the New Year's Egg I did for 2012.

Unfortunately, by the time I found a working camera, an arch of egg-white had already broken apart. You can see the remnants to the left of the larger egg-white shape. Arches are essentially bridges, and tend to indicate travel, which in my case has always meant moving to a new location. Although, I suppose if you travel in the coming year and that is the main event of the year, your egg would have shown you an arch or two.

If you happen to have a good idea about coming attractions for the next year, you might even recognize a piece of architecture or a shape that confirms your plans. That happened to be the case with this egg. The arch which broke apart before I took this picture was indicating that I was going to move, and I did move from Colorado to California. There was only one arch where there are sometimes two, and I interpreted this as staying in California at least as long as that year, which was true. Now the main shape is representing the major event. From the above angle it might be a little hard to see. My mom thought it looked like a church, which was fitting. I have a bad memory, but I think by this time I already knew that if I could manage it, I would be attending two weddings in California for two of my cousins. Here is the egg at another angle.

click for larger

To me this was clearly a woman in a wedding veil with what are probably two children behind her. For a microsecond I thought I might have a shotgun wedding, but let's face it, I'll probably only ever have a wedding if I take a bride hostage with a shotgun. The first wedding that coming year was for a male cousin, but the second wedding would be for a female cousin who also had two kids from a previous marriage. This wedding was a massive family get-together, super fun, and definitely the highlight of the year. There's no doubt, in my mind at least, that the egg was showing me this event as being the most significant one of my life that year. Apparently other people's significant events are about as exciting as it gets for me.

Egg results in my mom's family have included blood, which indicates a severe disease, an egg that just laid flat in an apparently 'coffin' shape (and you can guess what that means), a wedding veil, an old fashioned baby carriage, lots of bridges, sometimes some big air bubbles which mean lots of money (you'll note that my eggs are lacking in significant bubblage). The bit of shell that made it into the glass is apparently meaningless, and so far I agree with that assessment, especially where the symbolism is concerned (it's what's inside that matters, or so they keep telling me). And that's all I can remember. As you can see, the results aren't as esoteric as tarot cards or the I Ching. I believe that simple divination with clearly defined parameters can be used reliably by anyone. Ultimately, it is subjective, and you can't escape that fact of quantum mechanics that observation is participation.

The next egg is for the current year, 2013. I had no idea what would/is coming this year, so I had nothing to go on. It didn't seem to indicate that I would move away, and I haven't yet, or at least if I do it won't be the main thing the egg wants to convey. And it certainly didn't show me money (lots of air bubbles, or a few big air bubbles), so I was kinda stumped when I first saw it.

It is split into two sides, and I don't know if it was influenced by my placement of the two 99cent Store Mexican prayer candles, but probably not. (The one on the right is seen in the movie The Holy Mountain)

Hey! I just noticed a funny syncrnocity with how I have arranged some stuff on top of my desk when compared to the above picture of my egg display. Try and pretend that you're waiting on me to snap a picture with my cellphone and upload it here, because that's what I'm about to do...

click egg-shaped r2d2 for larger
& compare to previous picture

Aaanyways, here are some close up's of the 2013 egg:

I don't know how the uninitiated feel about it, but this is definitely one of most beautiful egg results I've seen. My first thoughts were that I would have a near-death experience or travel to a psychedelic elf world; it is that impressive of a landscape up close and in person.

The splitting into two could potentially be showing me two separate events since the previous egg had both the arch and the veiled bride, and another year's egg had two arches. I don't want to speculate too much on the side with the large egg-bubble, at least until the year is completely over. And truth be told, unless maybe some of the remaining older relatives in my mom's side know what to make of it, we have no idea what a large bubble of egg-white means, if anything. It's not a money bubble (trust me), and my thoughts were leaning more towards it representing a gestation of something important to come later, possibly in the next year. The shape on that side is rather mountainous, and could mean that I end up back in Colorado before the next New Years Eve, but again, don't want to speculate too much on it right now.

The left side in the above picture, which was on the right side in the original orientation with the candles, looked to me like the face of a large building. I felt that the spires on either side were an important feature, but what type of structure it was showing was beyond me. Until, possibly, Syncsummit Day 2 at the Sleeptrain Amphitheater.


It's not a perfect facsimile, but then again, it is an egg in a glass of water. Two spires, hell it's even white. The opposite side of the egg which I said looks mountainous could conceivably be the grassy knoll we syncheads gathered on that day. The bubble could then have something to do with the friendships formed there. Call me crazy, but I think that this event, certainly one of the most significant of my life, let alone this year, was divined by my trusty Grade AAA cage-free egg.

Now while I was writing this out, and also avoiding writing this out by constantly checking Facebook, I happened across a science article about the idea that "Time is an emergent phenomenon that is a side effect of quantum entanglement."

Basically, what had happened was that any attempt to combine General Relativity with Quantum Mechanics would result in incomprehensible equations filled with infinities, and the Wheeler-DeWitt solution, which removed the infinities, introduced the idea that time doesn't exist in the universe. In fact, from the outside, it would appear as if nothing at all were happening within the universe (kinda like that World Egg, no?), "a prediction that is clearly at odds with the observational evidence."
In this case, the observer cannot detect any difference between the photons without becoming entangled with one or the other. And if there is no difference, the system appears static. In other words, time does not emerge.
I feel like this speaks to the egg symbolism I quoted previously. Just let it roll around in your egghead for a bit.
[The] results depend on how the observation is made. One way to do this is to compare the change in the entangled particles with an external clock that is entirely independent of the universe. This is equivalent to a god-like observer outside the universe measuring the evolution of the particles using an external clock.
In this case, [...] the particles would appear entirely unchanging — time would not exist in this scenario.
But there is another way to do it that gives a different result. This is for an observer inside the universe to compare the evolution of the particles with the rest of the universe. In this case, the internal observer would see a change, and this difference in the evolution of entangled particles compared with everything else is an important a measure of time.
This is an elegant and powerful idea. It suggests that time is an emergent phenomenon that comes about because of the nature of entanglement. And it exists only for observers inside the universe. Any god-like observer outside sees a static, unchanging universe.
It is an elegant and powerful idea, but I'm leaning toward a more occult understanding of the universal microcosm of your own mind, and how perturbations of conscious, and contact with the Other, can elicit states of timelessness.

One symbol which Alan Green brought up in relation to the synchunting at the concert was that the Bridge Benefit logo looked like a planchette, used in divination as with the Ouija board, and it looked like a winged sun disc. But that's not the only thing with wings from the time of two-dimensional people, there are also depictions of floating eggs and eggs with wings. Here's a more modern example:

Quoting again from The Secret Doctrine:
The Egg was the symbol of life in immortality and eternity; as also the glyph of the generative matrix; and the tau, associated with it, only of life and birth in generation. The Mundane Egg was placed in Khnoom, the “Water of Space,” or the feminine abstract principle; and when Phtah, the “fiery god,” carries the Mundane egg in his hand, then the symbolism becomes quite terrestrial and concrete in its significance. In conjunction with the hawk, the symbol of Osiris-Sun, the symbol is dual: it relates to both lives — the mortal and the immortal. In Kircher’s OEdipus Egyptiacus one can see, on the papyrus engraved in it, an egg floating above the mummy. This is the symbol of hope and the promise of a second birth for the Osirified dead; his Soul, after due purification in the Amenti, will gestate in this egg of immortality, to be reborn from it into a new life on earth. For this Egg, in the esoteric Doctrine, is the Devachan, the abode of Bliss; the winged scarabeus being alike a symbol of it.

The “winged globe” is but another form of the egg, and has the same significance as the scarabeus, the Khopiroo (from the root Khoproo “to become,” “to be reborn,”) which relates to the rebirth of man, as well as to his spiritual regeneration.
This birth, or rebirth, is from the shell or dome of the heavens. Truman's world is called Seahaven, an anagram of "As Heaven," perhaps, "As above," so below. It may be what the Ship In A Bottle is telling us: that we are trapped within own minds, and macrocosmically, we are all trapped within a static and unchanging universe from God's point of view; but from a Christ point of view, within the universe, we are all of us going home.

Carry me home to the love that I know 
Is waiting for me at the end of the sea 
And I’ve packed my belongings and said my goodbyes 
The ship in the bottle is ready to ride the waves

UPDATE: The synctrain continues in this update which tracks some immediate synchronicities which followed my posting of this particular article.

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Hall of Two Truths - A 42 Minutes podcast

Woooo! I actually updated this blog at least once this month!

I filled in for Will and Doug at the 42 Minutes podcast in a one-man show where I "do it myself" for about 40 minutes. Click here to download or listen. You're welcome. xD

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The Stygian Port - Video Collection Torrent

That's right, I finally made a torrent of my videos. Right now I'm the only seeder, and the whole thing is 6.5GB, so it's going to take a while to download until more people are seeding the whole thing. If you don't have a torrent client, get one ( and then come back here and download my torrent:

It includes the DVD version of Here Is Wisdom, so you can watch it uncut and/or burn it to a DVD, and it includes the three videos I made for the "make fun of synchromysticism" blog The Stynk Hole. There are a few things which are not included, but as I intend to make more videos in the near future, there will probably be another torrent or two in the years to come.

Update: I forgot to say, once you download the torrent, keep it in there and keep the torrent client connected to the net and SEED SEED SEED. Thanks ;D

Update 2: Sorry guys & gals (gals, please call me), I was out of town for a week and then moved so I have been lacking in seeding, and my IP address has changed, but everything should be back up and running and I'm going to seed from my laptop too, to get my massive torrent down your pipline faster and faster and... *whew* I'm off to bed.

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"You are the center of the mandala." -- Terence McKenna

The circumpunct, or circle with a dot in the center, represents many things which ultimately serve as analogies for the one thing: the monad, the holy mountain at the center of the world, the magician in his magic circle, the "I" in the triangle, the self.

From The Da Vinci Code
“Sir, the circumpunct has countless meanings. In ancient Egypt, it was the symbol for Ra—the sun god—and modern astronomy still uses it as the solar symbol. In Eastern philosophy, it represents the spiritual insight of the Third Eye, the divine rose, and the sign of illumination. The Kabbalists use it to symbolize the Kether—the highest Sephiroth and ‘the most hidden of all hidden things.’ Early mystics called it the Eye of God and it’s the origin of the All-Seeing Eye on the Great Seal. The Pythagoreans used the circumpunct as the symbol of the Monad—the Divine Truth, the Prisca Sapientia, the at-one-ment of mind and soul..."

It is the symbol for the most elementary element, Hydrogen, and in alchemy, for gold which is the metal associated with the sun whose symbol in astrology is the same, stemming from the ancient image of the sun as a wheel, circle or spiral with a central point or hub. Hydrogen is the most basic element, and the alchemists held gold symbolically up as the ultimate achievement of evolution of all particles of matter. Using the same symbol for both hints at the process from beginning to end, alpha to omega: hydrogen to gold. The alchemists say that it takes a seed of gold to make gold, and I say that it takes a seed of God to make God. The dot in the center is that seed, it is you in the center of your own universe. You can reach out into infinity in all directions and therefore circumscribe the limits of your own personal universe and reality within a circle, or really, a sphere.

If God made Man in His image, and God made the universe and/or is everything in the universe, then Man is a microcosm of the macrocosm and is essentially god, and the universe itself, in miniature: Man as a homunculus. The constellations of the zodiac are connected to areas on the body so that the zodiac, when unrolled, represents a macrocosmic man in the sky. The twelve houses are the grades, degrees or steps which the sun, Sol/Soul--your consciousness or ego--travels through during its material incarnation. On the even more microcosmic scale: your body is covered in fractal homunculi, like those used in acupressure and acupuncture where the points on your ear, hand, or foot represent the parts of the whole body.

From the bible, Mathew 18:18, "Verily I say unto you, whatsoever you shall bind on earth shall be what has been bound in heaven, and whatsoever you shall loose on earth shall be what has been loosed in heaven." Whatever doors you open and close in your self are opened and closed in your universe, an extension of the self, which is totally unique to you. There never was someone like you and there never will be, and no one will ever have your experience of reality. And if you want to adjust what you see around you, you need to adjust your perception and understanding of what is around you. Essentially, whatever you hold true on earth shall be held true in heaven.

The germ, seed, flower, and tree of life is a fractal design from Sacred Geometry which can be scaled up and up while maintaining the basic central pattern which encodes the revelation that the seed contains the tree. In Kabbalah, it is said that each point on the framework known as the Tree of Life contains its own tree within it. And we can imagine that the tree we are looking at could therefore be just a single point on a larger tree, and so on ad infinitum.

You'll notice that each point in the flower of life image is both the center of one circle, a circumpunct, and a point on the circumference of another circle. The shape of the vesica piscis is formed from the intersection of two circles around a common radii. This can be easily visualized in a Venn diagram of only two circles.

The Venn diagram attempts to find a common ground between two or more apparently different phenomena.  What is discovered growing in the fertile common ground created by the union of the different spheres is the interference pattern that produces the divine child, the new idea, or the experience: the manifested union of opposites. It is happening right now as you read these words which stem from the center of my universe and touch the edge of yours.

Now, reach out and touch someone. ;)

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Adventures Across the ∞th Dimension

All of this has happened before, and it will happen again.

the owls are not what they seem

Author Mike Clelland, on his blog hidden experience, investigates the synchro-oddities of what he dubs "The Evolutionary Triad": a three-stage evolutionary process which is depicted specifically in two films which opened very close to each-other, Planet of the Apes and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

He quotes abductee Ray Fowler's book The Watchers,

Are modern humans some sort of genetic alteration using a chimpanzee fetus? If we go one step further, are the gray aliens a genetic alteration using the human fetus?

We are presented with these triads:

2001: A Space Odyssey: Ape-Man or proto-human, modern Man, and future Man or Star-Child
Planet of the Apes: ape-like unintelligent Man, modern Man, and intelligent Ape-Man

His take on these two movies is that Planet is an inversion of 2001: one begins with a stargate and one ends with a stargate. In one, man has devolved into pre-intelligence while his experiment, the ape, has evolved to fill man's shoes. In the other film, man clearly comes from apes made intelligent by outside agencies, and continued meddling with man's DNA leads to near godhood at the end of the film.

There is no shortage of theories on the genetic manipulation of human beings, and maybe it's a little bit of egomania to think we couldn't have possibly come from these dirty stupid animals, like the unintelligent-humans in Planet of the Apes. Then again, there are plenty of questions about our evolution, including the sudden rise in brain size during a relatively slow evolution. The heads of modern white males are also increasing in size. Perhaps other heads are growing too but the research hasn't been done. I can tell you my nephew with Aspergers syndrome has a massive dome-piece, and I heard the screams from my poor sister when she had to push it out! The reason for our intelligence is our long gestation and infantile growth period. Other animals pop out of their moms ready to traverse the Savannah, but a baby human is completely helpless. We are essentially premature births, and because of that, our heads can grow larger once outside of the womb, and we can spend more time learning with less reliance on strong animal instincts, ie: no longer relying on the reptilian brain.

Extrapolating from that idea, we can assume that a premature human (who started as a premature ape), could evolve into something with an even more massive cranium, such as the stereotypical "grey" alien. In fact, it is thought by those who study the alien phenomenon that these aliens are inserting their babies, for a time, into human hosts and retrieving them before the pregnancy becomes too obvious, where they continue to gestate in an artificial environment that allows such expansive growth with would naturally be restricted by the vaginal opening and the space available in the human womb.

the wandjina of australia's aboriginal mythology

The aliens most common to earth, human interaction, conspiracy theory, and UFO pop culture are the: greys (tall and short), and the reptilians (both native to earth and alien in origin). Also, there are plenty of humanoids, potential hybrids, and potential genetic sources for humans if not the greys themselves.

Mythology is filled with serpents, and even a few instances of large-headed and large-eyed beings, though they are far less prominent than the reptile archetype.

the ugliest kings of earth, or something more sinister?

Just like alien visitors and channeled messages, I can't give any answers and those ideas I do present are probably as real as the movies I'm referencing, which is to say, real in a sense. I mean, the movies, or the information, does in fact exist and it does change people's lives. The conclusions are up to you, but I recommend not taking the information to one extreme or another, and keep in mind that they always, always, mix truth with lies.

When looking for an explanation, we might turn to channeled alien beings, such as in the below video. A man under hypnosis recalls childhood trauma at the hands of the greys--his dead mom in attendance--and then later at 16 years old is afraid of the second species to contact him, and in adulthood has grown to like the second species of alien which he channels in the greater part of the video, and who refers to himself as an Elohim; one of the species who made Man in their image, as the polytheistic version of the story of Genesis tells us. (We are given two versions of our Genesis in the bible: In one "God" makes us in his image, and in another "the Gods" make us in their image.) I recommend skipping past the first 20-30 minutes if you decide to watch this, his Kiwi accent, loud screaming and overall poor quality make him impossible to understand. Once you get into the channeled information, the story is pretty typical. 

channeled information, hoax, or channeled hoax?

An interesting point in the video is when the hypnotist asked why the man was frightened by the 'good' aliens when he was a teenager. The response went something like "If I gave you a full-grown dragon, you would be afraid of it, right? But if I gave you a baby dragon which you raised to adulthood, you wouldn't fear it." I wonder why this Alien-Angel compares seeing him to seeing a dragon? It reminds me of Arthur C. Clarke's book Childhood's End where the aliens look like our depiction of the devil, and therefore they have to be careful about how they approach man without scaring him off. You're familiar with the devil, I'm sure, the guy usually depicted as a serpent or dragon.

I happened across a link today to a thread on anti-open-discussion website Above Top Secret. (Ok, that's not fair. I guess there are a handful of people there who don't spend all day derailing and trolling threads.) In it, the thread author presents his view of the alien phenomenon, apparently originating from a dream-dialogue he had experienced spanning three episodes over four weeks, or it is possibly a hoax, or possibly both. The story begins with the Big Bang where multiple parallel universes were created, potentially infinite, but only so many "earths" harbor life, or intelligent life for that matter. Continuing with that in mind,

From what I have been made to understand, on one of these worlds, during what we call the Silurian Period, life left the sea and had the beginnings of intelligent thought. The fossil records of that world show how these creatures made nests on the beaches by manipulating their environment. They also made what look like catch pools to harvest other sea creatures. They were the top species. Eventually they grew and changed. They evolved. Today, they are known as the Greys.

It took them longer to learn the sciences, well, longer than our own species. They did get there eventually. And one of their greatest scientific achievements was access to other dimensions, other “Earths”. Here they found that life was special as more often than not, the other dimensional “Earths” were completely devoid of life. That spark, that chemical reaction that started it all just didn’t happen on some worlds.

Another thing they found was that intelligent life is rarer still. It was about 50 million years ago that they found another species showing intelligence (sorry humans, not you). On another Earth, there was no mass extinction of the dinosaurs. One species showed rudimentary intelligence. The Greys started working with this species.

It wasn’t long before this reptilian species came into their own. They were groomed and guided by the greys. They soon learned most of the grey’s knowledge and science. They were close to becoming their equals.

However, the reptilians were becoming more and more disenchanted with what the greys had done. They felt that they were not given the opportunity to evolve and learn on their own as a species. They say that the greys forever changed who they were as a species. Their freedom of choice was stripped from them early in their development.

This did not preclude them from continuing to learn the sciences brought to them by the greys. It wasn’t long before they too were able to cross dimensions. And it wasn’t long before they too found a species showing intelligence. They were on an Earth where reptilians were wiped out millennia ago. This did not help their attitude.

The reptilians saw this new species as one they could shape into their own universal views. They proclaimed themselves as gods and used this new populace as slave labor. They felt the labor performed by this species was adequate payment for the sciences they were taught (agriculture, writing, math etc…). The experiments conducted on this species were to further scientific advancement, or at least that is what the reptilians told themselves.

It took the greys a few centuries more to finally arrive in this dimension. They were not pleased. From the greys point of view, the reptilians were doing to the humans what the greys had done to the reptilians. That is the reptilians were abnormally shaping the humans. They were not giving them the opportunity to become their own species. The reptilian view was that humans would have never amounted to anything had they not helped.

This is where the first battles occurred between the grays and reptilians. Eventually the greys won and the reptilians left our world. The greys also took some of the sciences taught to our ancestors by removing books and individuals who had this knowledge.

One other thing that was decided is that while we were to be left alone, we were also to become a grand experiment. How does a species left to its own devices develop culture and civilizations. How do they manage as a whole as well as individuals?
Those of you familiar with alien-lore have probably heard the idea that the reptilian aliens are not genuine aliens, as they are actually another intelligent species evolving in parallel with humans, though in this story, they are evolving on a parallel earth and cross-over from time to time. An article from last year has just popped up in my facebook feed today which spoke of the idea that intelligent reptoids may rule other planets ("other planets" why not this one, at least in a parallel world? Maybe parallel Obama sometimes overlaps real Obama giving us the "shapeshifting" image? Kidding!). 

There are interesting mythological parallels to the idea of man coming out of another animal, such as the Jonah and the Whale story, the heraldic Biscione symbol, or the tales of Jason and the Argonauts where Jason is consumed and regurgitated by a giant serpent.

Jason is attended by Athena, a goddess who, like other female gods, is often depicted with an owl. The owl symbol, mentioned by Clelland and others, appears in UFOlogy as an eerie connection to the large-headed and large-eyed grey aliens. This idea shows up in the alien-themed horror film, The Fourth Kind, where the owl represents a kind of "screen memory" blocking out exactly what it was that was seen. My cousin has seen a very large white owl stalking his neighborhood, and even attacking his sister, and there are other stories of owls behaving strangely or appearing in place of aliens in the recollections of abduction events. One could easily get carried off into conspiracy-culture with mention of owl symbolism, so I'll leave it here and let those so inclined spend the next year or so of their lives looking at pictures of the Bohemian Grove.

While the grey alien might look like an owl, it feels like a fish, or at least according to accounts of abductees: the grey aliens are squishy and extremely weak. They are also thought to be essentially biological robots, though this might be a misunderstanding of their emotionless presence; either way they seem to be even less capable of living on land as humans. The aquatic-ape theory holds that humans evolved from a semi-aquatic ape, which would explain our noses, skin, subcutaneous fat, controlled breathing leading to speech, and other factors which are hard to explain from a strictly monkey-based evolutionary process. Maybe or maybe not, but perhaps on a parallel earth an intelligent species evolved directly from an aquatic or semi-aquatic animal. Dolphins, mammals like us, seem to be very close to humans in emotions and intelligence.

I want to again quote the ayahuasca vision from the book Holographic Universe. I originally presented the below quote in my article Land of the Dead, which has served as inspiration for much of my later 'work.'

In 1960 the American Museum of Natural History sent [Michael] Harner on a year-long expedition to study the Conibo, and while there he asked the Amazonian natives to tell him about their religious beliefs. They told him that if he really wished to learn, he had to take a shamanic sacred drink made from a hallucinogenic plant known as ayahuasca, the "soul vine." He agreed and after drinking the bitter concoction had an out-of-body experience in which he traveled [to] a level of reality populated by what appeared to be the gods and devils of the Conibo's mythology. He saw demons with grinning crocodilian heads. He watched as an "energy-essence" rose up out of his chest and floated toward a dragon-headed ship manned by Egyptian-style figures with blue-jay heads; and he felt what he thought was the slow, advancing numbness of his own death.
But the most dramatic experience he had during his spirit journey was an encounter with a group of winged, dragon-like beings that emerged from his spine. After they had crawled out of his body, they "projected" a visual scene in front of him in which they showed him what they said was the "true" history of the earth. Through a kind of "thought language" they explained that they were responsible for both the origin and evolution of all life on the planet. Indeed, they resided not only in human beings, but in all life, and had created the multitude of living forms that populates the earth to provide themselves with a hiding place from some undisclosed enemy in outer space. 
After this concatenation of visions was over, Harner sought out a blind Conibo shaman noted for his paranormal talents to talk to him about the experience. The shaman, who had made many excursions into the spirit world, nodded occasionally as Harner related the events that had befallen him, but when he told the old man about the dragon-like beings and their claim that they were the true masters of the earth, the shaman smiled with amusement. "Oh, they're always saying that. But they are only the Masters of Outer Darkness," he corrected.
It should be noted that the winged serpents actually looked like coils of DNA, though at the time the shape of DNA was not yet known or not widely known and so the anthropologist did not make the connection at the time. So, did the Reptilian "aliens" fiddle with our genetics are the above channeled information, dream information, and ayahuasca-induced information suggests? Facebook friend Christopher Myers once challenged Graham Hancock on his disinterest in the ancient alien hypothesis (of which Hancock was having none of it), by mentioning to the author that humans, out of 24,750 genes, possess 250 unique genes which have no terrestrial origin.

I may have confused everyone by starting this blog post with an owl reference, but I can assure you it made sense in my head. I watched all of Twin Peaks recently, where I got the phrase "the owls are not what they seem," where owls are linked to what seems to be alien abductions. An owl shows up, there's a bright flash of light, and like an X-Files episode, someone comes wandering out of the woods two days later. There is also mention of the Air Force UFO debunking project, "Blue Book."

Currently I'm working on my chapter for the Contact book by Project Psycube, and in it I quote a DMT trip, 

This mad ball of fantabulous trippy energy, slowly receding but still there like this massive party, these fucking little crazy little gnomes, yeah that's why people talk about gnomes or elves, spirits whatever you like to call them but they are there, that is their world, do you know what I mean? I mean you talk about your trip going to the land of the gnome king, you know, fairies and pixies and gnomes and elves they're all real, they just live in different worlds...
The connections between UFOlogy and psychedelics has not gone unnoticed, as there are many common elements including Mantis and Reptilian entities. I bring up this quote, however, because I was reminded today that in the movie The Labyrinth, the Goblin King shape-shifts into an owl. I also find it interesting that, as a self-described "night owl," I tend to be most active during the hours when both owls and big-headed aliens are stalking their prey.

the owls are... goblins?

Going back to Mike Clelland's evolutionary triad, where are humans headed in their evolution now? He points out that the Star-Child suggests a larger-headed phase ahead of us in evolution, as if the greys represent our future. Did we come from greys, via reptilians, and are going back to becoming like the greys ourselves? Going full-circle, as it were; completing the mythological cycle.

Apropos of pretty much nothing: in my Land of the Dead article, as well as in The Journey Back Home, I bring up Crab symbolism, and then I read today that the Cancer constellation is represented by the Ouroboros, the serpent or dragon who eats it's own tail.

The constellation used to be the point of the summer solstice in the Northern hemisphere, and as such was considered to be the "Gate of Man" where our souls came through into our physical incarnation. A poetic image, which includes the idea that we come into our individual "shells," like the crab, which are our bodies that have many limitations but allow us to grow, learn, and evolve. It was also, due to the diminishing sunlight from that point forward, considered to be where the sun entered the Underworld.

On a personal note: I do a little pendulum divination thing to determine the number and sex of the children a person will have (1 girl and 1 boy for me, I think). I combined this with automatic drawing so instead of using a pendulum, I used a pencil on paper. Well, after the "girl" and "boy" images were complete, the pendulum/pencil made the "null" pattern meaning "no more kids" (it doesn't move when prompted) but on the paper it wasn't just sitting still like the pendulum should, it actually drew what I can only describe as an infinity symbol and an Ouroboros.

Friday, March 1, 2013


So.. I was reading an article about the number 666 recently, your typical information we all know, and I started thinking about the diagonal lines on the Magic Square of the Sun which add to 111 but which don't make 666 because there's only two of them, and so you have 6 rows equaling 111 and totaling 666, and 6 columns of 111 for another 666, but two diagonals of 111 for 222 total. Child actors Corey Feldman and Cory Haim had a longtime rivalry between who's favorite number was the perfect number, Feldman's 22 or Haim's 222: "Nobody will understand the magic of 22/222."
Some of you might take note of Cory Feldman's hot air ballon with a small "O" circling the 222, and a large Z from the TMZ watermark coming together in a very nice 'Oz' moment. (Also, written on the basket is his sons name, Zen.)
Nobody will ever understand the brotherhood we shared. Nobody will ever get the inside jokes we told. Nobody will understand the magic of 22/222
So besides that.. Two or Deuce is a name for the Devil: "what the deuce?" becomes "what the devil?" Lucifer, the 2nd thing in the universe next to god is Number Two who runs the matrix video game we are in. Aaanyways, I figured that to take the 666,666,222 and make it a triplicate of triple-sixes, the crossed diagonals which equal 222 when combined need be counted 3 times: a triple count of the triple X in the box, making it equal 666 total for the diagonals. Hmm, B-O-X = 2-15-24 = 2-6-6. Triple that BOX and you have the magic square/x-box of the sun: 222 diagonals, 666 rows, and 666 columns! I went and threw together a picture to try to flesh out this random thought, and I noticed that the corner numbers, when tripled or written in triplicate, could be significant too. There's the 1 which can be 111 or 3, and the 6 for 666 or 18, the already significant 36 becoming the important number of Hinduism: 108. In LOST, the hatch countdown clock ran for 108 minutes and when it reached zero it spelled out UNDERWORLD in Egyptian hieroglyphs. 108 is half 216. And the last corner number is the seemingly innocuous 31 which becomes a Thelemic 93 when tripled. Thelemites use 93 as shorthand for Aleister Crowley's law of Thelema: "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law" and "Love is the law, love under will."
Oh yeah, so I leech free wifi from the neighbors, and I just found out that my current IP address has a 108 and a 93 in it!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ojo de Dios

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


What are you saving up to be.. Jewish?