Thursday, May 13, 2010

Total Recall vs The Sixth Day

Here's an old video I made just for my own amusement. I was going to include it in a collaborative project but the other blogger and I decided to do something else. I've been gone for two weeks then have been busy since I've been back, so while I'm waiting for a few collaborations to pan out, I've decided to start working on two videos, one short one and one long one that may never get completed knowing me. :D PS: I made it for jewtube originally so it's a bit condensed and doesn't cover all the similarities, but they wouldn't allow embedding on it so I had to transfer it to Vimeo.

I could have gone into an old school synchromystic mode and pointed out how Adam's mirror has 9 and 11 on it, and that he makes thermite which may have been used in the towers on 9/11. He makes it at his snow/ski vacation store which is next to a pyramid shaped building ("pillarmid") surrounded by K2 ski/snowboard brand logos. But 'eh, that's so boring.


Alex Robinson said...

Marvellous! Plus you have answered an enigma.

I watched Total Recall a little while ago & was left 'unsatisfied' (not the Arnie is satisfying you understand) - but it was not as I seemed to remember it - now I know that was because half of it was 'missing' & these twins had been melded in my mind.

Cheers for that :)

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how well this fits with the last installment of my video series. Granted I saw this video of yours well before I started my series, but I had forgotten to mention Arnold and his duplicate selves. Good thing you're here to fill in the gaps in my memory tubes.

When I was much younger all Total Recall made me think of was women with multiple breasts. It just doesn't seem right.

onequalreason said...

Hi there...I was wondering if there´s a "sample" story in all these movies the Elite is feeding to us...that twin sinchronicity between TR and 6D was right on the spot.
One question:
- Why is it that Clowns are always used in movies as the bad guys? Batman and Akira use this ideology, and we see some "singers" having the Circus inconic imprint!!!

Amazing job once again.

Unknown said...

Alex Robinson, hehe, yeah I always to watch these movies back-to-back once realizing they went together so well.

startheory, just doing my part for the collective blogger consciousness. Yeah, three breasts seems wrong... then again...

onequalreason, The "twin theme" seems to be part of Arnold's overall mythology, like Will Smith is a solar messiah, and Jim Carrey is the Green Man, and so on. I was watching part of True Lies on TV yesterday and Arnold's character walks past a giant x-ray machine that can see down to his bones, just like in Total Recall. Also in True Lies, Arnold has 2 personalities, his real life, and his secret agent cover story. In my first video I compare his character "Adam Gibson" to the biblical Adam who was made in two: a spiritual and earthly Adam. Arnold is known for his body building, as if he were to represent the perfect earthly male. Also, I talk about twins in movies in my star theory podcasts (and in the blog post for the last link I gave for my first video), and I think my theory explains it well enough: the redemption of the "bad twin." ("Bad Twin" is a novel made for tv's LOST, and might refer to the 'Man In Black' if you follow the show!)

As far as clowns go... they're probably meant to represent the trickster gods who had no problem doing nasty things to people though they're mostly harmless and presumably meant to teach people a lesson (like The Joker in The Dark Knight perhaps). Nice Akira reference, oldskool! I never really thought about it tho..? Thanks for the comment ;)

... said...

That is so weird. I'd never thought about it before. Arnie plays multiple roles in alot of his movies, like in Batman & Robin, and The Last Action Hero! These things are so obvious but you never notice them.

I think there is a subtle drive to 'turn public opinion' in favour of cloning technology, where there is still a lot of controversy about morals and ethics out-weighing the scientific advantages 'envisioned' for human experimentation.



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