Monday, February 22, 2010

Star Theory Podcast

I was on the Star Theory podcast Wednesday, click here to stream it, or click here to download it. It's 2 hours long.

If you haven't checked out my last Dinner With The Celtic Rebel podcast, I do recommend it. Alex thinks it's the best one yet! (If such a thing could be possible!? They're all so gooood.)


Immortel said...

Intresting podcast

Funfact: Before the 20's girl babies used to wear blue and boys wore pink. They just flipped it around around ww2. (I heard it on QI, havent found it on google yet...)

Immortel said...

Google has some Answers:

Immortel said...

"The preferred color to dress young boys in was pink! Blue was
reserved for girls as it was considered the paler, more dainty of the
two colors, and pink was thought to be the stronger (akin to red). It
was not until WWII that the colors were reversed and pink was used for
girls and blue for boys..." - Quote from Dress Maker Magazine

Anonymous said...

Great suprise! ;)

The Finland vs. Usa hockey game sucks so this will serve as much better edutainment.

Thank you.


Immortallywounded said...

This was a good interview and I think you should do another sooner rather than later. I'm now convinced that I'm the antichrist as well :P. I was actually in the chat and was enjoying listening to it so much that I forgot to call in. Give me a chance to right that wrong brother.

Unknown said...

Immortel, hey, interesting thing, shows how arbitrary that kinda stuff it.

Corbeau, haha I keep hearing about the hokey. Did the USA really beat Canada? :D

Immortallywounded, hey glad you were so into it ;) I do feel like I kept going off on tangents and more could have been said on all the topics, maybe we'll do another.

Unknown said...

Finishing up this last post in the Holy Mt. series now. It should be up on March 1st. Then I'll be working on a video which could be out in April or earlier. And then I'm going to be working with another blogger on some synchro movie post. And sometime there will be one more podcast between The Celtic Rebel and I coming out as well. So, that's the schedule here at the Port, mark your calendars! Or just check back once a month :D

Brian said...

Styggy baby WE LUVS YA!!!!!!!!!

Did ayahuasca in Peru before xmas. Very powerful experience. But (un)fortunately I am back in Ireland and the ayahuasca 'feeling' doesn't last forever. Being a tourist to shamanistic realms was just scratching the surface for me but life goes on and maybe can revisit it later. Unless maybe you and celtic rebel have a synchro-mega-ritual-xbox-grid-pattern retreat in the amazon :P

Glad you talk about many interesting subjects on this podcast. Kudos to you both.

Unknown said...

Haha Brian! Cool stuff. I hear you feel really close to nature afterwards. Hey maybe me and Alex can set something up. He can host "Anal Sex: How To" seminars and I can explain how we're all the walking dead in a soul trapping matrix! Ok, that doesn't sound like an exciting retreat :D

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Anonymous said...

Well, I stand up next to a mountain
And I chop it down with the edge of my hand
Well, I pick up all the pieces and make an island
Might even raise a little sand

Unknown said...

Ferdinand! Thanks, had to put my Jimi CD in and give it another listen ;)

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