Monday, February 8, 2010

My Dinner With The Celtic Rebel - Part 4

twisting the night away

Before getting into the podcast, I'm happy to announce that Alex has is own weekly show now on the Oracle Broadcasting Network. First show is on next Sunday, Feb 14th, Valentine's Day, at 10pm Central (Click to see what the local time will be for you.)

The rumors weren't true, there's not much to read here 'cept the 'cast. So enjoy that and these pics of Zardoz :D

download link (~163 minutes!)


Anonymous said...

My prayers have been answered!

Now thats why i call a podcast with enough length:)

Thank you both.


Unknown said...

Yes, my son, we hear all prayers, we just ignore them most of the time! Glad you are happy about the length. I hope we penetrated enough issues to bring your day to a satisfying climax!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I've not even cracked this puppy ... just wanted to say I've been syncing with General ZOD from Superman II, reminds me of your pics.

aferrismoon said...

Boormn went on to make 'The Emerald Forest' keeping the Oz synchs going.

Am inloading the podcast now. Duhn-Duh Da daaaaaaa!!!


Anonymous said...

Did you catch how after we finish talking about Me and Lucy, it cuts into "dancing with the older QUEEN, dolled up in her DIAMOND rings?" Oh, and somewhere before that it may say "now Lucy."

And, that, was unplanned. I think it's called synchronicity. :-)

Anonymous said...

just read in Manly that the Jews changed the fly into an evil symbol ... used to mean God's murmuring ... now we've got the demon Ba'al Zebûb

Brian said...

Analysis of Zardoz is super and the podcast is seriously funny too. Need to re-listen to take it all in. Great stuff...

Just watched "The Box". It has some very interesting ideas going on. Have you seen it?

Also Sherlock Holmes has the X, grid patterns and gay shit going on as well just like you talked about in the podcast with many other films..


Unknown said...

"agitated aligator", why the name change? Heh, General Zod, haven't seen that movie in a loong time. I'm not sure if I would have ever though of flies as 'good', anything that lands on poo and can then land on my food isn't high on that list.

aferrismoon, hope you enjoy to 'cast :D

celticrebel, interesting how synchs having to do with Lucy keep coming up!

Brian, thanks but you may want to wait before you re-listen, it could have devastating effects! Haven't seen The Box yet but it's definitely on my to-watch list, I mean, just look at the name!

Anonymous said...

poo seems to be the latest sync ... lets us not forget the scarab and the other interpretation of feces as regeneration

I changed my name cause I really like the words "Violent Violet" and "Agitated Alligator" ... just a phase

aferrismoon said...

Cast was fine. makes a change from super well prodooced Mighty Media Producktions

The idea of living eternally seems to have struck a chord with the rich and celebrity standard types. Plastic surgery etc.
+ the mass killing of the disenfranchised to provide more space and , y'know, frredom for the specials.

Zardoz = Cain, who brings down the vain Abel. [ Abel = hebrew for 'vanity']

He's Zardoz nails!

Oddly I was gonna call my last post BRIDE.

The film with the man turned into sausage is PRIME CUT. The film is about extortion payments twixt kansas City and Chicago.

U commented at my latest post about the Dairy cows, they are stills from the film


Unknown said...

agitated aligator, well poo is a symbol of reconciliation of differences and bringing together of opposites, or at least things which don't come together in nature.

aferrismoon, cool Cain V Abel stuff. I ended up figuring out it was Prime Cut and did see the movie. ;)

Unknown said...

It is sooo true about girls today being programmed for anal. I graduated high school a decade ago, and in this area a girl would have had to be a total slut to do that. Now, I hear stories from my younger relatives about high school aged girls who have been programmed, and the result is that a number of them will allow it in the butt, and not in the vagina.

I have heard this guy, Archbishop Fulton Sheen, in an entire speech about the different Greek words for love. Talking about philio love, like Philadelphia, or love for your fellow human, (not gay love, Alex) agape love is a different kind of love. The love a mother deer shows for its offspring is yet another kind of love, different still, because it is instinctual.

I remember when anti-Semite meant people who hate Jews, but now anti-Semite means people who Jews hate!

Remember that the bible also states in the New Testament that circumcision is not required in the new covenant.

Alan Watt’s first part of his cutting through the matrix series is about the Androgynous/ Hermaphroditic Agenda. I have not read it yet, but you mention something that makes me think you may have, Alex.

Fuck, Alex! I am really happy with my fucking circumcised unit. Ego aside, I really wouldn’t have it any other way. But my son is two years old and I think he still remembers his circumcision. I don’t think it healed as soon as it could, and I’ll definitely be reconsidering this practice if we have another son.

F.U.C.K. I am told that this stands for FORNICATION UNDER CONSENT of the KING.

Unknown said...

Ryan, "I remember when anti-Semite meant people who hate Jews, but now anti-Semite means people who Jews hate!"

Haha, that's good. Yeah, I like my chopped pickle too, but I never knew it any other way so I dunno. I'm just glad I didn't end up with micropenis, quite the opposite actually if there's any female fans out there.. :D Interesting F.U.C.K. definition, I wouldn't be surprised if it was from that.

mace556 said...

Ryan, Alan Watt's books are probably the best I have ever read in my entire life!...It's really deep and very well written and documented stuff...he even talks and writes alot about synchronicity, the x-box/matrix, spirits trapped in matter and especially about the masonic code/spell called "english", they're filled very interesting "puns" I highly recommend them.

Unknown said...

mace556, I love Alan Watts but not Alan Watt :D

mace556 said...

I dont know much about WattS, but Watt's really covers some of the same topics you guys do, at least he did in the past with his older "blurbs" etc, all the recent RBN shows only cover the usual political NWO basics...but his older stuff is really deep, he's definitely not another "jones clone", believe me ;)

"I always say to people that you have to go back into your own life and most people will find it, if they can remember when they were youngsters, it's more than synchronicity when you start talking about the same things at exactly the same time, or you start singing the songs at the same time. These are simple demonstrations of a kind of communication between people. We sort of grow out of it or it’s drummed out of us as we get older. As to the higher things, I think, to be honest with you, you have to become so sick of the world, at some point, so sick of it that you're looking for something beyond all of this. You can see plenty evil around you in the world, but you see very little good, you know, on a large scale that is. There's a lot of good happening on an individual scale, people helping people, that kind of thing, but really, evil runs the world, so you have to, as I say, almost retreat from the world for a while to find yourself. I think that's when you get the experiences." -Alan Watt

Anonymous said...

Just to address some of what "popped up" here. Thanks to AfMoon, just realized it was Boorman who made one of my favorite films "eXcalibur." I'd heard the FUCK explanation before, but believe the origins of the word go further back and are much more "diabolical." But, have saving that for an upcoming and long-overdue post. We'll get to "the box" too.

As for "pickles" ... naturally it'd be hard for anyone who's spent a lifetime [or several considering the attention granted to] getting acquainted with their member to imagine it any other way. The reason our rulers decided to give the mark of indenture to infants instead of the egyptian custom was cause they knew your average teenage boy would look at that knife and say, "no fucking way!" I'm not advocating "restoration" like some of the lunatics on the net ... or "regret" ... but the mutilation/abuse [it is painful/traumatic] of infants needs to STOP!

Honestly, if the sea monkeys did it to themselves either via coercion or media brainwashing ["don't you want a cock like vince on entourage"], I'd care a lot less.

aferrismoon said...

I ve heard Forbidden Use of Carnal Knowledge.

Also a video out called DEFAMATION , made by Yav Shamir, about Anti-Semitism


Unknown said...

Speaking of Watts, here's the first two chapters of his book "The Book - On The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are."


What are you saving up to be.. Jewish?