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Bee Seeing You Through the Veil

This is part 5 of a series: Heart Shaped Coffin, Opening the Stargate, The Journey Back Home, Purification, and Bee Seeing You Through the Veil. It's not necessary, but I imagine it would be less confusing if you've read the previous parts of this series before continuing on below.

The above mosaic is part of the ancient Tel Shiloh church, also known as the Church of the Ark because the ark of the covenant was kept there in a pre-Temple of Solomon enclosure until it was taken by the Philistines. It features a double-square with hexagonal star (symbol of the heart chakra) in the middle, near the wall (where the man in the blue hat is pointing), as well as an equal-armed templar cross (in front of the man in the white) and a shit load of vesica pisces. The whole section is contained in a cirlce that is contained by a square. The symbol of the Double-Square in the center of this image forms an Octagon and is found in many important areas of esoteric and religious symbolism. I mention double-cubes in relation to magickal altars and in relation to the Labyrinth in Pan's Labyrinth:
Prehistoric labyrinths are believed to have served either as traps for malevolent spirits or as defined paths for ritual dances. During Medieval times the labyrinth symbolized a hard path to the God with a clearly defined center (God) and one entrance (birth). [...] The labyrinth is located in the nave of the Cathedral. Aleister Crowley insisted that his student magicians construct their altars with two perfect cubes stacked atop one another, “symbolizing the Great Work... The height of the altar is equal to the height above the ground of the navel of the magician. The altar is connected with the Ark of the Covenant, Noah’s Ark, the nave (navis, a ship) of the Church, and many other symbols of antiquity.”
The nave of church is where labyrinth is located, which is a symbolic of (re-)birth, where, in antiquity, 7 male and 7 female virgins were "sacrificed" after doing the hobbling dance to the center. The hobbling dance represented the lame king, also known as the Fisher King, and his lame leg represented the failing virility/vitality of the king.

Another navel/navis connection is Navel Oranges, a variety of seedless oranges which contain "a partially formed undeveloped fruit like a conjoined twin." (Remember Philip K. Dick's twin-god cosmology? The Gnostic view that the evil demiurge (Yahweh) left the womb only partially developed, accounting for his insanity.) All navel oranges come from the first tree which produced this mutation, and are propagated through cuttings grafted onto other trees. Oranges are "Golden Apples" which grant immortality, what if that first tree was the Tree of Life in Eden? I previously mentioned there being 7 oranges tumbling down the stairs in The Ninth Gate. Oranges ("Golden Apples") show up in a number of movies, such as when Kevin Bacon's character craves orange juice after his third eye is pried open through hypnosis in Stir of Echos. Oranges have 10 sections, bringing to mind the double-pentagram of the apple cross-section from the previous posts. "Apples and Oranges" brings both items together in a slang term for opposites (duality, yin-yang, black and white, etc). Having no idea where to go with this post, I'll just follow a synch in a recent movie I watched, Merlin, a made-for-TV movie starring Sam Neil as Merlin. The movie follows the life of Merlin more than that of King Arthur and only barely mentions the quest for the Holy Grail. The opening credits for the movie shows Merlin riding towards the semi-mythical "island" of Avalon.
Where there are apples in myths there’s usually serpents or dragons. The Celts called Eve’s paradise Avalon, or Apple-land, the land across the western sea where heroes and gods fed on the apples of immortality. (Blue Apples)

Two thousand years ago, the sea washed right to the foot of the Tor, nearly encircling the cluster of hills. The sea was gradually succeeded by a vast lake. An old name for it is Ynys-witrin, the Island of Glass; "island" because, from most angles of approach, it would have looked like one, but it is from Celtic legend that the name Avalon has its true origin - named after the demi-god Avalloc or Avallach, who ruled the underworld. In Celtic lore Avalon was an isle of enchantment. Ancient myth has it that Avalon, where the sea met the land, was the meeting place of the dead; the point where they passed to another level of existence, and the Tor was the home of Gwyn ap Nudd, the Lord of the Underworld, and a place where the fairy folk lived.

(The description of Avalon sounds like "Limbo/Mobil Ave" from my "Purification" post. Limbo = Edge of Hell - My note)

In the beginning, when the legends of mystical Avalon began, Glastonbury, a small town in Somerset, cradled in a cluster of hills in the south of England, was thought to have been a site for pre-Christian worship.

For safe keeping, Joseph (of Arimethea. - My note) is said to have buried the Holy Grail just below the Tor at the entrance to the Underworld. Shortly after he had done this, a spring, now known as Chalice Well, flowed forth and the water that emerged brought eternal youth to whosoever would drink it.

Because of the large number of St.Michael and St.Mary churches situated upon the lines, these energy pathways have been dubbed the St.Michael and St.Mary lines. While the lines are of far greater antiquity than Christianity, it is not entirely inappropriate to have given them such Christian names. St.Michael, or more properly the Archangel Michael, is traditionally regarded as an angel of light, the revealer of mysteries and the guide to the other world. Frequently shown spearing dragons, St.Michael is widely recognized by scholars of mythology to be the Christian successor to pagan gods such as the Egyptian Thoth, the Greek Hermes, the Roman Mercury and the Celtic Bel. (

thoth conquers a dragon

Blue Apples have also been connected to Blue Stones (notes/tones) in William Henry's work; as seen in deity carvings of an ancient goddess with a necklace of Blue Stones. The Blue Apples famously appear at Rennes Le Chateau which I mention in Opening the Stargate, where I connect grapes with the heart and the continuing theme of Sex & Death.

The Pommes Bleues, or Blue Apples, are apparently the blue circles made from the stained glass window in Rennes Le Chateau; the orbs appear around January 17 every year. The window depicts the scene of Jesus Raising Lazarus from the Dead (Horus raising Osiris/Asaur/El-Azar-us), and the blue orbs rest on the altar with its bas-relief of Mary Magdalene kneeling in prayer with a skull at her knees. (Somehow this is at least the third time I've mentioned Lazarus in this series, it's one of the main themes that keeps coming up, and like in school, if the teacher keeps talking about it - it's probably gonna be on the test!) Gnostic depictions of this scene famously depict Jesus using a magic wand to raise Lazarus who looks like a mummy, very much like his original form as Osiris, the mummified God/Green Man of the Underworld (who concieves Horus after he is brought back to life temporarily (Sex & Death)). The music of the Blues (blue notes/tones/stones) typically use the notes of the flattened third, fifth and seventh scales. Known as long notes or worried notes, blues notes create a feeling of, well, having the blues! For a synchromusikologists interpretation of Blues and the pentragrammic scale (there's that pentragram again!), see The Pentagramic Scale at the Kulide o sKope eye blog. But aside from that, "blue" stuff such as language and pictures usually refer to stuff you don't want your children to read, hear, or see; such as sex and profanity. Not to mention blue-balls of course: pent up sexual/creative energy. Here's some more on Blue Apples and Doves, from Blue Apples:
The doves of Nestor’s cup described by Homer in the Iliad are also thought to refer to the Pleiades. Fascinatingly, the Pleiades have also been likened to a bunch of grapes or Blue Apples. Ancient coins depict doves with bodies formed by bunches of grapes. The dove appeared in migration at the time of vintage, its purple-red breast like wine reminding the wine makers of their grapes. Suddenly, the story of Jesus’ “curing” Mary Magdalene, his chief apostle, of “possession” by “seven demons” takes on New meaning. These seven demons may well be the seven stars of the Pleiades. His “curing” would therefore represent him mystically attuning her soul or telling her stories about the seven stars (or Blue Apples) of the Pleiades.
Mary Magdalene symbolism is found all over Rennes Le Chateau, much of it doing with the number of her feast day, July 22. 7/22 is an approximation of pi and was used in the construction of many ancient sacred sites, and the ratio of 7:11 is found in the Great Pyramid. Connecting back to the previous posts discussion of The Cyclic Cross of Henday and it's Secrect of the Incas: the date for the End of the World, encoded into the cross, was decoded as September 22, 2002 (eerily close to Sept. 11th 2001). The "Sept" in September means 7, because it was the 7th month before January and February were added to the beginning of the calendar; thus this end-date might today be seen as July 22nd, Mary Magdalene's feast day. July 22nd: 22=BB/BeeBee, "2-B or not 2-B." The sting of getting shot by a BB-gun? A Bumble Bee? Speaking of Bumblebees, I had noticed that in Transformers, Shia LaBouf drives the Transformer called "Bumble Bee," and has Ebay username "LadiesMan217" (ladies-man = a drone for the Queen Bee?). 217 is the gematria value for the Hebrew name Deborah - which means Bee. Jan. 17 is the date of the appearence of the Blue Apples at Rennes, and Jan. 17th is the day that Nicholas Flamel first used the Philosopher's Stone (Elixer/Holy Grail).

if you draw an "M," for mary magdalene, using these statues in the rosslyn chapel floor-plan, the first letter of each of the 5 statues spell GRAAL, which means "grail."

Mary M. was called a whore by the church, though in recent history she has been cleared of those charges. I feel that the church had to symbolically call Mary a whore because it is such a big part of the Virgin-Whore-Goddess mythos. Mary the Virgin and (Mary the) Whore. Ok, I'm clearly going off-track, but let's see if I can swing back into the main story. Temple Priestesses were called Bee's/Melissae, as well as Temple Virgins and Temple Whores. Temple Virgins are only "virgins" because they are un-married. They have to have sex at least once to be a temple-virgin, and most would trade sex for temple donations, thus the Virgins were also Whores in a very literal sense. The below picture explains the origin of the "veild goddess" idea, before it was incorporated into Isis, it was part of the myth of Neith. (Neith/Net/Nit was mentioned in Journey Back Home because of her connection to the phallic-arrow symbol) And now we can more easily understand the connection to sex:

mary-vagina-veil pic stolen from the celtic rebel

Andrew Gough ponders if the phrase "The birds and the bees" refers to sexual union "as something magical and sacred, something that needs to be learned by an initiate and which is unknown to a virgin," combining the symbolic Langage of the Birds with the mystery of the virgin priestess Bee. Which goes well with what I've been saying, that sexual symbolism goes hand-in-hand with the Mysteries, especially when concerning initiations.

Bees were discussed at the synchro forum previously as well, which included lots of connections to the Goddess meme, specifically concerning Beyonce ("Beeyonce") Knowles (pic). For much more on Bee/Goddess symbolism I turn to a large quote from the Alchemy Key:
However, the bee also had a very dark side. It remained a primary symbol of the Afro-Asiatic Triple Goddesses such as Demeter, Hecate, Persephone, Aphrodite and the pre-Indo-European aspect of Artemis. Arcadians worshipped both Artemis and Persephone under the name Despoina, which means mistress. Aphrodite, the nymph-goddess of midsummer, would destroy the sacred king by tearing out his sexual organs just as the queen-bee destroys the drone. Her Priestesses displayed a golden honeycomb at her shrine on Mount Eryx. Butes is the most famous beekeeper of antiquity. (Similar to the Bee-keeper Pan. The Bee was the symbol of Egypt, and Beekeeper was the title given to the Pharaoh. - My note) He was a priest to Athene on Mount Eryx who represented the love-god Phanes, son of the Triple Goddess. The Greeks often depicted Phanes as a loudly buzzing bee called Ericepaius. Incongruous with Aphrodite’s beauty, the Greeks also knew her as the Eldest of the Fates, Melaenis or black one, Scotia or dark one (the "Black Madonna" (Beeyonce). - My note), Androphonor or manslayer and Epitymbria, which means of the tombs. (Side note, Scotia was the Egyptian princess (Meritaten, firstborn daughter of Akhenaten) who fled to Ireland and lent her name to the people and land, Scots and Scotia, older terms for Irish and Ireland (also Nova Scotia). - My Note.) Artemis was an orgiastic Nymph like Aphrodite. She was the Maiden of the Silver Bow, which symbolized the new moon. Her male consort received the arrows of death. Besides the bow and bee, her other emblems were the date-palm signifying birth and the stag symbolizing her control of wild things. Artemis’ bees were the melissae priestesses who daubed their faces with gypsum or white clay in honour of the White Goddess. Artemis' chief priest was, as we may imagine, the king bee.

Removing the fertility of the old king disenfranchised him thus allowing the young king to rule. In Egypt Set castrated his brother Osiris, in Sumer, Kumarbi castrated Anu. In Greece, Zeus castrated his father Cronos and Homer writes of Cronos castrating his father Uranus. In Israelite myth Canaan, the son of Ham, castrated his grandfather Noah. The importance of castration is a sign that covenants were cut, not made (As in "cutting a deal." - My note.). The contracting parties severed an animal in two and walked between the pieces that this may happen to me when I break this covenant. This is why circumcision is reserved for a special promise. The separation of the foreskin cuts the covenant that appeases the Mother Goddess’ demand for the sacred marriage with its ritual castration, death and rebirth.

The Goddess demands every man’s phallus. Jewish women offered the foreskin as a substitute for their husband’s phallus. For example, the substitute sacrifice of circumcision even saved Moses: And it came to pass by the way in the inn, that the Lord met him [Moses], and sought to kill him. Then Zipporah took a sharp stone, and cut off the foreskin of her son, and cast it at his feet, and said, surely a bloody husband art thou to me. So he let him go: then she said, a bloody husband thou art, because of the circumcision. It is a custom observed by the British Royal Family who called upon the Rabbi Jacob Snowman, the respected Mohel of the London Jewish community, to perform the religious rite of Brit Milah with Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace. This is also the Covenant of Circumcision. [...] The Bible provides other grand stories of the sacrifice myth. Moses died before Joshua received the fertile land of Israel. King David similarly died before Solomon brought prosperity to the land with the building of the Temple. In the same way, the wounded and impotent Fisher King of the Holy Grail finally passes to his rest before prosperity returns to his wasting land.
Well, getting back to the Blue Apples/Grapes:
Moses and the Israelites were enroute to the Promised Land. Yahweh ordered them to stop short and to send out some spies. One of Moses’ operatives, Joshua, an ancestor of Jesus, was called the “Son of Nun.” Along with a companion, Joshua was dispatched to the valley of Eschol (‘valley of the cluster’ as in grapes) where he stole a cluster of grapes from the sons of Anak who were living there. He returned the grapes to Moses. Nun and the cluster of grapes later became cryptograms that were extremely important to the Essenes, the priesthood of which Jesus was a member, and the Gnostic Grail heretics that they held sacred and secret. The cluster of grapes symbolized the secrets of creation, the secrets of manipulating the mother substance and the symbol for the Grail.

[At Chatres Cathedral], on the ‘Symbolic Window of the Redemption’ we see an identical pairing of the two thieves carrying the cluster of grapes beneath a green Cross. This window illustrates the medieval belief in the concordance of the two stories. Old Testament scenes are grouped together with the Passion of Jesus as if they happened at the same time. In the scene of his Passion, Jesus is shown carrying another ever green cross, symbolic of the life-giving power of the blood of Christ and a reference to the belief that the Cross was made of the wood of the Tree of Life from the Garden of Eden. Beneath him is the Old Testament prefiguration, the depiction of Joshua and a companion stealing a huge bunch of grapes upon a staff. According to Isidore of Seville, the grapes suspended on a pole symbolize Christ hanging on the cross, for he is the [Mystic] grape whose blood fills the Grail. In the following scenes on the Passion window, Jesus is crowned with green thorns, once again inviting us to conclude that his starry helmet or crown of thorns was made from the same material (or technology) as the Cross or Pillar. (Blue Apples)

The belief that the green Cross, and green Crown of Thorns came from the Tree of Life reminds me of the idea of the green jewel from Lucifer's crown having fallen to earth (see my post: New Age Ch.9 for more) and was eventually shaped into several objects including a spear (Spear of Destiny) and a chalice - the Holy Grail.
A little known fact is that de Troyes was unable to start [the first ever Grail Romance, Perceval, the Story of the Grail] until he travelled to Spain and studied with a Cabalist, leading scholars to conclude that the Cabala uniquely enables the understanding of esoteric subjects such as the Grail. Some years later, Wolfram von Eschenbach wrote the Grail Romance ‘Parzival’, and in his account we are told that the Grail is a stone from heaven.

This is interesting, given that the word ‘meteorite’ carries the same numeric value (443) as ‘Bethel’ - which translates as Bee in Egyptian. (andrew gough's arcadia)
Bee in Egyptian is Bit/Bet, leading to Bethel which translates to Beth=House and El=God/Lord, or the "House of the Lord" in Hebrew. This could refer to Heaven, from which meteors fall, or even a temple or shrine, symbolized as beehives in the past.
It is also interesting to note that the prophet Muhammad lived in Mecca, where a sacred stone from heaven is worshiped to this day - as it was in Delphi, where Bee Priestesses were consulted as seers. And [...] the most famous of all Grail Romances portrays the Grail as a stone from heaven. Might it also be related to the Bee? (andrew gough's arcadia)

scarab + bee from heaven befriends the cube(cross) symbol

The International Space Station, ISS (or Isis), was threatened by space debris earlier this year: "'It's a bit like a swarm of bees in a beehive up there,' said William Jeffs, a spokesperson at Nasa's Johnson Space Center in Houston, 'the trajectories can sometimes be erratic.'" By studying meteorites which have impacted ice on earth and resisted being blown apart or melted, scientists have learned that they consist of about 20% water (manna/dew from heaven?) and may be the source of all water on earth. Obviously water would be hard to come by in a volcanic proto-planet, so it seems all life on earth may have originated in space where all the nessesary elements including water exist. The Transformers movie contains the "AllSpark," a cubic device which has the ability to give life to things it comes in contact with. (watch Labyrinth of the Psychonaut video featuring the AllSpark) The AllSpark, also called the Matrix, is the Transformers afterlife/heaven: it is intelligent, it contains "all sparks" (souls) of everyone who will ever live, and is also a record of all knowledge and wisdom ever gathered by the individual sparks/souls.

Getting back to the floor mosaics at the Church of the Ark (or Tel Shiloh) we find that the borders are lined with clusters of grapes growing out of krator vases/jars. "Krator" is the name of the style of jar.

The grapes coming out of the Krator/Grail are also a pointer to immortality, and are called Blue Apples by William Henry who believes that the Blue Apples/Stones/Grapes indicate or represent ancient knowledge on the transmutation of elements and possibly ancient electrical or nuclear technology.
An answer for why the Blue Apples symbolize these secrets comes from Harold Bayley who made a massive study of the history of European paper manufacture. He also began collecting the earliest watermarks, which he published in his book The Secret Language of Symbolism. Bayley concluded that, after their persecution by the Church, the Cathars (French Gnostics) and other residents of the Languedoc region were among the earliest paper makers of the Middle Ages. Their watermarks, he says, are nearly all symbols of religious nature, the total comprising a secret language shared by those ‘in the know’. One of their most important marks was that of the Grail. Frequently it was shown as a vessel with a cluster of grapes or Blue Apples. (Blue Apples)
Expanding on the idea of krator jars and craters, Adam of the Inside the Cosmic Cube blog tells us:
In Neil Gaiman's "Stardust", protagonist Tristan (the name of one of the Knights of the Round Table) goes on a quest over the Wall into the Otherworld to retrieve a fallen star for the shallow girl he's smitten with. (The star is named Yvaine, possibly after one of the knights in Arthur's Round Table, and therefore representing a Grail Quest. - My note) In the magical country the star becomes a woman who turns out to be his true love. (This "fallen" star is noted in the movie to be the "Evening Star," which would make it the planet Venus/Lucifer. - My note) Naturally, as she's a fallen star, [Tristan] finds her in a Crater. At [Star Wars'] outset Luke Skywalker, the son of the fallen messiah Anakin Skywalker, lives in a hole in the ground. Not a Hobbity hole, but an open Crater. I think this is a pretty neat item of synchronicity if a Crater is a Grail and the Grail is the Holy Blood.
The thread at the synchro forum was spawned from old Aferrismoon post, X That Bridge, about the movie Starman which features and alien's journey to the crater in Arizona where he is taken up by a giant spaceship with a mirrored spherical surface. The spaceship (see link for larger pic) looks grail-like with it's ring of cosmic dust at it's equator and red beam of light as a stem or pillar beneath it.

In fact, before I realized it was a mirrored surface, I thought it was grail shaped due to the reflection of the earth in it's bottom half. The reflective surface of this grail/enlightenment resonator brings to mind the mirrored "Dragon Scroll" in Kung Fu Panda (which rests in a dragons mouth in the center of an Octagon), and the realization that the I/Eye in the Pyramid/Capstone/Cornerstone is "me, myself, and eye"; the answer to Number 6's question (6th Day God created Man), or Mankind's question in The Prisoner: "Who is Number 1?" Afterall, you "gotta look out for number one," who is yourself, and only your-Self can bring you enlightenment, or passage through the reflective veil into immortality. The Mystery schools gave initiates an experience of self-annihilation, thereby clearing their fear of death as they no longer cling to the fleeting nature of a mortal life. Once one acknowledges that, yes, "I'm mortal," they become "Immortal."

Georg Philip Friedrich von Hardenberg (Also known as Novalis, an 18th century author and philosopher) penned this riddle:

There was one who arrived there.
He lifted the veil of the goddess.
But what did he see?
Wonder above wonder,
he saw himself.

To be continued...


aferrismoon said...

Went and read the SynchForum grail stuff, noticed we mentioned volvanoes, one on Matua has been a - smoking lately
Also notice the flag for the administrative area - Sakhalin Oblast, relates to Celts posts

The coat of arms are fun too.


skrambo said...

I heard it through the grapevine/xoneculli/wormhole (Enki, that is)

Great post...!

Justin R. said...

Superb post as ever.

Ezra Sandzer-Bell said...

Blue (No)te is also the biggest name in jazz... Record labels, Jazz Clubs, music Festivals.

Blue Notes are minor or diminished notes used in a Major (positive) context, creating a sense of aural conflict, a bit like staring at the tip of your nose... with your ears.

I've been practicing the art of allowing dissonance into my life without reacting.. you could try going cross-eyed temporarily and allowing the blurry formlessness to become your dominant perspective for a portion of your meditation. A great way to meet your double.

Ezra Sandzer-Bell said...

(quam dilecta tabernacula!)

Unknown said...

Yeah aferris, I noticed that coat of arms on your latest, which I haven't read yet, but I did read "The Kull to Khao'oz" where you mention Hobbes/Hobbling which I mention here, the "hobbling dance."

Tommy, thanks for reading. I just read that stuff at the Blob, wonder why he left out mentioning his ideas about the subway where Neo and Smith fight. I recall in Men in Black II there was a giant worm in the subway; maybe he's saving it for a later post.

Hi Sub Specie, thanks for stopping by (cool vid, by the way, on that "48-seconds" post).

Ezra, the cross-eyed thing reminds me of Castaneda's Journey to Ixtlan where Don Juan suggests using the technique to find places of power on the landscape. Also, used to overlap shadows which I think serve as portals ("meet your double") which reminds me again of another story by Casteneda/Don Juan in this chapter here, about the mirrors as portals. Oh yeah, I got an old Latin school book so I can figure out with more accuracy what that song says, and also just to help with etymology and other Latin phrases used in alchemy, etc.

Michael said...

Cool post, and amazing research! Been musing a bit about twins lately at gosporn (more or less SFW). Just bought a big bunch of grapes at Costco - brand "Divine Flavor". Hah!

Anyways, about that veil. The Second Temple had a curtain hanging between the Holy of Holies and the rest of the temple, which was "rent asunder" upon the crucifixion of Jesus:

It was now about the sixth hour, and darkness came over the whole land until the ninth hour, for the sun stopped shining. And the curtain of the temple was torn in two. Jesus called out with a loud voice, "Father, into your hands I commit my spirit." When he had said this, he breathed his last. (Luke 23: 44-46)

It seems to me that this might also represent the Gnostic veil? So Perhaps Jesus DID see Isis unveiled? This tends to lead to "magic mushroom" concepts of enlightenment, and the veil of the amanita mushroom, but I digress.

Sorta reminds me of that famous moment in the Wizard of Oz - "Don't look behind the curtain!"

Cheers, Michael

aferrismoon said...

Hobbs, Hobgoblins and Hobbits. Also Edmund Teller , the Nuke-phys , used to hobble, they called him 'Old Haltfoot'.

Perhaps it relates to the way the Devil with cloven hooves might walk.

Acc. to Carlo Suares , A Jew and Qabbalist, the circumcision of the male at 8days has an effect on 'the psycho-sexual' of the brain. Also the desensitising of the bell-end supposedly helps those to not get carried along by the sensual nature of life, or get caught up in crowd mentality.

Hussein Obama Barack


The Secret Sun said...

Amazing f-ing work as always, Violator. This site is becoming like a glossary of depth symbology. Your posts are always worth the wait, brother.

Dennis/87 said...

The smiths of old were maimed to prevent them from leaving/ working for the opposition,hobbled in a sense. Great post! The essence of good work. Dennis

Unknown said...

Great comments guys! Michael, I'm probably going to incorporate that bit about the veil being rent upon the death of Jesus into a future continuation of this series, so thanks for your thoughts on it. I can always use inspiration.

The hobbling of the smith-god Vulcan (Volcano) has reminded me of the Terminator who hobbled in part 1, and was melted down in "lava" (molten metal) in part 2.

The symbolism got a little dense in parts of this post, so I hope it wasn't too tough to read. :D

Michael Skaggs said...

Brilliant as always my friend!!

Bringing it together quite nicely! Henry's works, the Alchemy Key, and as Chris said, your posts are becoming a glossary of deep mythology/symbology!

[Dude I lost your email, so drop me a quick one, I have a file you might find interesting!]

Be well!

Anonymous said...

Greek iconography shows two (twins ?) men (kings ?) with opposite feet/heels raised off of the ground. This to show that they are not of this earthly realm.
[Search where it is said that Jesus was lame?!]

Question: where is their realm and from whom, even though looking after them, did they steal the 'blue apples' ???

Unknown said...

Interesting Greek iconography.

Great question too. I purposely avoided talking about where the blue apples come from, as I didn't want to get too caught up in William Henry's version of events. He calls the land "Tula," a name which encompasses most myths of mystical lands/heavens, the central sun, and so on. To journey there one needs some type of technology, like the Pillar of Osiris, or Cross of Jesus. Here's a quote from his book, Blue Apples, Chapter 4:

"Pan also is thought to have been the priest king of Atlantis, which the Mayans called Tula. Thule is another name for Tula and derives from the Greek word Tolas meaning black earth, another name for Egypt. It is said Pan haunted the groves of Arcadia (Atlantis/Tula) [...]."

Chapter 6:
"Elizabeth Van Buren said that Thule (Tula) means “black land.” This is another definition of the word ‘Egypt’. If, as Ms. Van Buren says, Rennes is Egypt, then Rennes and Egypt may also be Tulas."

Rennes is where the stained glass window of Lazarus-Osiris is, which has the blue orbs/apples. For the bulk of his explanation of Tula, see Blue Apples, Chapter 6 (scroll down to section heading: "THE TELI OR TULA").

Justin R. said...

On the sunbject of Thule/Tula/Tule as the original Atlantis this thread in the always lively (LOL) Webanarchy forum may be worth a look:

Reconstructing an Historical Atlantis

Christopher Myers said...


I have been to your blog a few times. Good stuff. I have started my own and think you might find it interesting. Thanks

PS I just linked your site to the side of mine.

Anonymous said...

Twin Sun Kings - who die and are born in succession throughout the years/decades/centuries/millenia.....

Henry's take on 'blue apples' is a false creation/divergence of course. Where he, or anyone else, has to rely on pillars or crosses then you know that they are lying (all very interesting how the divergence meanders from the break-off point but an untruthful divergence it is, just the same).
Don't know if he actually knows the truth of it but, if he does, he should be telling it !!

Vapo said...

Another great post and look forward to the next part. It's also interesting that the logo from the E movie(flying bot)is very, very similar to the US EPA logo .. but perhaps not surprising as the movie was another of many predictive programming types fed to the gullible mindless peasants. Keep up the great effort!


Unknown said...

love the Novalis riddle!

Anonymous said...

Human sacrifice. Cubes. Arcs. We're in sync. But, no need for us to start up a boy band. :-[

When you started going into the M/W, mother/whore dichotomy ... you were ON track :-)

Love the idea that Yahweh is half-insane. Would explain a lot. Perhaps we'd all be better off had the dragon eaten Mich-a-el? May have to see this Stir of Echos.

There do seem to be a lot of females tearing out male's sexual organs lately. Thanks to you saw Teeth starring aphrodite-emulating Dawn O'Keefe/Hole'Teeth.

The "respected mohel?" The world is so upside-down. Were eyes not blinded by tradition/religion ... there would be another name we'd give a man who went around torturing infants and putting his lips around their cocks.

I'm mortal. Immortal. Illuminating!


What are you saving up to be.. Jewish?