Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Dinner With The Celtic Rebel - Part 3

Alex of The Celtic Rebel blog and I, ViolatoR of this blog, got together over the phone for a couple of nights last month and yammered on at eachother in the hopes that other people would find our random musings interesting or at least mildly entertaining. This is being released in tandem, or "stereo" as Alex says, so be sure to check out Alex/The Celtic Rebel's supporting post for this podcast as well: click me! Turn up your speakers too, because Alex got carried away with seemingly half of his record collection being sampled in this. Also, my voice is like 1% of the volume of Alex's voice, and even after normalizing the audio I'm still pretty quiet. Listen to it first before reading the post or the post might just look like gibberish to you. :D So, without further doodoo, here it is:

"It is quite possible that societies - much like individuals - collectively repress information, concepts, and ideas which would produce high anxiety levels if dealt with consciously." - Wilson Bryan Key

So we start attacking Jews pretty early... Don't you miss those great racist jokes of yor? My aunt, upon learning that there will be Obama Christmas tree ornaments, had this to say: "Oh, so now it's legal to hang a nigger?" Now that's funny! (No, I don't share my aunts vocabulary, but I can appreciate her humor without sharing in it.) You can agree or disagree, but once you start legislating what people can think, you've become a Nazi (National Socialist, aka: "Progressive"). In a free world, people would be able to think about things in whatever way they wanted (to be as "racist" or "anti-racist" as they please), but in the "modern" world the Thought Police outlaw and restrict free thought & speech (and as shown in Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four: speech is thought). I'd rather live in a world where people had a choice to be who they wanted to be, because once the choice is made for you (socialism), there's no point to living at all. Besides, my family gives it to me pretty good for my "Jew nose" which is quite distinguished, though not as "Jewish" as some. Of course, my mom's maiden name is on a list of Sephardic Jewish names, so there may be a reason for my protruding facial feature. So, the bottom line is that if you make fun of me you're anti-semetic! Oops, I failed the intelligence test. Maybe I can parlay my Jewish features into an acting gig, since apparently talent seems to be a distant second to the friends and family (and Temple) connections.

you gotta lick it before you stick it

Nicole Kidman, mmm mmm, what an ass. But seriously folks, she's got nice legs too. Umm, where was I... Oh yeah, Nicole is the female version of Nick/Nicholas, and Nick is a nickname for the Devil/Satan/Lucifer. The Devilish symbolism seems to follow her through her movies (by design, most likely), and Alex tells me all about what he saw in her recent movie, Australia. The name Nicholas comes from Nike ("victory of the people") and laos ("people"). Below, St. Nicholas, the patron saint of children, sailors and merchants, Greece (sorry Alex!) and Russia, who is the basis for Santa(Satan) Claus, stands next to a bathtub overflowing with naked young boys. Yup, that's St. Nick for you.

The logo used on some of the posters for Australia feature a red "A" with the horizontal bar repalced with the word "Australia," a word with 3 A's in it. But, the red "A" looks more like an inverted red "V" without that cross-bar. V is 6 in Hebrew gematria, so if we turn all the A's into V's, "Australia" now has 666 in it. Speaking of V's, the old alien invasion television series, V (for "Visitors") has been remade recently. The logo is a red V.

Australia is located (far away) "down under." The parched desert of Australia/Oz being "down under" brings to mind the classic vision of hell. The last human city of Zion in The Matrix is located far below the surface of the earth, where it's still warm. And as I like saying: Zion is an anagram of "In Oz." Nickhole Kidman is going In Oz, way down under (below the surface of the earth). The Southern Hemisphere of earth has the lower Tropic, known as the Tropic of Capricorn. It is also where Australia is located on the earth; this is Oz, Never-Never Land, and Wonderland (where everything is inverted: up is down). When compared to the microcosm of the human body, the top is the good/light part and the below parts are evil and dark. And down under there (where?), in your underwear(!), is your ass. The dark gates to your/the bowels (of Hell). This tropic signals the sun's arrival in Summer for them, while those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are entering Winter Solstice. Nicole's character desires a "Capricorn mare." Mare is Latin for "sea," and related to the Goddess and waters of Chaos, and the dark spots on the icy reflective Moon, former cheif of the planetary deities, who was called Sin/Sinister. The Moon is heavily cratered.

the land of oz and emerald city/pandemonium

The Rainbow Serpent is the serpent of creation in Aboriginal mythology (or of Gnosis in the Garden of Eden). The Lord of earth is Satan, or Saturn, the 7th planet connected to time, death, and lead which is transmuted into the rainbow Stone of Wisdom. Lucifer's Emerald (colored) stone fell from his crown in battle with the Archangel Michael and fell to earth and became the Grail among other objects. The Stone from Heaven would have created a crater when it his the earth (or an Emerald City of Oz) and is related to the bowl shaped volcano tops, the craters on earth (a large well preserved crater is Wolfe Creek in Australia, and featured in the movie Wolf Creek which I mention in the podcast), and craters on the moon. The "Krator" jar was a Grail shaped vessel in Ancient Greece, and is related to the idea of the Holy Grail in some art. Below, the Rainbow Serpent is seen over a "crater" of a volcano. Recall that the volcano is related to the source of the human soul in Scientology when alien bodies were dropped into a volcano in Hawai'i and then their souls moved from there into early humans. (See Land of The Dead for more)

rainbow(serpent) over the emerald stone and its crater

Moving from Nick-hole Kidman to Little Nicky:

nicky inside a man-hole-stargate-rectum

Adam Sandler and his "666" and "9" numbers made me think of the sign for the constellation of Cancer, from where the Tropic of Cancer gets it's name, which looks like a 69 or 96.

Alex mentions that Anna Farris in House Bunny gets kicked out of the Playboy Mansion because at 27 years old, she's too old to be a bunny. 27 years old is the odd age at which many famous people have died, and is also known as the Return of Saturn, and Saturn is Satan.

I noticed after hearing the final version of the podcast, that Alex specifically asked me if I "wanted to get into Jennifer's body." Meaning the movie of course, but I'm wondering now if he wasn't subconsciously probing my desire to "break my dick off in that ass"? Jennifer's Body is about a extremely materialistic whore who becomes a succubus/suck-cube-us after being tossed into a whirling vortex portal with a mysterious end-point. The Material (energy) "grid pattern" of The Matrix is known to us in the form of "X-Boxes." The X framed in a square, or by it's self, is seen all over this damn movie. Mostly the ones not framed in a box, which some think is a reference to the original Scarface movie which uses the X as a sign of immenent doom to the person it shows up around. It's on par with the Truman Show, seen below being trapped in such a grid pattern. The idea of the grid is becoming much more obvious lately, as several news items Alex has shared with me can attest.

truman's universe

The "box" (formerly the "boob tube." Hear anyone say that recently? No, I didn't think so.), television with its endless anal-focusing programming, makes an apperance in this movie as well. Programming within programming: the fractal grid.

In Jennifer's Body, we learn in the opening narration that hell is a teenage girl's body. Well, we're all trapped in material bodies, though mine is not a teenage girls, that's the personal hell of the narrator, Needy, Jennifer's friend in the movie. Actually they are BFF's or "Best Friends Forever," signaled by their BFF heart necklaces. Needy tears off Jennifer's BFF heart in their struggle. The act of doing so appears to drain Jennifer's power, or causes her to not want to resist anymore.

The necklace has a diamond on it, which will come up in a future podcast-post, but suffice to say that diamonds are useless carbon rocks which have six protons, nutrons and electrons: 666. Jennifer is played by Meagan Fox, and FOX = 666 in english when reducing to a single digit: F-6, O-15, X-24. This was mentioned earlier with the "Foxtrot" dance in Australia. My post, Virgins, Vampires and Vagina Dentata, opens with a discussion on 666 and the letter V for Vampire (V=6 in Hebrew). Below is a great screen capture (of many which Alex sent me) which shows the sexually fatal Jennifer giving us her best vagina dentata impression:

Another Crab/Tropic of Cancer synch comes up when Jennifer lures Needy's repressed homosexual boyfriend to an abondoned indoor pool (a dried up vortex?), where we can see a crab painted on the pool wall next to Jennifer's leg. There's also a seahorse which has come up in Black Dog Star's research. Hmm, Sea-Horse, and sea is mare in Latin (and a "mare" is a female horse). So with the Seahorse and Crab painted together in this scene, we have a "mare-horse," and a crab which is the symbol for the constellation and Tropic of Cancer. Thus here we have a Tropic of Cancer/"Cancer Mare," in Jennifer's Body, and in Australia we had the Tropic of Capricorn/"Capricorn Mare." What the hell is going on here?

Below is an obligitory "wonderland" symbol where the camera is drawn into the reflection of a character, usually into a mirror, to signal to the viewers that we have "gone through the looking glass." I couldn't even begin to list the number of movies that this symbol is in!

It's about as abundant in films as the "X" symbol, and another symbol which I've noticed is on the rise for the last few years: regurgitation. Find me a movie made in the last 5 years that is aimed at the largest demographic of movie patrons which does not feature throwing up in any way, and I'll send somebody to your house with a giant novelty check for a million dollars!

Needy cuts and X into Jennifer which reminds us that hell, the grid, the Matrix, is a teenage girls body, and is a microcosm of the larger energy grid around us like the dome in the Truman Show.

red x

Jennifer is sacrificed by a up-and-cuming (oh, that's where that phrase "came" from!) soft-core wuss band (Part wimp and part pussy. They do become HerO's afterall). They slice her up and toss her into the town's (Devil's Kettle) mystery vortex waterfall. Unbeknownst to them, sacrificing a girl who is not a virgin can have dire consequences. In this case, it turned a whore into... a whore. Spooky, 'eh? Jennifer may have just drained the money, time, and energy of her men before, but now she finishes the job and kills them altogether.

Above we can see the famous vortex of the Devil's Kettle town being "probed" by scientists with orange balls. I've mentioned oranges before in relation to the sun, so this vortex is sort of a black hole swallowing up these suns/sons. It is mentioned in the narration that the vortex's end-point is unknown, hence the probing, but the end of the vortext is found by Needy by the end of the movie where we can see some orange probes and the knife used in the sacrifice.

Needy gains the demons powers during her struggle with Jennifer, and so by "modulating her-self to the frequency of the hellish matrix" she can now pass through the grid, much like the idea of field modulation in Star Trek which allows weapons to pass through energy sheilds. She is seen in crossed-leg position known in meditation and practices of personal enlightenment (wearing the same color as the probes, and bunny slippers to boot), and is floating in the air before passing her-self through the grid-window and then the grid-fence, then finds the exit for the mysterious vortex, the stargate, and is free now.

She picks up the sacrificial knife and goes to pay a visit to the band which sacrificed Jennifer. They are staying in room 922 of their hotel. 9x2x2=36, and if you add everyone number from 1 through 36 it equals 666.

The song playing when the movie ends is by Hole, I'm sure The Celtic Rebel can tell you a thing or two about holes.. In the credits we learn that this movie was written by "Diablo Cody" (pen name of Brook Busey-Hunt who also did Juno. Side note: "Juno" is the name of the case worker in the afterlife for the dead couple in Beetlejuice.) "Diablo" means Devil, and "Cody" came from a trip to Cody, Wyoming. Wyoming is where the first national moument, Devil's Tower, is located.

Since I'll be mentioning the number 42 in a few paragraphs, let's end this section with a picture of a checkerboard phone from Jennifer's Body with a "242" on it:

For the topic of Sex & Death, Alex brought up the movie Dead Girl. The movie features a group of guys raping a zombie girl found chained in an abondoned mental hospital. That's about it for the plot. Anyways, zombies are known in England as "the Zed word," because they don't say the letter "Z" as "zee," but instead as "zed." In Pulp Fiction, "Zed" is an ass-raping redneck. So, Zed/zombies is/are being connected to Zombie-Vampires (or Vampire-Zombies? Same thing anyways), and the pervasive theme of anal sex, gayness, and Sex & Death.

In the scene where Bruce Willis says "Zed's dead," he and his wife are leaving their motel room, and in that very room, above the bed, is the exact same painting of a beach scene found in the afterlife waiting room in the movie Beetlejuice! (Huge hanks to Harry for donating this screen capture to my email inbox!) Also, Bruce's character is a "dead man" for screwing over the gangster who bet on his boxing match.

bruce gives us his jesus impersonation

"Zed" is also the name of Sean Connery's character in Zardoz where he plays a geneticaly engineered mortal who was made to kill humanities survivors after an apocalypse. But the true purpose of the genetic engineering was to produce a perfect human (Zed) who could infiltrate the land of the immortal humans called Eternals. Each part of the Eternals land is called a Vortex (Recall the vortex/stargate of Jennifer's Body (both literal and figurative!)). Not only does Zed penetrate their Vortex (he is the only person in the Vortex who can get an erection, because immortality has reduced the Eternal's desire to mate), he breaks through a plastic material described as indestructable, and he also breaks open the barrier of the Vortex so that his fellow men could come in and bring death to the Eternals. These matrix/grid-penetrating themes will almost certainly come up in future podcasts.

The "Valhalla" quote from Network which we play is only one of many, many, great lines in that movie. The idea of a "collective," programmed by the media, is really rubbed in during some scenes of that movie.

watch it, then kill your t.v.

Recently it was discovered that a rainbow is made not only of light refracting at 42 degrees, but at the range from 40 to 42 degrees. These numbers are often interchanged in religious text. Both are significant, but it is interesting to find that the angle of 42 degrees is the angle at which the red band of the spectrum is found. Below, in the Battle Royal poster, a large red X is seen behind the number 42. The movie deals with a "most dangerous game" theme involving Japanese highschool students. Recall in Jennifer's Body that Jennifer is "x'ed out" by Needy before Needy kills her.

Well, that's about I all wanted to say in reguards to the podcast. Here's a picture of cute pink animals:

pink is the new brown


Anonymous said...

You were OK in the audio, but that other dude sucked, he's like a total player hater and stuff. I'm not sure what that means, but I think it's not good.

Glad we did the separate write-ups, as the ending finally makes sense. One one hand, by inheriting a demon's powers, perhaps you become one too. Two, by dedicating herself to truth, she converted the fake heroes into real heroes (for the benefit of "her" O). Lastly, the guys were complete pussies, but didn't have vaginas (they even sing Blondie's "In the Flesh" during that scene, which is a girl's song), hence she made their wishes come true and granted them all a full frontal vagina.

Love the images of Nicky crawling out of the ManHole and Saint Nick's tub of boy flesh. Here's one more to the add to Baby Bottle Cock collection. Oh, and transgression forgiven, I'm sure few of your readers would have known what "Ellada" is.

Alas, I'm reminded of another pink dolphin. That's from The Venture Brothers, a show you should probably watch sometime.

Christopher Myers said...

Thanks for the 40-42 shot out! But I am kinda disappointed! If you watch Little Nicky you would find out that most of that movie (when he comes to Earth from Hell) takes place on 42nd street in the Subway just like Swazy's Ghost learning how to "push" shit from the other side.

Plus he shoots rainbows (Sandler) out of his hands and his eyes to defeat his evil brother ,cause he is half an Angel (His mom's name [The Angel] Holly. Holly[wood]. What real magician's made wands out of Holly Trees), "Release the GOOD", as he says.

PS You know how I am known as Mercury's Messenger on the forum. Well check out the sweet transition shot in 'Little Nicky' toward the end when he is going to meet his brother at the 42nd street subway. You will see a quick shot of Mercury atop of Grand Central Station, but hey that's how I roll, quick!

Eugene said...

Nice collaboration. Well connected, etc. Who couldnt get it at this point? Must be something in the air ehhh?

40 is the box of trial where the beasts are. "Ta Mega Therion" knocks eleven times here. The only gospel this clue is found in is also the only one where a naked boy is found running around.

"Scratch a demon and gain its power" is...

"If I cast out demons by the power of Beelzebub" - Jesus Christ.

Ole Scratch once scratched on his backside becomes a daemon instead of demon, because afterall doesn't the LORD say "I cant show you my face" so here Moses let me put you in a cave and "show you my backside"?

Indeed we do have a great ass robber loose in the universe.

Unknown said...

Wowie-wow-wow, what great comments guys!

Celt, Yah that loud guy was annoying :D I thought you had a abby bottle image like that before! And, yes, I've seen that "V-Bros" show ;)

Quarky/Mercury, wow 42nd street huh? I guess I'l have to see the movie again after all this talk about it, it did look like there were lots of numbers in the background of significance.

eugene, great, more reading to do! But seriously, thanks for the links :D Solomon controlled the demons by punching one in the forehead with his ring then sending into hell to do the same to other demons so they could build his temple. Maybe bopping a demons "lower head" has the same effect? :D Celt's going to love your comments when he reads them because he's working on an idea from a similar angle, in fact I'll just email him and tell him to read it now! Thanks again ;)

Atareye said...

You two are the st8est guys on planet earth. Entertaining shit.

You are fucking brilliant in real time. Damn. I was hoping you were a cut and paste hack like myself...

Looking forward blaw blaw to the next one. Rebel was made for radio. No doubt.

Unknown said...

Alex desprately wanted to post his version of events at his blog at a specific time, so I posted first so that he could grab the url, add it, then post his at whatever time it eventually got posted. Anyhoo, I didn't care what time (nor could I tell what time) this got posted at, but it happened to be at 6:07pm, and considering I mention the number 42 a couple of times, I'm surprised that nobody noticed that 6:07(6x7)=42!

Christopher Myers said...

@ Jon Kidd said..."You two are the st8est guys on planet earth. Entertaining shit." <-- that are obsessed with gays/fags

Personally I am waiting for the "Alien Hermaphrodite Cross Dressing Devil Worshipers" post 2 comment.

@ ViølatoR, I want a screen shot of Mercury at the top of grand central station from Little Nicky. Anyways got a bonus movie for you to watch if you are up 2 it. Clint Howard is one of the funniest parts of Little Nicky IMO, he is the nipple guy Nicky see's in the wrong window (super fucking funny IMO) [side note: remember his (Nicky) love interest in the movie is in TV's current hit show 'Medium']. Anyways back to Clint Howard, there is a really cool movie he did in 1981 called 'Evilspeak' [].

From IMDB: "The clumsy military cadet Stanley Coopersmith is orphan and completely outcast in the West Andover Academy. He is frequently abused and humiliated by four despicable mates, and has a bad treatment from his teachers, the coach, the colonel and even from the local reverend. When Coopersmith finds a book of black mass that belonged to the evil medieval Father Esteban (Richard Moll [BULL from TV's Night Court]). Stanley uses a computer to conjure Satan and revenge his harassers."

Peace MM/TQO

Anonymous said...

Amazing update! But I seriously don't get how someone could possibly recognize that picture. I had to drop in my Pulp Fiction DVD to check it out. It's really true, and not only that - there is a even more telling scene with the picture on the wall than the one you chose for the article, because in one Scene Butch (who had been told earlier in the movie that "now is the time" [chapter in the film] and subsequently kills a man) lies asleep under the picture in a crucified position. Wow.

I'm so glad there are bloggers out there who have a gift of dissecting this kind of magic, please keep it up!

B.L.Donnelly said...

I watched "the phantom" last night, its a reet proper piece of shit but the main bad guy's name is Xander Drax. In the film he spells out his name and then says it "has an x at either end." This film was made in 1996.

Unknown said...

Jonboy, :D Alex did cut out some stuff and add in music, but it's pretty much the show. And yeah, Alex's voice is 100% radio! I should be good too because I have no accent and pronounce words correctly, but my voice is apparently extremely low (it doesn't sound that low to me...) :(

The Quark Observer, haha nice addition. Yeah, well, guys always make gay jokes don't we? (Blame all the ass stuff on Alex's influence!) You should ask Alex about the screen shot, I don't have the movie, but he might not have it anymore so hurry. Wow, a review for Evilspeak says the full version is still banned in the UK! I'll have to check it out (especially for "Bull")!

Anonymous, yeah I don't have a dvd-drive on my pc, so if someone out there can get me a better screen capture of "Butch" and the ocean painting (that one took hours to find!), please send it my way!

B.L.Donnelly, I'm so sorry to hear that :D I saw it once in the theater and walked out I think! Being framed by X's is interesting. Often with online nicknames, people will make them stand out (or if someone else is using the same name and they have to change it a bit), they will add X's to the sides: "XxViolatoRxX".

Christopher Myers said...

@ ViølatoR, remember Bull (Richard Moll) was the ghost in Scary Movie 2.

Just watched 'Jennifer Body'. Kinda funny to me cause my ex i was with for 7 years name was Jennifer and the guy when he goes to kill her says "What was your name, Tiffany"? Thats my wife's name, but shit like that happens to me all the time.

Looking it it from an actors point of view. I hated that main boyfriend guy. I am a "fan" of the emo guys acting. He probably auditioned for the main guy but, didn't get the part, so they settled for some boring "homo" actor [I do see what you were saying about the "repressed homosexual boyfriend", but I think it was that guys real self making the character seem that way]. Anyways back to the emo guy [good actor IMO] Kyle Gallner, he was in 'The Haunting in Connecticut' and was pretty fucking good in it. You must see that movie [based on a true story]. Some real syncy shit there to [4 me at least]. He wears a black number 23 jersey just to get the movie started, plus tons of other wicked syncs. Say's he is filming a movie called 'Unicorns' (been interested in these recently cause before Cancers [like me] were crabs and beetles we were the unicorn). No offense if any of my "gay/homosexual" brothers read this ,but I plan on taking the unicorn back from the fags to.

Kinda off topic, but why do so many people hate on Megan Fox? I don't think she is as hot as many cause for one she doesn't have any "junk in her trunk". With that being said she is an ok main stream actress and though I may not agree with a lot of shit she say's she still seems very unique to me.

PS Kinda wondering how you missed all those butterfly's in the first half of that movie. In the girls house and in the classroom. Plus remember Megans tat “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies.”

Unknown said...

Firstly, thank you Harry for the screen capture of the "Beetlejuice Painting" in Pulp Fiction! Pictures have a bit more impact than having people just take my word for it :D

Quarky, haha funny synch with you, Mr. Hollywood ;) Kyle Gallner is "the goth kid" not emo! (Yeah, I can't tell either). I did see Haunting and he was good in it,and it was very synchy. Someone (you?) told me to see it because it had Virginia Madson in it. That movie came up in my "Land of the Dead" post recently. I don't have a problem with Meagan Fox (reminds me I work with a girl named Meagan who always wears a FOX sweater...), and in fact like her now after reading her interview. But she does comment on her hated "character" as she calls it. I wonder if PseudOccult Media has done anything on her considering she had her mom call her Dorothy for a whole year after watching The Wizard of Oz!? Speaking of which, I don't really care at this point how many butterflies or rainbows or number 23's are in a movie, I just bring it up if it ties into a bigger theme in the post. Like the number 42 was only mentioned because of how it's matched to the color red, per your findings on the synchroforum. The grid theme was overwhelming in this movie so it had to get mentioned, and of course the movie is absolutely riddled with anal references, so naturally Alex was excited :D Movies are so condensed that to take apart everything would take 100 times longer than the movie it's self, so I'm narrowing my focus to drive a point home, and leave the readers/listeners/viewers to find the rest on their own.

Christopher Myers said...

@ ViølatoR, I hear yah. 40 was violet [from my post] there was an interesting 40 in 'Red Dawn'. I was watching the [rifftraxs version last night]. Kinda interesting deer blood drinking scene I never picked up on before with Swazy, Sheen & C.Thomas Howel [Soul Man]. He says something like you don't become a "real hunter" till you drink it. My middle name is Hunter [my pop and uncle [died at 42, first names were Hunter also],

So it's interesting I have been trying to figure out what deers mean to me popping up all the sudden. Remember one was drinking that guys blood after Jeniffer killed him.

Lastly that screen cap from 'Water Boy' you have is also interesting to me. My son had it on last night (happened to be on cable), that exact scene. The last person that talks to him in that scene is Larry Gilard ,the kicker, I didn't catch his number. I might go back just for the shit of it and check out his number. Remember he kicks the KKK head. [I drew a cartoon of a black & white guys killing a KKK member with his own white power sign when I was a kid, and it said "Now that's white power"]
Pic I drew when I was like 10...

Anyways I worked with Larry twice and was pretty decent acquaintance with him, so when I dug up that drawling a few years back I always made that connection to him in the water boy.

Pic of me and him in Cecil

Now I did a post over at the forum about some connections of the above pic & to Madonna and Goddess worshiping. I was a little "off topic" so no one really replied to it , but thought you might be interested in it.

Pic of me and Larry on The Wire

PS Let see a pic of you Megan from your work, sweater optional,:)

mace556 said...

"I'd rather live in a world where people had a choice to be who they wanted to be, because once the choice is made for you (socialism), there's no point to living at all."

that is so true! I live in germany, we already have totalitarian socialism(again!) with things like "mandatory health care" and gun control etc...its disgusting and this heatlh care thing MIGHT actually be my death sentence so to speak, because I DONT WANT any health care and can't afford it, so i might be charged and go to JAIL because of it, so this is the NWO...if that really happens I honestly consider suicide, because I am no ones slave and I wont submit to NWO socialism!

Live Free Or Die, death is not the worst of evils.

btw... evil=live? devil=lived? hmmm

oh and btw, I enjoyed your "radio show" and both posts, interesting stuff as usual! :D


the day I die, I will avoid the shimmering light be-a-con, I dont wanna come back here, EVER! ;)

Unknown said...

The Quark Observer, Hmm not sure about the deer. There's a deer on the female side of the Emerald Tablet, so it might indicate feminine energies, which goes with the rest of Jen's Body. Adam Sandler is in another movie where he plays football and he's number 18 (9+9 & 6+6+6). Funny KKK pic, you even numbered each cell :D Making a comic book? Me and my cousin made a 2 page comic once and didn't realize until the end we forgot to add words! Sorry, no pics of Meagan shirtless :p Not sure you'd want to see them anyways :D

mace556, Ouch! Germany! Yeah, I've heard about some laws there. They're pushing the healthcare thing here too and there's no way I could afford it, and I wouldn't I want it either. So if Alex and I make a new society somewhere in the Brazillian rainfoest, you would want to join us? Thanks for the comment :D

Christopher Myers said...

"So if Alex and I make a new society somewhere in the Brazillian rainfoest, you would want to join us? " <--sounding a little like Jim Jones there, :)

Never heard of "The Emerald Tablet" said in wiki that it was also known as "The Secret of Hermes" (Hermes is Mercury, so that's interesting). I didn't see the deer picture or connection, got any links to anything that does?

The first thing I saw after a guy I know sent out a vid of him shooting a deer with a bow was the two deers on a golden Dharmachakra (Dharmachakra wheel with flanking deer, the eight spokes represent the Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism and the deer recalls Buddha's first sermon in Sarnath Deer Park)
PIC [There is actually a deer on both sides but you can't see it here, I hate using the internet for showing people shit.)

There is also another thing I came across randomly about "Arctic Traditions" and how the Reindeer (is an all-encompassing, multifaceted Saami symbol of life and death. Also it is believed to conduct the soul of a dead person to the "upper world". They also got into how deers are giving to families that live in the Arctic on all kinds of occasions (i.e. first tooth, name day, wedding, new house etc). Also often associated with the moon, to them.

Unknown said...

Haha, yeah except we don't work for MK-Ultra.

emerald tablet

Christopher Myers said...

@ ViølatoR, thanks for the pic, I have actually seen that before, I got in a few books I own.

I picked up a book tonight '2012 and the Galactic Center - The Return of THE GREAT MOTHER"'. I normally wouldn't buy any 2012 books as a general principle of mine (besides some Zakaria Sitchin shit etc) but this one kinda got at me just skimming through it. Has some shit about ISIS etc.. But went to peep at it again and there is a whole chapter on 'The Emerald Tablet', great timing!

Peace "C/MM/TQO"

StrangEye said...

CR & V,

a heads up...
you guys have *really* got to do your thing to the Will Ferrell occult gaygenda version of "Land of the Lost".

Judging from his previous articles, Alex would find plenty worth writing about down (or perhaps up) that "Devil's Cave". (I suggest watching the DVD and be sure to check out the Special Features.)

Even the female lead in the movie, Anna Friel, has a past in a MMF bi-3some role.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the interview.

Thank you V-ery much.


Unknown said...

The Quark Observer, you're welcome, figured you knew what I was talking about.

SE, thanks. I haven't seen that movie, but these themes are in so many movies that to break them all down would take eternity. As long as we get some people to take a more discriminating view of popular programming, I think that's enough.

Corbeau, enjoyed doing the interview, so thank you V-much for listening :D

Anonymous said...

Hi, i really enjoyed the podcast had me in stitches laughing most of the way through.

what was most revelations to me was the idea of Australia being oz/hell.

I have for sometime had an inkling that the Australian aborigines were the original proto modern humans, their quite enigmatic, having a higher visuospatial intelligence than other other race, yet having no words for numbers above 3 in common use through their culture.

Why this may be relevant is that, i see the story of the wizard of oz as being about the human races incarnation into this dimension. Thus if Australia is the home to the original humans, the sotry may take on a more significant meaning.

While i could be wrong about the aboriginal proto modern human idea, as it does fly in the face of the out of Africa theory, i discovered something interesting while looking into it.

My best thoughts about looking for evidence of being correct, would be to look for ancient monoliths in Australia. A simple google search quickly revealed that the oldest known monoliths are located in Australia and supposedly date back to atleast to 30,000 to 50,000 BC.

This is orders of magnitude earlier than the oldest ones known to exist in New Guinea and neighbouring Melanesian islands which date to between 4000 and 13,000 BC.

Now this is where things get really interesting.

There is a Australian researcher named Steve Strong who has spent 25 years living among the aborigine communities and has been entrusted by their elders "to prove to the white man" that aborigine culture dates back well beyond the accepted 20,000 years.

Even more interestingly there is another Australian researcher named Rex Gilroy who believes he has uncovered enough evidence to suggest there was an ancient civilisation in Australia who may be named the Uru and whom the aborigines referred to as the “culture-heroes” "who inhabited the land in the long-ago ‘Dreamtime’, and had passed on much of their culture to the Aborigines. These ‘culture-heroes’ are variously described as being pale or white-skinned; that they shaped many natural geological features, and erected many, often truly monolithic rock formations, and worshipped the Sun, Moon and Stars. They gave the Aborigines laws and passed on elements of their religion, such as Sun, Earth-Mother and Sky-Father worship, and taught the Aboriginal warriors the manufacture of the boomerang and the use of the woomera in spear-throwing. These traditions convinced me, over thirty years ago, that an advanced megalithic monument-building people had inhabited Australia."

They were supposedly called the Uru.

I'm sure your familiar with the replete of such myths and legends among a great many ancient cultures around the world.

It's been well over a year since I've felt like exploring these areas of knowledge, i do feel i should perhaps start my own blog to explore and develop my thoughts.

However I'd first like to hear your thoughts on the following.

Is it possible that these Druids/Atlanteans/Uru are one and the same, that for some unknown reason they travelled the world spreading culture and leaving giant monoliths in their wake.

That their became mixed in the affairs of ancient times, creating religions, influencing cultures, indeed perhaps those in ancient Egypt and perhaps Judaism.

Perhaps however, this was all in effort of cultural programming.

Anonymous said...

Reached charcter limit, here's the rest:

That their ancestors now, whether consciously aware of it or not, are erecting a one world government, perhaps with Australia as it's center.

All this, so that the souls of these master builders may either escape this dimension or rise above it as gods themselves?

Our souls being the sacrifice necessary?

Just an idea that I'm playing with.

I believe the wizard of oz, maybe either the story of either the human races, or their decent into this dimension. I seem to recall that Professor Marvel had a large stone hanging from a turban when reading Dorothy's fortune, perhaps this was an emerald? He then became the Wizard of Oz in the Emerald city. I will attempt to obtain a “legal copy” of the film and watch it soon in order to decipher any potential meaning it might have for me at this moment in time.

It may be that it's just more programming, perhaps a filmed designed to elicit sympathy for those meaning to escape, or it could be somehow inspired by positive forces, though I'm not really sure they exist.

I discovered your blog through Celtic Rebels though i only discovered his about a week ago, your ideas seem mostly in accordance with my own and i'll enjoy reading through it all.

Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

(last post had typos)

Oh, i almost forgot, there seems to be faily conclusive evidence that the native americans are decendants of the Australian Aborigines as opposed to monogoloids:

Walter Neves, an archaeologist from the University of Sao Paolo, has taken extensive skull measurements from dozens of skulls, including the oldest, a young woman who has been named Lucia.

"The measurements show that Lucia was anything but mongoloid," he says.

Unknown said...

Mpyra, thanks for commenting, and for the links. This stuff makes me think of the other "Atlantis" type place which was supposed to be in the Pacific, called "Mu" I think. It wasn't really that long ago that the sea levels were far lower, as attested by many monolithic sites found on what were apparently the coast lines of the ancient world. And at that time it would be possible to walk from Asia to Australia. (Also, old maps have accurate coastlines for Antarctica meaning it wasn't covered in ice, so it could be another possible source for an ancient "island" kingdom.) Anyhoo, I did hear once that the Aborigines have an oral tradition that says that their ancestors were actually the people who built the pyramids in Egypt!

Interesting that early Americans are related to Aboriginal Australian ancestors, I've actually read that BBC article before where it mentions a possible African connection as well. So, apparently there was a lot more travel/communication between the continents in the distant past probably due to low sea levels and extended coast lines making sea and land travel easier.

The ancient monolithic cultures make me think of the (many) myths that involve a war between the Gods/Immortals and the Titans/Mortals. Even Christianity/Judaism has the Grigori angels and their Nephilim/giant children. There may or may not have been a race of giants (the tall white "gods" of South American and Aboriginal belief?), or perhaps the Alien Astronaut Theory is real? Whatever the case may be, the Australian Aboriginals certainly have some of the most interesting myths.

As far as the movie The Wizard of Oz goes, it doesn't matter so much what it was about (probably Theosophical beliefs), but through synchromysticism you might hear the universe talking to you! Oh, and a blog is a good way to flesh out notes/ideas, so I would recommend it, even if nobody ever read it, it's still a good way to piece ideas together.

Anonymous said...

On the issue of Atlantis, as with most issues, it's seem that there are just too many possibilities to know for sure, infact this is something i am only just re-realising, after spending so long ignoring the possibilties of alternative history and esoteric symbolism.

I feel was getting abit ahead of myself in the comment i posted before.

I have suspicions about history, but much more study is going to be needed to determine if they have any potensial validity.

In the BBC article it mentions, negroid features and skulls shapes, but from the context it is seems to me that this is meant to mean australoid, i recall reading that within the last 20 years australoids were moved into the negroid racial classification group, however there had been some disagreement over this and so i think the terms have been confused.

I've read from other sources that the hypothesis is definitely that these skulls are australoid.

That these australoid populations then later interbred with mongoloid invaders and this produced the so called native american race.

I am also drawn to believe that this is true, due to similarities in relegious customs.

Upon further consideration, my ideas of the aborigines being the original humans seems implausable, however, i'm still reserved about accepting orthodox views of human origins and evolution.

When i mentioned the Druids etc.. i didn't mean to pertain to the numerous giant myths, more the myths of red haired "gods" such as those of easter island(priests who built statues?).

The Mayan Quetzalcoatl, the red feathered serpant(possibly?), Hernán Cortés was said to have been taken as the God himself for a time, although it's unclear whether cortes had red hair, there seem to be differing accounts.

There is also the Incan legend of Kon-Tiki or Illa-Tiki Sun-god of the mythical fairskinned people in Peru.

The ancient egyptians believed red haired animals and people to be in some way related or decended from Seth(another serpant connection).

The Uru whom i mentioned has a theme of serpant worship, i have no idea if these Uru where of the druidic/red haired persuassion, but i have suspicions.

Interestingly, there is a tribe present on easter island with very caucasian features and high incidences of red hair.

Also noteworthy are the hats forged from red rock found atop the heads of many of the easter island statues.

(Aku Aku: The Secret of Easter Island)

Red hair is also found among the more mixed race populations through out the pacific islands.

Also of interest is the reported presence of red hair among the aforementioned incan populations who preserved the legends of "white gods", some famalies being able to trace their "fair skinned" lineges back for a great mnay generations.

I'm still a total novice at this point, i just have suspicions, probably too premature to really be worth mentioning.

I sense there is "something" about red hair, i've not got a well enough developed idea of what that may be yet however.

Mu i think was reckoned to possibly be Lemuria, coincidently i've read that easter island was possibly some of the last surviving landmass of that continent, wikipedia has some interesting points.

I suspect these are things only alot of study and a keen sense of discernment and intuition are going to uncover.

Unknown said...

Mpyra, thanks for that comment. I also feel like there's something to red hair which almost nobody is aware of. If you find anything more let me know. :D

Ryan McAlister said...

The word ‘gay’ is not found in books and magazines before a certain time. There is a reason for this. There was a push to term homosexuals something different, so the word ‘gay’ was chosen. Look into this. In past generations, nobody used the word ‘gay’ instead of queers, peter-puffers, etc. to describe homosexuals. You get the point. I know there is some way to narrow down the origin of this term ‘gay’ for homosexuals.

I remember the dip n stix or whatever it was called in the 80s 90s, was the precursor for baby bottle pop. I remember even as a kid I thought it made no sense to have a candy like that. Now I understand.

A lot of pink in the skies lately, like I’ve not seen before.

I Lucifer, the premise sounds like something I have heard before. There must be something from a Marian apparition or something because I have heard this idea before from a devout Catholic who is aware of aspects of the big game. He describes something about the devil being allowed a certain period to do whatever. I also watched a video of a supposed third generation project talent agent who is supposedly now whistleblowing. He mentions that the elite are approaching the end of their allotted time, and at the end of that time, other beings will take over regardless. He talks about a stargate in the water near Yemen. It was on you tube.

Unknown said...

Ryan McAlister, my mom always says "gay means happy" :D I guess they should be happy, as another blogger told me, all the gay porn shops are in the rich neighborhoods. I loooved the dip-n-stix, and I haven't spit on the tip of my wing-wang and stuffed it into an anus yet, but hey, there's always tomorrow. Yeah The Beast gets 1,000 years to do his thing in Revelations. I'd like to see that youtube video if you can find it :D


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