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Well I'm trying to work on a new post, but I keep getting distracted by the WE3M spinner of The Blob. Basically there was a noticeable connection between Jakes work and K2 (the mountain and the number, as in Y2K). K meaning thousand, so K2 equals 2000, like the roman numerals MM, also 2000. He then noticed that the letter W, as in WWW or WW3 (world war three) came up a lot, and that then connects the number 3, of a similar shape to these "coincidences." Basically it was just odd how these things seemed to all be connected. They are now called the "WE3 spinner" because the one shape, spun in any direction, seemed to be an indicator of something important. A while ago, I had noticed that the letter E/e is really emphasized in advertising (Crest, Enron, Dell, Intel, and so on), as well as the enigmatic E at delphi (pictured below). Another big one is the letter M which was important in early Christian iconography representing Mary. And there's the number 3; of course very important (trinity, three degrees of initiation, etc.). And W, with it's pitchfork/trident shape is also an ancient symbol. So, why do these symbols stick out, or are even emphasized on purpose? Well don't ask me! Though, I will try to investigate further below:

W-E-3-M, image stolen from The Blob
see this link for the original WE3 post

Another E3 type image is the Greek letter "xi," which if seen as Roman Numerals would be 11 and it's mirror 9. Hmm spekaing of E3, there's always the Electronics & Entertainment Expo, a 3-day showcase of cool new games and technologies. Sorry, I get distracted easily...

Greek letter xi

alternate xi, many M's and W's there!

There's always the enigmatic E of Delphi. It can also be seen behind Jesus in The Ordination by Nicolas Poussin:

Galactic Center Temple, Jake Kotze: "Soon after arriving in the prairies (May 2004) I began noticing and feeling drawn towards the Winnipeg Legislature Building. At the same time the local news services started talking about the research of Frank Albo. Frank - a Research Fellow at the University of Winnipeg and Third Degree Master Mason (MM/2000/2K) - noticed the two large Egyptian Sphinx flanking the entrance of the building and started asking questions. According to his research it turns out the building, situated near the geographic center of the North American continent, is a Masonic model of Solomon's Temple." (click the above link for more clarification on the building and its symbols)

Octagonal Star inside the building

playing with the WEM3 shapes
note the KK in the bottom pictures

Me, at this post - The constellation Scorpio is also symbolized by an Eagle and Phoenix. The eagle is the "higher" aspect of scorpio. Scorpio is shot through the heart by Saggitarius (cupid) and transforms into Aquilla, the eagle, who is seen upside down above Saggitarius clutching the constellation Saggita, the arrow. The eagle is also associated with the story of Zeus and the kidnapping and rape of Ganymede. This is important as the alignment with the center of the galaxy comes near the time where we are shifting from the age of Pieces to that of Aquarius, which is the constellation Zeus turned Ganymede into.

Pisces looking like 3E

Here's a pic I drew on a dry erase board showing the arrow of Saggitarius going through the heart of the Milky Way, and into the heart of Scorpio.

The Manitoba Winnipeg Legislature building houses the black octogram in an area called the Pool of the Black Star. The Black star or sun is the dark spot in the center of the Milky Way. Here is the Mayan glyph representing the Sole God, the Hunab-Ku, which has been associated with the god Hunab-Ku and the center of the Milky Way:

note that it is octagonal; it was originally a square shape

So the octogon and the galactic center have now been connected. The octogon is also related to the Great Pyramid of Egypt which has a slight octagonal shape. The pyramid was used for initiatory rituals culminating in a near-death experience (personal stargate) in the "kings chamber."

image stolen from The Blob

Also at the Winnipeg Legislature Building are these images of the "Ark" with an M carved in relief:

Winnipeg Legislature, image from The Blob

The M could stand for Manitoba, or Lady Manitoba (seen in a pediment sculpture on the building) or what is more likely to be the case: Mary Magdalane as some sort of Holy Grail, or Mary, the Mother of Jesus and his gemini resonating twin brother? Well, whatever it means, it's still interesting that it's in this highly symbolic Freemasonic architectual wonder.

Several Christian symbols use interwoven or overlapping letters to represent names or words relating to their beliefs. Here is a monogram for the Virgin Mary, which looks like a W and M, but it's really a A and M for "Auspice Maria." And the other monogram is a cross and an M with 12 stars around it, giving it astrological syncnificance.

On the bottom of the Miraculous Medal is the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the pierced Immaculate Heart of Mary. Here's a picture of a tarot card from The Blob as well as a picture of Mary with her peirced heart:

The Marys of the Bible even come in triplicate, adding to the connection of the shapes of the letter and number, M & 3.

3M's, at the crucifixion and resurrection. Important themes indeed.

Jake snapped this picture while taking a tour of the Winnipeg building, which shows a very synchnificant symbol of a heart, pierced by 8 lines:

Evolution of the The Union Jack octogram, Britain+Scotland+Ireland:

Wikipedia - According to legend, in 832 A.D. King Óengus (II) (or King Angus) led the Picts and Scots in battle against the Angles [...] King Angus and his men were surrounded and he prayed for deliverance. During the night Saint Andrew, who was martyred on a saltire cross, appeared to Angus and assured him of victory. On the following morning a white saltire against the background of a blue sky appeared to both sides. The Picts and Scots were heartened by this, but the Angles lost confidence and were defeated. This saltire design has been the Scottish flag ever since.

(The losing Angles had worshipped the earth goddess Nerthus.)

John Grigsby (2005) theorizes that the overthrowing of the Vanir religion by that of the Æsir is remembered in the Old English poem Beowulf, that Grendel's mother is derived from the lake-dwelling Nerthus, and that Beowulf's victory over her is symbolic of the ending of the Vanir cult in Denmark by the Odin-worshiping Danes.
If you saw the recent 3-D movie Beowolf, then you will remember that the serpentine mother of Grendel gave birth to Dragons.

From The Blob: "Beowulf attempts to slay the [dragon] by penetrating its heart with a sword. The heart is the center of the Galaxy's Dragon Axis or Milky Way. This mimics the Sagittarian arrow pointed at the heart of the Galaxy and the famous image for love, the pierced heart."

So the defeat of the Angles under the sign of Saint Andrew (Blue sky and white X) may be seen as a similar metephor as the banishing of the "snakes" of Ireland by Saint Patrick (white with red X), or the defeating of the "dragon" by Saint George (white with red cross). So, the triple-cross Union Jack symbolizes the banishment of earth worship (serpents/dragons) among the peasants/"pagans" by what some believe to be reptillian/Annunaki blood-lined Royal Overlords. (Stay tuned for a future post dealing with the mythology of these bloodlines.) It may also be seen as a sign of a New Age, as the coming of the Christian age is what inspired these Saints to "kill the serpents/dragons" or rid the land of serpent/earth worship. Interesting that the symbol of immortality - the snake which sheds it's skin - was banished by the Church who took over the job of saving souls, and kept the secret from the "pagan" masses. Tony Bushby in The Secret in the Bible makes the claim that the secret of iMMortality was hidden in the Bible, specifically the Torah; though hints are given in the New Testament.

Secrets of the Bible were brought back to Europe by the Templar Knights after digging under the Temple Mount at Jerusalem. William Sinclair/Saint Clair, founder of the now famous Rosslyn Chapel, has on his tomb is an 8-pointed wheel/star which is said to be a representation of the Holy Grail:

Mayan, Buddhist, and Sinclair-Grail symbol

The 8-pointed star or wheel, seen earlier in the Pool of the Black Star, is now connected not only to the Heart of the Milky Way, the Galactic Center, but to the Holy Grail. It is also the shape of the star which represents Ishtar/Estar/Ashtarte/Isis/Inanna/Mary, the mother Goddess of heaven and earth.

"Ishtar's beast was a lion. Her usual symbol was the star or star disc. She may also have been symbolized for a time by the rosette." - Black and Green, Gods, Demons and Symbols of Ancient Mesopotamia

Speaking of the Queen's Empire, there is a constellation associated with the Queen Cassiopeia:
"The boast of Cassiopeia was that both she and her daughter Andromeda were more beautiful than all the Nereids, the nymph-daughters of the sea god Nereus. This brought the wrath of Poseidon, ruling god of the sea. Poseidon decided to flood the whole country or direct the sea monster Cetus to destroy it. Cassiopeia consulted a wise oracle, who told [her] that the only way to appease the sea gods was to sacrifice their daughter. Andromeda was chained to a rock at the sea's edge and left there to helplessly await her fate at the hands of Cetus. But the hero Perseus arrived in time, saved Andromeda [with the severed head of Medusa]. - from my comments on Land of Wonder (Medusa's head is also seen at the Manitoba Winnipeg building. I believe that Medusa is connected to the moon, eclispes and the dark center of the Milky Way)
The Queens punishment was to be put in a chair in the sky and spend half the year upside down. The constellation of Cassiopeia is shaped like a giant W and can be used as a pointer to find the Northern or Pole Star.

W-E-M-3 spinner

Cassiopeia has also been known as the Celestial "W" and Celestial "M".
Another story says that for her bragging, Cassiopeia was chained to her throne and placed in the sky to circle the North Star. At times she is hanging upside down in a most undignified position as a warning to all.
The Romans called her the Woman of the Chair.
To the Arabs, she was the Lady in the Chair.

"Circa 3000 BCE, when the north pole star was Thuban in Draco the dragon, Casseopeia's used to circle around Draco, which was the Axis mundi, the axis of the world." The dragon has been connected to the 2012 event via the Draco-Axis which is where the pole of the Earth points over the 26,000 year precession of the equinox. See this post at the blob for more.

As the Woman of the Chair, this queen is connected to Isis, who is symbolized by the kings throne which she wears on her head. All thrones are a representation of the royal blood which is carried through the females of the bloodline. All kings are on the throne only because of their mother, and therefore the mother goddess Isis supports all kings as their throne.

Isis also represents the Mysteries through her triple veil which hides the secret of immortality.
A statue covered in a black veil was erected on the presumed tomb of Isis, close to Memphis/Giza. On the statue’s pedestal was engraved the following inscription:

"I am everything that was, everything that is, that will be and no mortal has yet dared to lift my veil."

Beneath this veil are hidden all the mysteries and the knowledge of the past ... Pulling back Isis' veil represents the revelation of the light, and to succeed in doing so is to become immortal.

The Holy Grail herself, the giver of eternal life, gift of Isis who is the basis for the Virgin Mary who gave us Jesus; through him we gain eternal life, or so it is said. The M on the "ark" at the Winnipeg Legislature building may hint at the M secreted into Da Vinci's Last Supper in the shape of "Mary" Magdalane" and Jesus; the missing Grail from the painting. The Holiest of Holies, the Ark, Symbolized by Mary and Mary.

The Pool of the Black Star at the Manitoba Building has 3 steps down into it, and the black 8-pointed star of the Goddess/Galactic Heart/The Grail in the center. The three steps may represent the three steps or degrees of initiation into the Mysteries (represented by the goddess), which culminates in a mock-death whereby the candidate (in the distant past) consumed psychoactive plant materials and was struck on the head three times with a gavel to induce an out-of-body experience. As with all near-death experiences, the person sees god as a light which connects all people to eachother, but more importantly they see that there is life after death - immortality of the soul.

Rasputin's Stargate in "Hellboy" happens in the presence of a Black Madonna or Isis. Isis is a strong [galactic center] resonator.
Image and quote from The Blob

black sun, galactic center, the current age

Could the WTC disaster have been the symbolic dropping of the veil of ignorance through the destruction of the twin pillars holding up the veil? The same veil perhaps, which covered the holiest of holies, in Solomon’s temple? - Jake Kotze

Some think that the Grail is a royal blood line, dating back to Abraham (through Jesus) and continuing to the present day in the Royal Family of Britain. The British Royals use the Merovingian symbol of the fleur-de-lis:

In JewJewBees, I show how that symbol is also found, hidden slightly, in the Prince of Wales symbol of the Egyptian Triple Plumes or Feathers.

Prince William will turn 30 in 2012 which is the year that the 30th Olympiad will be held in Britain; a place which many believe are trying to represent themselves as a New Jerusalem or Zion. Whatever the case may be, it is also the year of the galactic center alignment coinciding with the complete precession of the zodiac, a rare moment in history if there ever was one.

houkaku, black mirror with 4 cardinal beasts of the 4 corners of the universe, the cheribum

Well, like all my articles here, this was made just so that I could get it out of my head and move on. Make of it what you will. I've got some new articles being formulated right now, so look forward to a lot more reading :D


Ben said...

something i cant say often anymore...but this was a post worth reading

Ben said...

looking forward to more on the bloodlines too


Unknown said...

Hey thanks, Ben. It was just a spur of the moment thing, so it was a bit sloppy. I fixed it up a bit with a couple links and more descriptions incase you weren't aware of Jake Kotze's work at the Blob which I referenced.

Occult Mosaic said...

great post.

for me trying to fully reference new posts with all of the older information can be very forgetful.

Michael Skaggs said...


Nice work man.

The houkaku,black mirror, reminded me of something similar I saw in my enochian magic research, with the 4 watchtowers. Interesting.

Great stuff again! Be well.

Jake Kotze said...

Bravo, thanks for that.

It's great to see what other minds make of similar material. Many fascinating insights.

One thing I wonder about often is this..

"The pyramid was used for initiatory rituals culminating in a near-death experience (personal stargate) in the "kings chamber.""

As far as I can tel from what I have read the pyramid was only opened in 800 AD by Caliph Al Mamoon

Nobody seems to have been able to get in before that. What is weird is that he seems to have known where to dig to hit the interior chambers, which is pretty freaking big with much room for error. read maybe Ralph Ellis' "Thoth" for more info.

It is quite possible, yet hardly ever mentioned, that not even the Egyptians knew how to access the Kings and Queens Chamber! If they even knew it was there...

I think they had access to the subterranean chamber... You know what, I don't have a freakin clue, the whole things is just absurd and full of questions that I don't know if anybody knows..

Moving on.

Unknown said...

Hey Michael, get to work on you Enochian research! I'm dying to read it.

Jake, thanks for stopping by. I've recently finished Tony Bushby's Secret in the Bible, which has a map of most of the tunnels and chambers in Giza, including a hinged door leading into the Great Pyramid.

Strabo, 63 BC – AD 24, said that there was a large hinged door made of marble which could be easily raised, and it was indistinguishable from the rest of the casing stones on the face of the pyramid. It could only be opened from the inside however. Apparently another swivel door was found on the pyramid at Dashur as well.

"In 820 A.D. the Arab Caliph Abdullah Al Manum decided to search for the treasure of Khufu. He gathered a gang of workmen and, unable to find the location of a reputed secret door, started burrowing into the side of the monument. After a hundred feet of hard going they were about to give up when they heard a heavy thud echo through the interior of the pyramid. Digging in the direction of the sound they soon came upon a passageway that descended into the heart of the structure. On the floor lay a large block that had fallen from the ceiling, apparently causing the noise they had heard. Back at the beginning of the corridor they found the secret hinged door to the outside they had missed."

If the door only opened from the inside, then there must have been another entrance to the pyramid which was forgotten or lost with the sands of time along with the rest of the Egyptian religion and culture. Initiaions or whatever probably didn't occur in the Pyramid for a long time before the entrance was re-discovered, but the ancient descriptions of the structure make me think that it must have been part of their religion and not simply a tomb. Bushby relates 22 major locations in the Book of the Dead with 22 major locations on the Giza complex. (Most of them under the sands now)

Some other interesting stuff Bushby claims is that:

The second pyramid sits on the old site of the Temple of The Solar-Men (Solomon), and the original name for Cairo was Babylon. It would seem that Ralf Ellis and Tony Bushby might be correct in stating that Egypt was the basis for all Bible stories.

In Francis Bacon's "Shakespear Folio" of 1623 there's a cipher which reveals the words "temple of solomon under pyramid" and "jesus christ, initiation, great pyramid."

aferrismoon said...

While the poster of Britney or whatever may be creepy, the lights seem to resonate , shapewise, with your research on Cassiopeia, ob- and reverse. Britney's pop status has her sometimes 'up' and sometimes 'upside down'.

Anonymous said...

For the miraculous medal there, the stars around the symbol representing the Christ coming into the world through Mary (the cross woven with the M), the stars represent the Church, the 12 Apostles, the Crown of Mary, because the Church is based on God being born through her (that's why they surround the middle symbol). It's not astrology.
The medal was struck in the form Mary gave to Saint Catherine Labourne in 1830 in an apparition.

It's original name is the Medal of the Immaculate Conception, but it has since been changed to Miraculous Medal because so many miracles happen to those who carry one! I have one, it's really neat.

Here's the story from the Association of the Miraculous Medal

They also give out free medals that have been blessed at Mary's shrine in Missouri -



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