Eggtoplasm in sHell - Update

After writing Eggtoplasm in sHell, the synctrain just keep on rolling. I was thinking about the idea that time emerges from entanglement so that from the outside of the universe there would appear to be no change within and no time, but if you become entangled with the universe as an observer-participater, then time can be said to exist and change occurs.

On my wall I have a diamond shaped clock face which I thumb-tacked to the wall. There are no hands to tell time: time does not exist, change cannot be measured. The diamond is something I've covered in my Here Is Wisdom movie, and basically it resonated with material existence (it is formed from carbon, and all life is carbon based), and resonated with Lucifer and with the world as being sort of a crystal within which all of the information that is, was, and will ever be, exists. (See the beginning of Part 3 of Here Is Wisdom for a better explanation which goes until about 07:14 minutes in.)

In the center of the diamond is a circle ringed with squares. I suddenly realized that I had seen this before, it is the same sort of ring around the Synchronize podcast logo. In the Eggtoplasm post I had mentioned being on a Synchronize podcast that had not been uploaded to the internet yet, but still linked to the website where it would be posted and where you can see the logo, which I show below to compare to my clock. You can also see the top of my desk which happened to sync with my picture of the New Year's Egg divination for this year. All these things are happening close together in space and in time (since these revelations came directly after posting my blog article).

Inside of the Synchronize logo is a stopwatch, a tool for measuring time. So the outside, the shell, is without numbers or clock hands: time does not exist from that perspective. From inside, however, where you become entangled with the universe, time does exist as is shown by the stopwatch. Adding another letter, changing a letter, and a little re-arrangement (bare with me here), the logo which splits the name of the podcast into SYNC and HRONIZE could be made to say SYNC HORIZON, like an event horizon, or the outer edge of the singularity that is the universe. 

The holographic model of the universe suggests that the event horizon of the universe may be where all the information exists, in 2-dimensions, on tiny squares of space-time at the smallest possible scale: at a Plank length. From wikipedia:
The Planck length can be defined from three fundamental physical constants: the speed of light in a vacuum, Planck's constant, and the gravitational constant. [...] The Planck length is about 10−20 times the diameter of a proton, and thus is exceedingly small. It is considered the smallest possible length.
If this holographic idea is correct, then at this 2-dimension ring or boundary of exceedingly tiny squares, the "synchorizon," is where all of the information exists. Inside the shell is the holographic projection of the 3-dimensional universe we are all familiar with. Funnily enough, in Eggtoplasm, I refer to the ancients as being in 2-dimensions, a joke about their style of art, but now a more poignant description of our true selves: the 2-D event horizon projecting our 3-D selves. The circle in the center of my diamond clock face is filled with a chaotic random pattern, another interesting metaphor for the universe which would appear static and unchanging from the outside, but which would be quite the opposite from the inside.

I had to pull myself away from all these synchronicities and go to bed, and as it was well into the early morning by this time. I made breakfast and put on an episode of The X-Files which I have been going through in order from the first episode. I am now in Season 6, and made it episode 19 last night. This episode is called The Unnatural and is about a baseball player who was an alien. (I'm also going through the Bob's Burgers series and the night after posting this page I reach season 3 episode 23, a baseball themed episode titled The Unnatural.)

The Unnatural was written by David Duchovny, and was absolutely mind-blowing on multiple levels. Part of why it was so interesting was that I work closely online with others who are interested in exploring the topics of ancient aliens and the Archons/Angels from mythology, and this episode really explored that theme in it's symbolism.

The main reason it was mind-blowing to watch it on this night was that it also happened to speak quite clearly to themes I am exploring, including in the Eggtoplasm post I had just finished and posted on my blog. The main idea is of "going home," and something I point out in Eggtoplasm and in Here Is Wisdom is that in The Truman Show, a movie about a man trapped in an artificial world, Truman's favorite show is called Show Me The Way To Go Home.

I had also mentioned, right at the beginning of Eggtoplasm, that I went to and from the Synchromystic meet-up via Greyhound bus. I made a comment about the dog as a common psychopomp (one who accompanies the dead between worlds), and as I fashion myself after a demon, I joked that the Greyhound/dog/psychopomp brought me home to hell. Home for all of us, and for Truman, symbolically, is Heaven, or whatever it is that is outside the universe. I ended Eggtoplasm with the line, "we are all of us going home.

In The Unnatural, there is a commercial for Gray Bus Lines with the tagline: "You CAN Go Home Again ..."
Truman's favorite show compared to the bus commercial:
veni, vidi, volo in domum redire

Somehow during all of this I ended up on YouTube (the internet, she be a cunning mistress), and happened across this scene from LOST. If you are unfamiliar, LOST is essentially about people trapped in a microcosm, an experiment and game played by Good and Evil personified by two twin brothers. The "bad twin" of the LOST universe inhabits the body of John Locke, who is the bald headed man doing all the talking in the below scene.

"i want the one thing [he] didn't. i want to go home."

In Mormonism, Jesus and Lucifer are believed to be brothers. In ancient Egyptian mythology, the "bad twin" of the first emanation of gods is called Set or Seth. He is the adversary and Lucifer, the one who fell into material existence.

On my diamond clock face, in the center where time exists, entangled with the chaotic pattern, is the name Seth Thomas. The name Thomas happens to mean "twin." Ergo, inside the material universe of my clock face is, literally, the bad twin: the devil who was cast down to Earth or the material universe.

In LOST, the biblical story of the "doubting Thomas" is brought up at the very end of the series.

"let us also go that we might die with him"

"we're all convinced, sooner or later"

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Unknown said...

The story of Seth and Osiris is obviously reminiscent of Cain and Abel, what with marrying a sister and murdering a brother. Mormon folklore (per Wikipedia) finds Cain in modern times, still alive and apparently bound to earthly existence, as a black man, wandering the earth begging people to kill him and take on his curse. Wikipedia again, notes that Kwai Chang Caine from TV's Kung Fu is based on Cain. After killing, he is forced to wander the earth, remorse-torn but unrepentant.


What are you saving up to be.. Jewish?