Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hall of Two Truths - A 42 Minutes podcast

Woooo! I actually updated this blog at least once this month!

I filled in for Will and Doug at the 42 Minutes podcast in a one-man show where I "do it myself" for about 40 minutes. Click here to download or listen. You're welcome. xD


dukewestfold said...

dulcet tones. lots of clips.
I would listen to a Violator Podcast.

Terrell said...


Unknown said...

I enjoyed listening to you "do it yourself"...is that wrong?

Coincidentally(?) soon after listening I went back to reading Thinking in Numbers, and read about Giordano Bruno, who was tried and executed around 1600, partly for his belief in cosmic pluralism: if man can imagine so many worlds, then so can God, who creates what He thinks. He pictured Gardens of Eden, infinite in number: in half, Adam and Eve eat the fruit of Knowledge; in half they do not.

Anonymous said...

to Violator
from Duke

kubrickintherye dot tumblr


What are you saving up to be.. Jewish?