Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Stygian Port on Star Theory - Video

If you missed my two hour podcast with Kyle Hunt of Star Theory, well, you're in luck! Or not, depending...
I whittled it down to just under 45 minutes among 4 videos and spliced in some movie scenes we discuss as well as adding many pretty pictures. Kyle's audio gets garbled at times and I'm a low talker.. you've been warned!

Got a couple of podcasts lined up for a possible future, one already recorded with Alex which is often alluded to but never seen/heard, and maybe some videos coming up if my computer can hang with my plans!


aferrismoon said...

The beginning of Shutter Island , with deCaprio and Ruffalo on the prow of the boat mimics the bit in Titanic when he's prow-wise with the rich girl.
So seems , via the deCaprio character running through films, he 'makes it' to the island.
Waking up from his dream , where he goes when he's 'abused'.

I saw Alice in Wonderland which begins with a little girl in bed with her father 'saying goodnight'. It then changes scene to Alice as a girl about to be married.
I though that maybe the little girl Alice , being abused, goes into a fantasy world where she is a strong woman who can fight the demons.

Linked this with K-pax where u and kyle muse that Spacey is an MK victim [ or child abuse victim?]

Movies then represent a place for us to go to escape the trauma going on in the world

Also on Sam neill's forehead [in vid2] the cross looks like the one used by the PROCESS CHURCH begun by Robert DeGrimston which connects to the Laurel Canyon wierdness. If not already, see Dave McGowans research into Laurel Canyon, an interesting read.

The LIGHT-house is where deCap gets his lobotomy in the final scene.

Perhaps deCap as Detective had been out on an MK mission yet had failed to 'forget' who he was, e'g: the programming started to come apart so he had to be 'retired' or 'retarded'

Also in the deCap overview movie he acts as Amsterdam in GoNY where he passes through the death of his father and returns with a 'new identity' [perhaps] - the 5 points being a programming site.
The riginal gang fight = when they are all 'children' getting programmed, when he returns many have 'changed' identity - one's apoliceman, or a politician, oor gangster, all have their position.

Toolonginthisplace blog has some stuff at present on Lighthouses


Anonymous said...

Awesome work, Violator. It really adds a lot having all of this extra source material along with the audio.

And it is important that people continue to see my image associated with the dispersion knowledge as my plan to dominate the world is nearing completion and I will need hordes of dedicated followers to carry out my will. Mwahaha!!

Really great stuff. We'll have to (publicly) work on something together again soon.

Anonymous said...

Fine job my friend...
Well worth the listen.

Unknown said...

Oddly the comments link at the bottom of this posts says "2 comments" when there's three here... One of you is being ignored by Blogger!

aferrismoon, eh, I guess I'll have to see that movie now! I did read that Laurel Canyon stuff which was really good.

startheory, hehe yeah, all hail the beard! Well, we just might do something soon... reminds me I gotta check my email!

Transcend Designs, hey there, thanks. ;)

Alex Robinson said...

Great show - fleshed out your posts very nicely indeed.
Also good to put a voice (& accent) to the words.


Anonymous said...

yep nice stuff ... I forgot all my comments except, there is a nice mirror trap inside the leaving the world idea, because coming together is important also. It's like unity through collective dissociation, there's probably a better way to phrase that. I miss chatting with you.

Unknown said...

Alex Robinson, Thanks. ;) It's a Californian accent, by the way.

regal eagle, "Rate Your Mate: Sex is best when
A) You climax first,
B) Your partner climaxes first, or
C) You and your partner climax (cum) together?"
Is that what the Big Bang was? The cumming together of the previous universe which exploded out in an act of pro-creation into the current universe. We all know men get sleepy after 'doing it' which is why the Hindu god sleeps and dreams the universe into existence, heaven forbid he wakes to do it again!

ali said...

hey there. thanks for a great listen guys, i really chimed with this. looking forward to more.


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