Friday, January 15, 2010

Blue Birds Fly

Hi guys :D I got a new computer running Ubuntu Linux (Karmic Koala) which doesn't have super great video editing software, but it's pretty good considering it's free and open source. Anyhoo, I made a quick video to get some practice using it, and it seems to have come out ok, so look forward to more videos in the future. (Donations are still welcome so I can buy more RAM! See the button at the bottom of the blog.) So, without further ado, here it is:

If you've been absent from the warm glow of my awesomeness for a bit, please check out my recent series of articles based around the movie The Holy Mountain: Nigredo, Albedo, Cauda Pavonis, with one still to be written. (I swear I'm thinking real hard about starting on it soon... really!)


A Few Shots to Shaman said...


Immortallywounded said...

Great video man, I saw 80% of those movies, some within the last couple of months. I really need to start taking notes on them. I wanted to point out this anime series I think you should take a look at. It's called Monster and it has all the main agendas at play, eugenics, mk ultra, the antichrist and the illuminati(sort of, its set in Germany). They have one episode where a character gets emotional every time he hears "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" I just cant it at the moment. You can check all the episodes out here.

Atareye said...

you lined that up real good Vio.

Glad you got a new rig.

wv in blue gONtoRR

gone to r and r

Unknown said...

A Few Shots to Shaman, hi there :D

Immortallywounded, Thanks, yeah I doubt most people have seen A Very Muppet Christmas which is where the door of light and giant butterfly come from. That movie almost got it's own post around X-mas time. Interesting anime, bookmarked it for later, been meaning to watch more anime as there are some good ones out there. I like the comments for it, someone said theres "no recycled animation, long ass recaps, filler crap, or yelling each other names over and over. Only awesome characters with a mature and dark story." :D Like the anime on AdultSwim, "Inuyasha." When that's on in the background all I hear is the characters names being constantly yelled out, over and over!

Jon Kidd, hey, thanks. Yeah, feels good to have a new pc. Only problem is that the best video software (for this OS) is still under development so it's still pretty buggy.

Here's some spoilers for my video:

The blue key at the end goes to the blue box at the beginning :D Also, the blue birds in Journey to the Center of the Earth fly in a spiral pattern ala the twister to Oz, right before the picture explaining the Tree of Life via the Wizard of Oz which is titled "Inner World Transformation." The journey to the center of the earth is analogous to the journey to the center of one's self. Oh, and the first song, "riding on a rainbow," is sung by the actress who played the Childlike Empress/Moonchild in The Neverending Story! :D

Jake Kotze said...

Dig it lots.

Moving syncs.

Be well sir

Anonymous said...

A tip of the hat to you..Excellent post!!

Your timing is I have completed my endless pursuit of the meaning of White/Black/Red and now into the Blue(out of the Black and into Blue :) While I could make this a extensive post I will keep it short for now.. but with that your video reminds me of Sinbad the movie.. and his pursuit of the Blue Rose.

Here are a couple of examples and relate well I think to your effort: This one especially

Note the color prominent us of blue in both clips

p.s I enjoyed the correlationship you made between the Tree of Life and Hopscotch on your previous post!


Brian said...

Beautiful video. Thanks for sharing.

Monster anime looks awesome. Thanks Immortallywounded.

Another anime worth looking at is Berserk. A sort of a heroes journey about mercenaries with for the elite...

Unknown said...

Jake, thanks man, see you 'round ;)

Vapo, thanks for the hat tip ;) I did a post a whiiiile ago about the colors red, blue and green. Actually my first synchro post here was on the colors red and white because Adam Star, who this video is dedicated to, was doing a lot of work on the color blue at the time. He's the guy who invited me into the synchro community :D

Haven't seen Sinbad. I'll check out those vids later, thanks. Anyoo, in that post I talk about the blue rose: "In alchemy, "Blue is not given any autonomous significance in alchemical colour theories. It generally signifies a moist state of matter, and is treated as a modification of black, the sign of high spirituality and arcane knowledge." A Blue Rose in an alchemical drawing is called the "Flower of Wisdom." This equates to the Throat Chakra, the fifth chackra, which is related to self-expression and communication; sharing your wisdom and knowledge. I think this fits well with the Dreamy Blue pill, as the dream realm (and esoteric 'underworld') is often filled with messages and hidden wisdom to those who pay attention to it."

Brian, thanks man. Yeah I watched the first episode of Monster, pretty intriguing. I think I've heard of Berserk but haven't watched it... yet.

Dennis/87 said...

Mountain bluebird you fly with ease,
Treeplanting bondage with fecund earth,
Yet I slither and plant hither,
For you mother I demand you be fed the best of beings,
For you Mom I will open the whole to psyche and let shine forth my beauty. (Treeplanting camp in the Idaho panhandle spring 87) Shineforth brave souls! Dennis

Anonymous said...

Liked the first song:)

The synchromysticism video(lumping all of them together) still havent impressed me that much.
The works in form of a text seem to give more deeper impact.
Perhaps because there is more content.

That said, i thought this appears pretty good. You could do the voice-overs though:)

Thank you.


Unknown said...

Dennis Igou, ;)

Corbeau, true enough that more can be explained in text format, but I tend to go overboard with it :D Jake & Steve do more explaining in their videos. Mine are just like moving pictures from my blog (you know how I like those pictures!), with some basic text because most people need at least that to get what's being pointed out. Considering someone at Celtic's blog said I sound like one of the robots from Mystery Science Theater, I think I'll hold off on the voice-overs :D

My dream is to do a blog post with no words and just pictures, a mutus liber, and video is the next best thing. I kinda feel like I might be denying people the epiphany feeling if I explain things too much, I don't know? Am I spoiling things with too much explanation or not?

Anyhoo, I am planning a more explicative video which will be too long for Jewtube and too big for Vimeo, so I'm not sure what's gonna happen with that... it'll probably have voice overs (maybe I can do some cool echo effects like Steve Willner and make myself sound more manly?).

Here's a quick video I did for funsies last night. Synchronicities In Movies. Not synchromystic, just synchronistic (that's not a word is it?).

Anonymous said...

Hah, dont forget comparison the Garth fro Wayne´s world;D

Where im probably getting at is the video(s) maybe could use some warmth.
Which could come from the voice over bit:)

Maybe two extremes would work well.
Silent one (no text just images) and the second one would appear as white rabbit getting run over on information highway type of shit.

First dub-influenced synchromysticism video. You just put reverb and delay to your vocals. From chaos there eventually would become a pattern.
You know, like the magnets with words you can stick to your fridge.

Just saw the new Wilner video and the visuals just blew me away.

Word verification says "paisti" which means steak in finnish language. So where´s the beef?

Thank you again.


Anonymous said...

Just received and strung up blue lights in my room last night, ooooohh....

Unknown said...

Corbeau, Oh yeah, Garth too :( Too bad considering I pronounce words correctly (not like Jake.. :p). Oo dub-style, I like that idea. I'll watch the Labyrinth Of The Psychonaut one later.

The way I originally wanted to do my first video ("Here Is Wisdom") was in the same style that Accidental Alchemist did his "Red Rum" one, but I didn't have the software/hardware to do so.

Anon, right now I still have Christmas lights up in my room because I prefer the soft light all the colors produce, but some dreamy blue ones might be nice too :D

Unknown said...

I just wanted to say thanks for the donation(s?) (you know who you are) :D It's going towards more RAM and maybe some blank DVD's since my big video project I'm planning might be too big for online uploading.

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

It's an almost funk classic 'til the thin White Duke breaks the seemingly mesmeric instrumental with the shrill lyrics, Blue, blue, electric blue is the colour of my room, from his 1977 Low Lp, whose cover is the complimentary colour to blue, orange.

Unknown said...

Hi, Anadæ Effro, Listening to it now :D

I remembered today while skimming through my Heart Shaped Coffin post, there are blue butterflies in the Nirvana video for Heart Shaped Box.

Arrowsmith said...

Superb video! Looking forward to more.
Here's a pic I thought you might like.

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

ViølatoR, additionally, I posted the link to this gem of yours on my fb page. Did you Gno that the actress, Lois Smith, whose character in Minority Report is the horticulturist & geneticist, Dr. Iris Hineman, seen in your opener here, portrayed the character Mrs. Ferriter, an aging Irish family matriarch & mad witch related to a vengeful, resurrected Druidess in the Michael Almereyda directed sleeper, Eternal: Kiss of the Mummy, a.k.a. Trance, from 1998? It also starred Christopher Walken, Alison Elliott, & Jared Harris. As a painfully personal aside, the manor that the film was based in, although supposedly in the emerald Isle itself, was actually Alder Manor on North Broadway in Yonkers, the city i grew up in. Its location is just south of Hastings-On-Hudson, where my great-grandmother, Billie Burke, whose role of Glinda the Good Witch of the North is world renowned, lived on a sprawling estate, Burkeley Crest, with her Broadway entrepreneur husband, Florenz Ziegfeld.

While I'm blossoming with unbridled syncs, the exact same Somewhere Over The Rainbow in your 10 min. gem, voice & ukulele only, was the wedding theme @ my cousin Lisa'a marriage. Ya Gno what, ViølatoR? Her & her husband Steve's now 3-year-old daughter is named Violet. The colour violet is what you get when you add blue, the colour you've capitalised on here, with red, the colour of love, birth, & blood.

How ya like me now? You have, all told, made my week. Not to DARE go into my love for the Hollow Earth, of which you've only gleaned the surface of with your excerpt from the weirdly rewritten, redepicted Jules Vernian rendering with Brendan Fraser from 2 years ago.

I had better leave now, before the River Lethe steals my memory ~ (•8-D

Unknown said...

Arrowsmith, yeah thanks bud. Nick/Devil Cage/Grid and the blue butterflies of the Otherworld = nice.

Anadæ Effro, wow! First, thanks for letting me know it was Dr. Iris Hineman which adds more rainbow resonance to the video. Geeze man, you must be on synchro overload with all that going on in your life! There is a slight red+blue theme in this video so yeah Violet would fit also. The Hollow Earth theory is quite interesting, and I've read and seem some intriguing stuff about it, but haven't really delved into it enough to talk about it that much. The movie in question was clearly made as an advertisement for 3D movie technology and maybe a ride at an amusement park; it was far worse than it should have been. On a non-physical/literal side of things, I did think it was a great analogy for the journey into the center of your self, perhaps into your heart which is the seat of consciousness; heart being an anagram of earth, of course.

Well I'm off to work on the last part of the Holy Mountain series, so look forward to that, oh and another podcast might be out eventually. Thanks again to donaters :D I got a couple of video ideas in the planning stages right now, so I got my work cut out for me.

Anonymous said...

Super beautiful Violator

aferrismoon said...

There's a British war-song called 'There'll be Bluebirds over the White Cliffs of Dover" by Vera Lynn.
Britain has no bluebirds though.

Cardiff City FC are nicknamed The Bluebirds

Blue in Welsh = GLAS which in Russian means VOICE

Red and Blue = Arteries and Veins

Blood looks red but the word contains bloo.

A fine vid, lots of room to think within it, not overly loaded with info, one's left to one's own devices.
Relaxing too.

Paprika in Czech is also the Bell Pepper/ Capsicum. In this case I reckon pepper is a corruption of Paprika.
Paprika here is also slang for Marijuana, which is now legal here up to 15g or 3 plants

Nova & Nowt

Anonymous said...

Just used a anagram machine for my blog name "cause within a rebel"
this is what i got:D

"Wise, incurable hate"

"Ace, suitable whiner"

The dude has probably been reading my blog:)

Thank you.


Unknown said...

James Ratte, thanks for dropping in and commenting ;)

aferrismoon, indeed, I could of packed it full of a lot more symbolism and examples from movies, but I felt like it was enough to get the brain juices flowing. I like the red and "bloo" stuff :D Paprika/Bell Pepper... I wonder what kinda flowers (poppies?) are used on the St. Pepper's album cover? "Paprika here is also slang for Marijuana," awesome.

Corbeau, One of the anagrams for my blog title is: "Great Hypnotist" :D

Anonymous said...

That ties nicely with Egyptian imagery. The effect of the teachings of mystery schools must´ve been hypnotic.
You carry on the legacy:)


Anonymous said...

there's a blue bird in The Lion King

Anonymous said...

Since i choose to assume you are to man who´s word i can trust then do you want to recommend some good books about alchemy?


Unknown said...

James Ratte, interesting, on our piano is my sister's old piano song book for The Lion King movie which I was just looking at :D The blue bird ushers Simba back home from the forest doesn't he? Back from Oz where lions live on bugs and lie down with sheep.

Corbeau, I can only recommend what I've read, but it also depends on what you like. If you're a fan of the imagery and enigmatic phrases of the Alchemists, then look no further than Alchemy & Mysticism by Alexander Roob. Most of these pics can be found online, but there's nothing like holding them in front of you, plus the additional commentary is quite good.

For beginner/introduction books, I've read a couple, and for learning about all the alchemical symbolism, planetary connections, and descriptions and meditations on the processes of alchemy, then Sorcerer's Stone A Beginner's Guide to Alchemy by Dennis William Hauck is quite good (I've quoted it a lot). But for a beginners guide with a more practical approach (if you want to actually do alchemy, specifically plant alchemy, or spagyrics) then you want to get The Path of Alchemy by Mark Stavish. This book also has some nice info too, and it's easier to read than the former book, but it is mostly about actually doing it. I also recommend The Holographic Universe (not about alchemy) if you're interested in how the observer might affect reality, and how malleable reality can be, which is important in alchemy as the alchemist himself affects the product of his operations.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the answer.

Will check those out.


Immortallywounded said...

When I posted my 1st comment I had just made one on The Celtic Rebel's blog where I mentioned Dune, I forgot to mention that, as it ties into your vid and this comment.

David Lynch, directed Dune as well as Mulholland Drive which is where you got the blue key and box from. Apparently Jodorowsky was the first director attached to the Dune movie but the funding fell through. Lynch has admitted to being a fan of Jodorowsky's work.

I was at the video store looking for a film that could possibly provoke thought at least, I picked up Inland Empire, Lynch's latest mind fuck. It's about a woman/actress who is in distress and its a mystery/thriller. That's about as much description I could give without basically typing out the film scene by scene, it's very non-linear and confusing during the first viewing. It does raise some interesting points about time, memory and dreams.

The film also uses the color blue well, predominantly when referring to dreamlike states and death. It opts for a blue light instead of butterflies and what have you. I recommend you track down the two disc dvd as the 2nd disc has about 1 and a half hours of deleted scenes. One with a man selling watches has some great dialogue regarding time and good fortune. Also one of the earlier scenes in the film resonates with the anime Monster, as does the partial eastern European setting.

Unknown said...

Immortallywounded, wow I just checked the plot for the movie on imdb and saw: "The actress Nikki Grace is invited to perform the role of Susan Blue as the lead actress of the movie "On High In Blue Tomorrows", directed by Kingsley Stewart." You weren't kidding! I guess Inland Empire just made my "to see" list :D I just watched Liar Liar w/ Jim Carrey and was happily reminded that he struggles to make himself lie on that fateful day by tying to say that a blue pen is red. After the struggle he comes up with the word "Blue" written all over his face!


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