Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Death & Dairy

While grabbing scenes for another video I plan to make, I noticed there was an interesting synchronicity between the last three or so movies I had recently watched. There seemed to be a possibly intentional correlation being made between milk/dairy products and death. Sounds weird, I know. Well, I remembered/found a few more movies which seemed to back this up, so I put them together inter-spliced with some television interviews and commercials about milk/dairy in general. So check it out and then read my theories on it below:

Death & Dairy from ViolatoR on Vimeo.

I was too lazy to add music to the video, but if I had, it would have been by these guys:

Damn, most of this post got deleted when blogger failed to save it and I tried to post it. :/ Oh well. So, if you want to know more about why drinking dairy isn't a good tradition to mindlessly follow, see: notmilk.com

My thoughts are that milk is being connected to death in a sort of symbolic "land of milk and honey" type theme. Milk relates to babies/birth/rebirth in the afterlife, and honey was used in mummification in some places, as well as being used to preserve food. So milk and honey is birth and death, only here in these movies, death is carried out by mafia hit-men most of the time. Anyways I'm too hungry to keep typing, so enjoy this small post and video. ;)


Jon Kidd said...

No doubt. That was quite a lineup my friend. Time for the milk fractal.

For the first part of the video I was thinking whew...I'm safe up here in Canada.

Canada is no longer an excuse.

Well done Vio. Peace

aferrismoon said...

Fine piece!

MLK - Martin Luther King, got shot

also MLK spells Molok, though I believe he ate the whole cow and some

Milk comes from sanskrit , I think, a word meaning 'to stroke or rub'

d-EAT-h & d-AIR-y. perhaps not such a bad idea , direct assimilation of sunlight [ or Sun Lite, now 80% less of something]

Michael Milken milked the Junk bond market

Of course milk is used on cereal bringing in further farmyard symbolism - the classic CEREAL Killer. We live still in an Agro-mental society
HATHOR and CERES - Milk and Mill
Alls grist for the mill-k

Mind you bat's milk tastes great, but difficult to milk though

Also baby's have Milk teeth , they suck on a Teat, which sounds like Teet[h]


Alkemical said...

I tried finding a video quick, but my day job wouldn't give me more time.

But on Disinfo's DVD, there is a brother Theodore monologue in which he talks about milk, and how it makes us stupid like the calf....

aferrismoon said...

Also VACCINES are made from Cows, or were. Injecto-milk for all the family!!


Brian said...

ViolatoR, you could have used this song!!!


Happily I stopped drink deathmilk 6 months ago. Nice video...

VJESCI said...

MiLK (martin luther king jr & harvey milk) both shot and killed.

.i think of the MISSING faces on milk cartons and how most of them are probably dead.

.i also think of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wet_nurse juxtaposed with http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nurse_with_wound and how the bottle a wet nurse with wound might fill could look like http://blogs.suntimes.com/ebert/assets_c/2009/11/grace-thumb-500x740-13156.jpg

VJESCI said...


.herakening back to your BLUE post of course.

VJESCI said...


VJESCI said...

"I've got a song stuck in my head, one that I miss more than my bed
It's a song sung from a fallen milkman who's drinking bleach instead
I'm much like him."

alkaline trio - keep 'em coming

VJESCI said...

.who is the ice cream assassin you ask?


ViølatoR said...

Jon Kidd, haha yeah, there's no escaping the milk mafia.

aferrismoon, I did think about M.L.K., but Moloch is interesting too. Haha, I bet the word comes from "to stroke or rub," like the churning of the world pillar in Hindu mythology. Good stuff as usual. ;)

Alkemical, aw I just found one where he rants on food on Letterman which is pretty good.

Brian, Great! Now that's stuck in my head - thanks! Speaking of the Milkman... there was a scene from the original Prisoner series where Number 6 makes it out of The Village and immediately gets a jet to find the island and expose it. Unfortunately for him, the milkman delivering milk to the airfield is his co-pilot and pulls Number 6's ejection handle sending him back down to The Village.

VJESCI, ah missing kids on milk cartons, good one. And those pic's of blood red milk woulda been good for the video. Hah, blue milk, oh yeah that was in the Family Guy's Blue Harvest remake of Star Wars: "Luke, come down here and have some more blue milk." What the - "ice cream assassin" - strangness!

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Dude... Loved it. Thanks. I saw Milk in V with Portalman as well..

And your so right about the Jupiter Finger Malcom X thing... That's his middle finger.

Alex Robinson said...

Great work.

In Matthew Delooze's book "Is it Me for a Moment", his first chapter deals with milk. He brings up free school milk which was foisted on school children of yesteryear (in Uk at least), he points out how it was not a time of lack in the England so why do it?

He linked to Clockwork Orange too & sees the act of drinking milk as a ritual 'toasting' to the god 'Moloch', what he calls a symbolic sun god - not a nice chap - will email you an interesting pic.


Alex Robinson said...

A little further thought, as Moloch worship = child sacrfice

If milk does relate to worship of Moloch, then does drinking milk from cartons with the faces of missing (sacrificed?) children on them, consist of 'toasting' to, partaking in, this sacrifice?

Wiki has some interesting reading on Molch & last pic reminds me of tables in the Orange Milk cafe

word veri=lations - In French lait = milk


ViølatoR said...

A Few Shots to Shaman, hey hows it going? Hmm more Portalman-milk, I've been wanting to see that movie too for some reason.

Alex Robinson, good Moloch ideas there, and I see what you mean about that wiki picture. Jewish sacrifice to Moloch/MLK/Milk makes me think of the dietary laws against mixing meat and milk/dairy: "On three separate occasions, the Torah tells us not to 'boil a kid in its mother's milk.'" Kid being a pun on a baby goat or a human child makes this an interesting passage considering MLKy sacrifice.

Chis KirKpatrick said...

add in Milk from Hugh Jackman sucking on the tree in his death and the Gay (non-reproductive=death) movie called MILK with Sean Penn, doesn't he die?

you could also talk about what it takes to become a first class citizen in Hare Krishna (no milk, that's for sure) and the basic Satanic agenda behind Canivore/Omniovore lifestyles (UN / old NYC slaughter grounds; America the Graveyard )

Chis KirKpatrick said...

talismanic magic, I've been keeping all my body fluids in jars ever since I found out

ViølatoR said...

Chis KirKpatrick, wow aren't you in N*Sync? Thanks for reading ;) Good insight about The Fountain's milky tree sap which kills him when he drinks it. And yes, Harvy Milk was assassinated. Saving body fluids in jars 'eh? Well, just don't get them confused with the other jarred ingredients in your kitchen!!

Anonymous said...
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Chis KirKpatrick said...

We're total fans ever you did those podcasts with Celtic Rebel. We've been following along to get a better idea how use subliminal imagery in our own work. We've got our own blog too now. You should check it out.


Oh, gotta run. I'm watching Nikki Heat from Castle on Hulu. The Dark One would be so proud.

Anonymous said...

This is a great vid. Should be required viewing in every primary school across this rancid cunt[ry]. I may need to watch Prime Cut at some point.

Looks like the pederast from Leon insisted on stuffing the little girl with as much milk as she could handle:

i love you
i am the milkman of human kindness
i will leave an extra pint
-billy bragg

No thanks! If we could only find the tape of Nixon talking about how mafia-ish the Dairy men were.

[appropriate image]

I think I'll give Rebecca a few more drops of toxic seed.

And, speaking to modern time, perhaps Harvey Milk, in the consumate gay porn for the times to come, getting two head-shots .... oh, oh, it does a body good.


ViølatoR said...

celticrebel, thanks, and yeah, especially with the inter-spliced comments on the hormones, it did seem extra odd that Leon was trying to get his young apprentice to drink as much puberty advancing milk as possible.

For whom it may concern, I made a synchromysticism group at Vimeo. So, if you have an account there, or watch/make synchro videos, come check it out: Synchromysticism Group

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Spike Lee... Check out his movie "Clockers". Great milk/death synch as the (anti)hero has a dairy-fueled ulcer that's slowly killing him throughout the movie, but he can't stop drinking his beloved "Chocolate Moo" milk beverage.

VJESCI said...


Man_of_the_World said...

Up until puberty I had a respiratory allergy to all milk products. Anytime I drank milk, ate cheese or icecream, etc. my lungs would fill up with mucus. Yummy! Sorta sucked having to be the kid growing up who had to take the cheese off his pizza or not eat ice cream (or simply deal with the consequences). Maybe this is the root of the reason why I've always had a lean/athletic build though?

I went to Catholic elementary school in the 80s in Indiana. They forced all the parents to buy milk for their kids to drink on Fridays. I would take a sip and throw it away simply to participate in the ritual.

The allergy has gone away, but I rarely eat any dairy with exception of yogurt.

Been a long time reader, first-time posting, thanks for the great work you've been doing and sharing with us!

ViølatoR said...

Anonymous, never heard of Clockers, but that's quite a sync!

VJESCI, bizarre stuff!

Man_of_the_World, hey thanks for sharing. Drinking mucus lead to mucus, surprise! Well, it turned out to be a good reason to avoid dairy. I would never have questioned drinking milk into adulthood if it wasn't for my nephews dairy allergy, though it seems obvious looking at nature that we probably shouldn't be doing it. Hmm, never heard of milk on Fridays, though fish Fridays I've heard of. It was probably originally symbolic and now carried out because of "tradition," like tons of other stupid activities. So hard to avoid dairy these days unless you buy only vegan stuff, milk/dairy/whey is in everything!

VJESCI said...

.cool hand luke will eat fifty eggs...or die trying.


aferrismoon said...

KLIM-8 Change , milk it for all its worth

Milk, Oil and Blood seem to run together as 3 stations on an alchemical doowop


KLIMbers feel the need to get to the top of the titty

Looked up OBA and got OBA CHANDLER , murdered. Under 'facts of the crime' it reads -
"Joan ("Jo") Rogers, 36, and her daughters, Michelle (17) and Christe (14) left their family dairy farm on May 26, 1989 in Willshire for a vacation in Florida"


ViølatoR said...

VJESCI, geeze, that sounds worse than the milk challenge!

aferrismoon, good stuff and strange synch.

VJESCI said...

.the first is all milk and no mori: http://www.filmschoolrejects.com/images/912weeks1.jpg .kim basinger as elizabeth mcgraw drinking/dripping milk in the infamous 9½ weeks food scene.

.and now for your mori:

ViølatoR said...

I alllmost put in something in this post about the Milky Way too, thanks for bringing it up. ;)

Man_of_the_World said...

Here is an interesting article by the gentleman that wrote the expose on Frank Olson and MKUltra:

To note:
"Larson explains that also examined are the possibilities “of the poison-provoking enzyme production, an individual adaptation observed in several instances.” He then cites one poison, milk, explaining that among Europeans intolerance to lactose, or milk sugar, “occurs as a rare recessive trait” but that “milk intolerance in various groups of non-Europeans began to accumulate, it was remembered that malnourished children in east Africa get diarrhea when treated with dried skimmed milk. Then, the enzyme lactase was found to lose its activity in the intestinal mucosa of African infants over the first four years of life.” I found Larson’s discussion of milk quite provocative because I knew from my research into Frank Olson’s work at Fort Detrick that some of it had centered on milk, Asians, and microbiology. However, everyone I interviewed on the subject refused to give me specifics about this phase of Olson’s research."

Anonymous said...

Well cows are injected with a hormone called rbst which is to produce more milk. The Hormones pass in the milk and its these hormones that cause cancer. Where did you get that vid of the guy, the researcher saying its bad? I would like to see that whole interview. Thanks.

ViølatoR said...

Man_of_the_World, wow weird, I'd like to know the rest of the research. Interesting it's called a poison :O

Anon, his name and the name of the show should be in the credits. I think it's two or three shows combined on youtube, Hard Copy, Hard Target and something else. And the guy is Robert Cohen. I'm sure you can find it on youtube easily.

VJESCI said...

.plenty of DEATH in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/It_(1990_film) which takes place in DERRY maine.

Ryan McAlister said...

I grew up in Iowa. My Dad used to always say to my sisters when they had any kind of problem, "Lay off the dairy!" Slipping grades, runny nose, hangnails, stubbed toes- it didn't matter-- LAY OFF THE DAIRY! His brother was into the macrobiotics diet. More and more it turns out that Dad was more right than he ever knew!

ViølatoR said...

Ryan, hehe, smart man!

Carisma said...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgMrf2pjZ0w :)

Ryan McAlister said...



What are you saving up to be.. Jewish?