Saturday, April 19, 2014

CONTACT: Them or Us

A new collaborative book project just hit the virtual bookshelves. Frank Zero and I (Project Psycube and now ZEROKNIGHT publishing) gathered submissions for a book about alien contact, abductions and all the stuff that goes with these themes: personal stories, synchronicity, conspiracy, and altered states. Only $10 and available at this link here and at for a discounted price (though we get $2 less in royalties, so, there's that..) There will be a Kindle version coming soon, and I've set it so that if you buy the book you can download the Kindle version for free!
CONTACT: Them or Us is a collaboration between experiencers and researchers who desire to add to and expand on theories concerning alien abduction and UFO contact. From nuts and bolts ET contact to government conspiracies to theories concerning expanded consciousness, and complete with interviews with some of the top personalities in the field, this volume is sure to contain something for every level of interest.
And check out the beautiful artwork by Kyle Nugent and Ashley Holtrey:

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